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You know about Foal Adventures and the life of baby Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust who go on foalish advetures along with there friends.

But did you know there was more to the story?

These are the stories untold in Foal Adventure history, join me as we discover things and tells never before seen, until now! There will be adventure and fun and most importantly more foal!

Chapters (4)

After becoming a Princess, a new door was opened for Twilight Sparkle. More books to read and new spells to learn. Immediately going into deep study mode she found a spell to make one younger excited she quickly tried to use the spell but it ended up backfiring on her turning her into a foal.

Now with no way of turning back Twilight will have to be the widdlest Pwincess of Equestria until a solution can be found.

Featured: August 31, 2014 Thank you everyone.

Warning: Contains cuteness, Diapers and a little humor.

Chapters (13)

Hello I'm Cloud Mist and I'm being held captive by a rich mare that turned me into a foal with a potion and now I'm in diapers, I pray to Celestia somepony comes and save me before I give into my foal emotions or worst...start to fall in love with the crazy mare.

Chapters (17)

Hi my name is... well, you don't need to know my name just yet, but you can call me Disaster. Disaster the draconequus. I used to be human before I met that old geezer Discord who gave me the deal of a lifetime and sent me to Equestria as a draconequus like him.

Now I'm in Equestria, going wherever I wish making trouble and friends alike.

More tags will be added as we go along.

Chapters (5)

This is a series from my story Her little Rainbow, if you haven't read it you should it's a good story. (With help from Crystal shard)

Rainbow dash has a new life now as Fluttershy's foal and with her new sister Lightning Dust she will have new friends and go on adventures only a foal would go on.

Warning: contains high levels of cuteness and comedy you have been warned!
(Image by DDGames)

Chapters (80)

This is a sequel to Her little Rainbow.

Lightning is now living with Fluttershy and Rainbow dash she had tried to get revenge on dash for getting her kicked out of the wonderbolt academy but Fluttershy thinks other wise will she find out why Lightning did what she did or will the storm in lightning's heart grow.

Chapters (5)

This is a prequel to Her little Rainbow.

When Trixie decides to try and steal back the alicorn amulet from Zecora and fail Twilight decides to teach her a lesson in friendship from the start.

Chapters (6)

When Rainbow dash is turned in to a foal by a strange new plant in the Everfree Forest, it will be up to Fluttershy to take care of her, will this help them become closer as friends or more, or will they fall apart.

Chapters (16)
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