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No matter your age, everyone has the potential to be a great writer. You aim high and reach higher. We can all be awesome as long as we never give up.

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Confession 'This is Extremely Important' · 8:16pm Oct 26th, 2014

So, here's something I've only told a few people throughout the time I've been on Fimfiction. This is something I wish to now announce with the whole of the Fimfiction community, because I feel that if I don't you're soon going to get a lot of people telling you in hush whispers, but we'll come to that in a moment.

Everything I'm about to tell you is the real truth from my own judgment.

Many of you might not have even been on Fimfiction one year, twenty-one days ago from today. Well turn the clocks back and that day was the worst one of my life. I was just starting out as a writer on the site by the name some of you may know as 'BlueBall-Blitz' and had a lot of inspiration and Ideas, but being young and stupid, I made one of the largest errors I could ever make.

I...plagiarized a chapter of a fiction I was aspiring to write. Every day that I look back I regret, I feel ashamed for what I did and it's something that since it happened has never left the back of my mind. If I could ever have turned the time back I wouldn't have done it, but before I could react...I...was banned from Fimfiction.

I spent a lot of time contemplating what had happened. I had many friends at the time who argued with the mods, but one by one it slowly faded into the inevitable. When the realization caved in on me I broke down, cried for days and the guilt was really unbearable to take on. I'm not somebody to cheat, but I really wanted to write again. So, I did the only thing I could think to do and that was to get the help of a friend. Now some of you may remember my so called 'brother' Mike. Well Mike had actually started editing my fiction 'My Mother is a Wonderbolt' at this time and was somebody I was speaking to on a regular basis. The two of us were very close and he could see how much the ban had destroyed me, so he did something I wasn't expecting.

We worked out a system, where I would write on Google Docs and Mike would copy and paste them onto his account to publish to Fimfiction. Nothing could be said to credit me because I was banned, so we made up the 'brothers' thing. If you're wondering 'Life's Lessons' was the fiction that I made in the dark with Mike's help. At the time I became very happy at the opportunity to write again even though I wasn't able to interact with my readers like I used to, but it was better than nothing. As time passed though Mike and I began to come distant, he was off doing courses and I had a bunch of free time. So I began to write other works such as 'Raining Fire' and 'Love is Complicated'

When Mike came back from his long time away things began to get heated. This is a scene a lot of you may remember when me and Mike got very unhappy with one another, so I decided to rebel at one point, this is again something I regret very much. When I did rebel I was given the option by a moderator to move to another account and so I did. This was only a few months ago as some of you may recall and it was great for me, but I didn't realize the consequences which followed afterwards.

I got scared, because I had nobody to copy and paste things for me, nobody to cover me if you will. One night I remember staying awake, constantly checking Fimfiction to make sure I wasn't banned. It was at this point I decided to pull out the white flag, because I wasn't going to be the hunted criminal anymore, I decided I would come clean and hope for the best, but it didn't exactly work out the way I wanted it to.

At the time I wasn't brave enough to just to report myself. So, I tried my best to get on the side of the Fimfiction staff to see if I may have a chance of staying, but of course I was ratted out quite quickly. Obviously there is more to it than that, but I was basically pointed out and was then taken to the gallows if you will.

My heart literally felt like it was in my throat as I wrote down my statement to the moderators to tell them to think about giving me a second chance. However, there seemed to be luck on my side as I was told after I pleaded my case that the ban policy had changed around 10 months ago from this month. Now rather than banning me like they did, mods give you a two week suspension if you do it once, something I didn't get. So, thanking Celestia, I was allowed to return to Fim. However because I'd technically been ban evading etc, I wasn't allowed to use the BlueBall-Blitz account. In the end after a lot of tears and tense moments the mods came to an agreement to let me stay on Fimfiction with this account you see here.

So, now probably the biggest question of all...why am I telling you this?

Well, I came on Fim today and found a PM waiting for me. Somebody told me that they'd connected the dots and they knew who I was, to be honest I was rather upset that someone would write me something like that because it wasn't their business, but I also felt a sense of urgency to tell you guys before other people would soon do the same.

