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  • EGuardian Angel
    Scootaloo had been without a family for a very long time. She has never told anypony about her situation. It isn't until a certain purple unicorn learns about her origins that she discovers what a family truly is.
    Mayhem Darkshadow · 68k words  ·  917  31 · 21k views
  • EAn Angel Lost
    After an incident occurs Fluttershy goes missing for five days. Many ponies are starting to get concerned, including her best friends. Rainbow Dash is then given the task to figure out what is wrong. The problem is she doesn't think she can help
    Mayhem Darkshadow · 4.8k words  ·  108  3 · 3k views
  • TTo Love a Mare
    What starts off as a simple sleep over for Twilight and Equestria's Princess of the Night turns into an adventure filled with love, romance, lies, trials, friendship, and forgiveness. Though many ponies will question what happens they remain str
    Mayhem Darkshadow · 30k words  ·  429  61 · 11k views
  • TJust a Kiss
    Cadence and Twilight decided to take a trip to the Hoofwian Islands together. The vacation is suppose to be about fun in the sun, but what if one of them deep down has a bit more than that planned. How will the other pony respond to this?
    Mayhem Darkshadow · 7.3k words  ·  562  95 · 16k views