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This is a series from my story Her little Rainbow, if you haven't read it you should it's a good story. (With help from Crystal shard)

Rainbow dash has a new life now as Fluttershy's foal and with her new sister Lightning Dust she will have new friends and go on adventures only a foal would go on.

Warning: contains high levels of cuteness and comedy you have been warned!
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Chapters (80)
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I love how they still have their normal personalities, but subconsciously regressed. I doubt they even realize how foal-ish they were acting.

like one time she tried to learn how to potty train early but only succeeded in getting stuck in the bowl.

Oh man that must've been embarassing. :rainbowlaugh:

Also Fluttershy just had to use that toilet at the moment the firecracker went off. :twilightoops:

Well that was a little harsh, but funny none the less, you know I wonder if you might introduce Sunset Shimmer in this one?

:rainbowlaugh: i have to admit very funny, thought i was expecting the line "ducky go down the hole" on the rubber duck scene, but you made up for it with the firework, though i do wonder how fluttershy is going to handle this.

3207741 Ah yes that Tiny Toons episode where Plucky does what Dash and Dust did. But at least he didn't flush a firecracker. :twistnerd:/:rainbowlaugh:

:yay: *YAY* More Time with my both little girls!

...that was maybe not her first thought after the "FireCracker" incident

3208015 Yeah. But of course she can't pin the blame entirely on them for it, Angel shouldn't be stashing firecrackers where baby ponies can gain access to them.

Can I have a cookie too? :fluttershysad:

Awww, getting your hoof caught in the cookie jar, cute. What adventure will happen next. Oh, and will you introduce Sunset Shimmer or not? Your choice really.:twilightsmile:

I'll bet Trixie never thought of using her cuteness to distract Spike. I mean seriously a puppy dog eyes look almost always gets you what you want. :eeyup:

VEGETA! What does the scouter say about this fic cuteness level?

adorable, yes, but what foal would be able ot read a daring do book, or know, let alone pronounce a word, such as ablaze

I really hope it wasn't one of my cookies...~Bugle :pinkiecrazy:

The best fight ever.:moustache::trixieshiftright:

ah the simple and often "mischeivous" pleasures of youth. But then comes PUNISHMENT. :flutterrage:

i love it how Twilight has two foals to take care of now just like Fluttershy dose

It's like all of Equestria is conspiring to turn everypony into a foal. Can't wait to see who's next.


No not everyone gonna turn into a foal just certain targets. :pinkiecrazy:

3216425 Like who? Or can't you say? Cause I'm wondering if Fluttershy, Twilight, or Pinkie Pie are among the list of potential targets. :trixieshiftright:

From the previous stories and this one, the only reasons for the regressions was redemption for the minor villain roles or, in Rainbow's case, simply to get the story started. But, if Super-Stallion uses similar techniques as in the prequel, it could set the stage for any number of ponies being targeted.
Hopefully though, they won't attempt to bring in any more minor villains, as the only ones I can immediately think of are Gilda, the Flim-Flam brothers, and Blueblood, who would be much less interesting.

Why are Rainbow and Rarity the only ones without foals?


Okay I'm gonna get this out of the way now I am going to regress Blueblood and why because I can and what he did to Rarity is unforgivable. :flutterrage: although be sure after that no more minors villains and besides I have a plan brewing in my head.:pinkiecrazy:

Now Twilight has two foals? Sunset Shimmer no less?? WHY???:duck::duck::duck:

3217902 Regressing Prince Blueblood?

3213315 Guess you missed the fact that they are technically foals in age but their minds to some extent remain intact. That explains why Lightning Dust was intrested in trying to potty train herself at such a young age.

I was about to say you forgot about Twilight being able to brest feed. But you didn't.:eeyup:

*YAY* New Chapter!

Look out. Agent Spike :moustache: is close to find out...

Very good chapter. I liked it a lot. One thing I have to point out though.

"Well its good that you aren't hurt and that you have come for forgiveness but what now she's way to young to be your student sister and now we have a foal on our hand and we cant keep her a foal at the castle?" Princess Luna asked.

I think it should be: "Well its good that you aren't hurt and that you have come for forgiveness but what now she's way to young to be your student sister and now we have a foal on our hooves and we cant keep her a foal at the castle?" Princess Luna asked.


i though this story was only for Fluttershy's and her foals i guess i was wrong

Yep, he definately has been hanging around Pinkie Pie too much...Or has he? (Dun dun dun.) :twilightsmile:

I love this story. Baby Pony is very cute.

By the way,What do you think about Changeling baby?

"Don't worry the house been foalproofed"

Good because after the firecracker incident I doubt Rainbow Dash could be trusted to be left alone and not get into trouble. :eeyup:

Now let's see Lightning Dust meet Sunset and then you can regress Blueblood. :raritywink:


Sorry but I plan to do that later on way on after I hit my...other targets.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

3230642 You mean Blueblood's not going to be regressed til later?

Oh well guess I'll have to see who's the next "unfortunate" victim. :pinkiecrazy:

Who's it going to be? (Can you give me a hint?) :trixieshiftright:


Yes she is black and is always trying to create eternal darkness but I plan on doing this after I make a chapter for Lightning with the CMC.

Good news. You always seem to have those foals do the funniest and cutest things. Rainbow and 'Spitfire' saving Princess Sunset from the 'dragon' (poor Angel and Tank). Twilight was so foul, leaving Spike like that. He owes her big time.

Bad news. I don't usually comment on punctuation, however, the first paragraph was a huge run-on sentence. There were some more errors, but that was the most blatant. Try to be a little more careful next time.

Scootaloo is a big sister to two little ones now? Now who could they be, do you suppose? (Rhetorical question: Possible foreshadowing?)

Also, black mare?...eternal night?...How is that pos...that's just... *I faint in shock.* :derpytongue2:

Hope to see next chapter soon. :twilightsmile:

I love this story!~ :raritystarry: If you're stuck on ideas I might be able to help. :twilightsmile:


No I'm good for now but if that does happen i'll be glad to come to anyone for advice.

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