Why am I paranoid you then may ask? The answer is this.

I love you guys, all 286 of you, because you bring me a sense of joy, pride and happiness to my life that I can't find anywhere else. I don't see myself as a famous person or somebody to be recognized, but I like to see that people look at what I can do and love it. It does well tears in my eyes to see my page and see that people know me and that I'm somewhat of a successful person, it makes me happy. This site just brings me joy I cannot find anywhere else. I was paranoid because I was afraid if other people began to connect the dots I would soon have people knocking on my door demanding to know the truth and I wouldn't like to deal with that.

I'm not going to lie guys, I felt really scared to write you this. I fear that some of you may hate me, some of you may feel scared to be around me and that's a reason why I didn't want to tell anybody, but this is something I've been ashamed of and it feels good to at least get it off my chest. I want to let you guys know that I'm still the same person underneath all these mistakes, I don't intend to be the bad person and I don't want all the love and attention I get to stop because of a mistake I made. Since I plagiarized I have never done it again in the year I've been behind the scenes and I never intend to ever break rules again. I just hope you guys can accept this and we can all move on.

I love you guys more than you know ~Alex

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Comments ( 52 )

Wait? You are Blue Ball Blitz?

Honesty cleanses the soul. If anything, this blog has strengthened my respect for you. It takes courage to come clean like this. Though you may have done wrong in the past, I feel you have done a lot to correct those past mistakes.


2556517 Was BlueBall and yes, though I may not like to remember I was, I tend to look back on it and just keep it in my mind so I never make the same mistake again

2556572 Thanks, it means a lot to hear that *takes brohug*

I will tell you what... I don't give two shits what other people think of you. You're cool to me. Those guys who wanna come after you with them pm's just to get under your skin are the jerks.

2556602 thanks woona, you awesome yet extremely funny guy :twilightsmile:

why is it I suspected him to be Blueball blitz, ever since he trolled me about it in skype.....then again I could be wrong, gah still confusion :applejackconfused:

2556608 I didn't troll you, if you took it that way then I apologize, but I was very afraid at the time whether I should tell you or not and I couldn't decide on which to choose and in the end I just got too scared. Again, I'm sorry if that conversation came off that way, but I just wasn't ready to tell you Matt, but it is true, I am Iron Man... no wait I mean BlueBall :twilightsmile:

2556620 ok I forgive you :twilightsmile:

I was wondering why you seemed so skittish when I did have conversations with you. As long as you man up to your mistakes and don't repeat them, it's all good.

We wont ever hate you. What's done is done. It's in the past now. We wont leave or hate you.

2556679 Thanks code, it means a lot :twilightsmile:

2556682 You're welcome. :twilightsmile:

Aww, its ok. Even if someone else told us first, we still love you! :pinkiesad2:

2556710 Thanks Flow :scootangel:

2556676 Thanks Scar :twilightsmile:

This was a lot to take in, but it takes courage to post something like this on a site where an innumerable amount of people can see it. Even though what you did was wrong you were able to repent and ask for forgiveness, which in my book makes up for it.
Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.
Isaiah 43:18-19
Hope you aren't offended by this, but these are always able to help my friends when they are in tough situations like this. :twilightsmile:

2556778 That's very kind and thanks for saying that cause it means a lot for you to let me know that you're happy with me and what I did, cause I went through hell on here just so I could give you guys fictions and that's all I wanted was to see you and everyone else smile and it means a lot to know you can forgive me for mistakes.

Okay, I know this is completely unrelated and probably inappropriate because this was a serious blog, but... BlueBall?!?!
Oh yes!

That reminds me of an amazing night I had 2 years ago where my bud was getting married in a few weeks and explained what blue balls were and, well, yeah, I learned a lot of stuff and laughed a lot that night.

Though I don't really know what to say because I don't fully understand what the reprecussions are of coming clean, and what really fully happened before, so I guess what I can say is that it was good of you to come clean and admit you did that.

Everyone deserves a second chance, and my parents always taught me to forgive those who do wrong against me or someone else.

