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Scootaloo has never told anypony that she is an orphan, that her parents one day decided not to come home. She has been on her own since she was very little. She has learned to fend for herself, care for herself, and doesn't want help from anypony, including her best friends. It isn't until a certain purple unicorn learns the truth and takes her into her home that Scootaloo realizes she needed help from somepony a long time ago.

Please do not ask if you can continue this story. The answer will be no.

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Cover Art by DawnMistPony
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Very sweet. Poor Scootaloo always abandoned. :fluttercry:
Thats why Twi and I adopted her in my world. :twilightsmile:
I look forward to its continuation.


Thanks. Spread the word if you can my hopes are for this to be a hit :twilightsmile::scootangel:

Scootaloo is best crusader!!!

Good start I would say, none of the normal Scootabuse things normally seen.
Not always, I mean there is a really good fic out there are has Scoots having the most badass mom in Equestria, a mom who hates politics and loves cake (oh and has a awesome sister as well)

This is good, very sweet and cute. I eagerly await updates for this! :pinkiehappy: Faved and followed.

Hmm, Twilight and Scootaloo. I don't think I've read a story with this pairing before if goes in the direction, I'm thinking it will. So far, good work and I look forward to chapter 2.

YAY TWI ADOPT! MOAR! :flutterrage:

Didn't you post this earlier only to remove it and then post it again?


I questioned the topic for a long time :scootangel: But I've already done a Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo fic. I figured it was something differed :twilightblush:


I posted it to some groups accidently (was on my ipad.) Was just a quick fix seeing as some people saw it prematurely

2304636 Well, I'll read anything with Scoots in it as she's my favorite CMC and after reading so many Scoots/Dash stories, it's nice to change it up.


My same thoughts. She's my fav as well

Hmm, another Scootadoption story. I always love them, but It's always Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy, so it gets a little boring. Sorry, but I might have to skip out on this o- wait. Character tags: Scootaloo... and Twilight. 4.bp.blogspot.com/-msV_Bjx_0LE/UPaSSTCl4vI/AAAAAAAAAiQ/FaJHVWy3vg8/s1600/YES!+GIF.gif

Twilight and Scootaloo, interesting. I'm really enjoying it. I look forward to updates. :twilightsmile:

Twilightwalked to the sink

You need a space there.

I foretell a sudden need to renew my blood sugar medicine ... :twilightsmile:

Kinda heartwarming, some feels, but at the same time there are large show vs tell issues. Some are bad enough that you get the feeling that you're skipping over parts with some simple telling just to speed the pace.


I'll take that into mind with the next chapters:twilightsmile:

I never thought of twilight and Scootaloo having mother/daughter type story(just what it seems like to me.) Really interested to see where this goes!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Really great premise, but not the best execution.:twilightsmile:

This is nice, I expect lots of d'awwws from this.

Optional critique:
Twi seemed a bit out of character and either she is really good at restraining her anger or she still is rather socially Broken (Is that a thing..?), I think she would have been a bit more mad with dash.

2306394 This. Kinda showy and whatnot, but it was really sweet. It did lack some of the emotion it should have had, but overall I liked it. Nice job. I'll be waiting to see where it goes *grumbles*toobadit'snotashipfic*grumbles*

Also you should link the picture to here.


Thanks for pointing that out. I'll fix the link as soon as the artist gives me permission (my bust for not checking to see if it was from DeviantArt :twilightoops:)


Yeah I suppose more emotion could have been a good thing. Being a cold and calculated scientist doesn't help that much (emotions=does not compute:facehoof:). I'll Be sure to take care of it in the chapters to come.

I just love these fics when Twilight adopts Scootaloo i know hasn't happen yet but the keyword is yet :twilightsheepish:


Awe you've spoiled the surprise:raritycry:. Lol jk it was pretty obviously from the description that it was going to happen. I just thought after so many Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo fics that it was time for something a little different :twilightsheepish:

So sorry about the cover photo link being broke :twilightoops: it wasn't when I originally found the photo. Waiting to hear back from the artist on DeviantArt so I can have their permission. Until then I'll have to leave it as it. If really want the photo just google Twilight and Scootaloo its like one of the first ten picture to pop up :raritywink::yay:

Twilight, as opposed to Rainbow, being the one to take in Scootaloo? A new concept, and one I am intrigued by! Yes, Rainbow is a good pony at heart, but Twilight would be a better and more responsible guardian and role model. Plus, it would by no means prevent Scoots from being able to spend time with Dash and have her as an idol, she'd just have somepony more responsible providing a guiding hoof

Also, despite her idolization of Rainbow, I'm pretty sure even in the show Scootaloo genuinely respects and likes Twilight (Show Stoppers and It's About Time)


Awwwww, so adorable and heartwarming :twilightsmile::scootangel: such a shame it had to end-wait *Incomplete*

THERE'S MORE :pinkiegasp: HECK YES


Nice use of emoticons. Good points plus some chuckles. Here have a mustache :moustache:



It is dawww inducing isn't it :scootangel:


I've read a few stories where Fluttershy takes her in, one where Rarity does it, two or three where Twilight adopts her, and one hilarious AU where Scootaloo starts fanfillying over that new Pegasus who was sent by Canterlot to prepare for the Summer Sun Festival, called Flying High.

Scootaloo and Twilight where a bit O.C for my taste not that I didn't like the chapter because I did its just sine when does Twilight not think ahead about major decisions like the one she just made, and I doubt Scootaloo would have folded so quickly though if she had been on her own for as long as she said it might make a difference.


From what I have heard people have done stories like this before (though I have never read any :rainbowderp:). Just going for something different :twilightsmile::scootangel:

2319737 meh Iit's a good start to what has the potential to be a good story and I did like the chapter I was just saying that Twi and Scoots where a bit ooc but then again that's the beauty of fan fiction.


No problem totally understand your feelings :twilightsheepish:. Glad you liked it :twilightsmile::scootangel::yay:

I'll have to keep an eye on this one. There's no love like Scootalove.:eeyup:

People often overlook Twilight's experience as a caretaker in fanfics, so I'm always happy to see a new story that focuses on it for a change. Even if one does go by the Lauren Faust proposed theory that Celestia raised Spike while Twilight was still too young, Twilight has clearly been looking after him by herself for a good while now, and the little moments from the show that focus on this are quite endearing.

The fact that she's so terribly uncool works well with Scootaloo, I think. I see no reason why the filly couldn't still idolize Rainbow Dash for being cool, while getting the stability she needs from Twilight. Regardless, however it unfolds, I'm looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

Me like, heartwarming and cute, upvote and tracking :D


Thanks glad you enjoyed the dawww's :scootangel::scootangel::twilightsmile:

>>Mayhem Darkshadow
Your fiction is good and you should feel good.

Also, your slavish devotion to replying to everyone is rather a telling clue as to your decency as a person and a bro.

So thanks for that.


Of course I always feel the need to comment back. It's a good gesture of politeness. Also thanks for the complements :twilightblush: and glad you enjoyed the story so far :raritystarry:

Replying with a comment to a comment on replies; you Meta monster, you. (Oh god please don't reply to my reply to your reply to my comment on replies. My heart couldn't take that many plies between a single pair of pliers.)

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MOAR PLEEZ? :scootangel:

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