2556856 BlueBall Blitz! Toronto, this character is BlueBall Blitz


but yeah, thanks Toronto :twilightsmile:

I just wanna give you a hug! :pinkiesad2:

2556932 *Gives you an internet hug*

The past is in the past. I will not condemn you for something that happened. You've obviously learned from your mistake. The fact that you had the courage to come clean, even after all this time, speaks volumes for your character. You have my respect.

On the topic of the PMs, ignore them. There is not much they can do now that you've taken the wind out of their sails. There is also the fact, from what I've seen here today, that the community-at-large, has your back.

Just keep doing what you're doing and everything will work out in the end.

2556965 Thanks star, your right and this whole thing has brought a lot of confidence to me, thanks for the comment :scootangel:

You did the right thing I whould have just lied and lied till they came to my door were a gun would meet there head and they would die in my home

Everyone deserves a second chance, you now have yours. Now are you going to finish the stories that you have hanging there from when you were BBB ???

When some one can come out and say some thing like that and admit to doing it. It just speaks volumes about them. When I saw this post I was surprised to see it but as I read it I started to see that you really love your fans and you would always find a way to continue with your stories. I know what it's like to feel guilty about some things but you always feel better when you make things right and you my friend have differently made thing right.

I'm not going to lie guys, I felt really scared to write you this. I fear that some of you may hate me, some of you may feel scared to be around me and that's a reason why I didn't want to tell anybody


This doesn't change my opinion of you in any way, shape or form.

I just found out that you're back. I remember last year when I started reading your stuff, that it wasn't half bad, and all in all decent stuff for someone just starting out. You getting perma-banned for a single mistake was pretty retarded.

Especially since I had something similar happen to me [perma-banned without being able to state my case] although in a different site and under different circumstances. But still it takes guts to come out and let it all out.

Although I do feel bad that, that one person had to be a jerk and PM you like that. Nonetheless, best of luck on your come back and I hope things get better for you here on out.

2558537 Ah yes, eater I remember the days, we were competing in the same genre and becoming friends too, it's good to speak to you again buddy. :raritywink:


Same here. Have things been getting better for you since this blog was posted?

2558694 weights been lifted off my chest for sure :twilightsmile: could I actually talk in private with you about something if I may?


Go ahead, my PM's always open to those who want to drop a line.

I actually commend you for coming clean and admitting this. It takes real guts to admit mistakes.
By doing this you have gained a loyal follower ;)

While plagiarizing is bad you managed to admit your faults and face the consequences and now you can learn from your mistakes and become a better person, just another chapter in the story of life.

Heya Triple-B! :pinkiesmile: though I guess I can't call you that anymore :pinkiesad2: Either way, it's great to see that your back and that you're able to do what it is that you love to do. :twilightsmile:
I'm looking forward to seeing what it is that you write up next. :yay:

2559103 thanks so much! :twilightsmile:

2559657 that it is!

2559933 thanks bro!

Wow. That's a lot. You know how much that changes my opinion of you? None. I still think your writing is fantastic. We all make mistakes, but the past is the past.

So what if they connected the dots? They can sod off. I'll stick with you.

Stay Awesome


Well, at least you learnt your lesson. Carry on doing what you do.


Thanks guys, it means an awful lot. ~Alex

It's alright, everyone makes mistakes. That may be a bit bigger than most, but you had guts, telling us all. That was really great of you to come clean. I don't really know you and I don't care what you did in the past, as long as that's when it was: In the past.

"Extremely important?" Nah. Not really, man.

3126640 it was at the time. For me it was extremely important to tell everyone.

Honestly, I could care less about what you did. The way you initially worded it, you could have just committed a double homicide or something. Fan fiction plagiarism? I do things worse than that every day. Before lunchtime even. Sometimes twice.

3129364 *Shrugs* I dunno, when you run with a secret for a while it starts to overwhelm you I guess. Anyways, it's all in the past now.

Aight. Consider it forgotten. How could anyone stay mad at that face? SQUEE!

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