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To be a bit less melodramatic, the purpose of the Idea Factory is simply to act as a freespace for posting story concepts and plots that the given poster really would like to see written, but doesn't have the time or desire to do themselves.
This is also a place to discuss potential collabs and help people iron out plot wrinkles of the stuff posted.

Here, we don't care that much who gets the credit for a story idea. It's important to give credit where credit is due, but beyond that, just getting the ideas here turned into the pieces of art they were meant to be is enough.

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Hey, I have an idea for a story that I think would be amazing. I am an editor so I can't really write stories.
The story is about how Rainbow Dash prior to Twilight Sparkle arriving in Ponyville had had a filly, born from rape, heat, or a drunk night out. The child disappeared about 4 months prior to Twilight's arrival, and only fluttershy knew about it. About a year after, though, she finds her child. She takes her back and continues to raise her. The rest of the story is Rainbow's challenges with Parenthood.
I thinky whoever may use this idea may change it however they want other than 3 simple rules.
1. No anthro or furries
2. No OCs unless it is the filly itself or a husband later in life
3. No shipping (Like applejack and rarity or fluttershy and rainbow dash)
Also please message me the link and I would be greatful if you let me be your editor.
Thank you, EldunarIan.

if anyone want to write twilestia based on this i would be sweet :twilightsmile:

I have had this idea brewing for quite a while. The gist of it is this:
- End of Dissidia, Chaos goes boom and Golbez, still being in that realm, is removed from the realm with the hopes that he could redeem himself someway.
- Princess Luna has just returned to Canterlot from the first time (basically after season 1 premier) and is still feeling guilty after all she has done and feels there is nopony that will understand her, but wishes there was one who did.
- Golbez (THROUGH THE FORCES OF THE UNIVERESE!) is transported into Canterlot Garden where the two meet. (Golbez doesn't turn pony)
- After exposition and misunderstanding Celestia comes across the pair and speaks to Golbez alone.
- Celestia and Golbez talk about their situations and can see the similarities between Golbez and Luna in terms of their past.
- Celestia comes to the conclusion that it would be best for him to stay in the castle and befriend Luna so that someone or pony can relate to her in terms of past actions.
Rest of the story stems of chapters with Golbez being in the castle and coming to learn the life of Equestrian Royalty as well as Equestria itself. It has more of somber tone due to the two trying to help each other coming to accept things. I thought it will mainly be a - Slice of Life, Sad & Crossover
I don't see the two being shipped, more being friends.

I have a question about forum postings. It seems that your current submission form is for ideas that the creator will not write, but would rather someone else write.

Would an idea posted on the forums that only exists there to ask people if they'd like to see it written need to use that format, as well (i.e. I have a story idea that I am going to write, but want to know if anyone would even be interested in reading it, so I post the idea and people tell me if they think it's worthy or not of a read)?

If you have a story idea, please post it in the forums using the template in the sticky at the top.

Hey everyone. I just joined and I have so many ideas overflowing from my brain. I hope there are a lot of people out there who are willing to give my ideas a listen.

A crossover where Daring Do, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, and Victor Sullivan go on a quest together.

Ok so here is my idea

It's a MLP crossover with a T.V. show called lost tapes and if you don't know what the show is about look it up

It would be about a pony (not just the main six) facing off with a cryptid (again look it up) thought the point of view of a camera in each chapter (so one chapter is like one episode) and the each chapter would have two different endings (one were the pony lives and another were the pony dies)

I'd help anyone who wants to do it so P.M. me if you do

Okay, here's an idea that I had kicking around in my head, but I've got another four stories that I'm also working and I don't think I'm the right person to write this particular one. Here is my idea:

"A Fiddlesticks on the Roof"

-of course, this takes some inspiration from The Fiddler on the Roof.
-the setting is a family gathering at Sweet Apple Acres, it can be a reunion, wedding, funeral, or other get together, but if it is a wedding it might make it easier to set up.
-several members of the Apple family have found their special someponies, but none of them fit the mold of rural earthpony. Some possibilities include:
A: A unicorn, pegasus pony, or bat pony (this is a good one if the get together is a wedding.
B: A nerdy/socially awkward pony
C: Someone in the Apple family comes out of the closet and brings their same-sex partner
D: Non-pony (Griffin, Dragon, etc)
E: Flim and/or Flam (gave up on trying to take over Sweet Apple Acres, have a successful inventing business and are in a singing group, but Applejack doesn't trust him/them)
F: Foreign pony that doesn't speak the language very well, and comes from a country that fought against Equestria in a war.
G: Large, scary, quiet pony that everyone suspects is a serial killer, but is actually very kind and gentle (and good with foals)

-All of these characters and their Apple family special someponies are very much in love and treat each other very well. They all want to be a part of the family.
-Many members of the family have a real problem with the newcomers, and arguments and hilarity ensue.
-Running gag that Fiddlesticks spends almost the whole time playing her fiddle on the roof. Applejack and the other Apples keep yelling "Get off the roof, Fiddlesticks!", but she only comes down when she falls through the roof (she goes right back up).
-Applejack kicks Applebloom and Babs Seed out of the house so they can have their adult discussions, so they go and do CMC activities, which get out of hand, and cause a disaster.
-A disaster happens, such as a flood, a massive invasion of timberwolves, or both, which forces everyone to get on the roof. They have to use the special talents of the newcomers in order to save everyone (eg: scary pony protects the foals and helps them not to be scared, flying creatures help get everyone up, Flim/Flam and nerdy pony use science).
-Overall theme/questions: is there room in the family for everyone, no matter who or what they are?
-End the story with a family dance on the roof with Fiddlesticks playing the music, until everyone falls through from the weight.

hmm... how do i say it...
spike still does some "dog things" after returning from where ever they went in E.G.
(wanting his belly rubbed, wagging his tail, ect)

I had this idea in my head the characters are what I want to make into a comic series when once I graduate school and get art major in college but anyway here is the idea:

[concept] Seven friends are transported due to one of their inter dimensional experiments going haywire and sends them to equestrian and with little tools they have to work their way by learning about the world and inhabitants to make the device again while their arch enemy tries to screw up their lives and everyone else's around them.

[Pony characters] Main six (with Twilicorn), Celestia, Spike, (possibly chrysalis)

[Lightning Crew]
Scalor- 4ft orange barracuda cyborg that was a scientific experiment gone wrong (Uses adjustable lasers for various purposes. Somewhat of a cheap comedian and voice imitator)

Razor- 2ft brown roadrunner with one large feather on her head (fastest runner of group. Usually tries to perfect everyone else when they almost screw up)

Outlook- 2ft great owl that constantly wears night vision goggles (Somewhat idiotic and really socially awkward. Decent flyer, always the first one to attack )

Circuit Breaker- 3ft black mole with technologically advanced safety goggles (Smartest of entire team, best inventor. Self doubting, complete tech nerd)

Dice- 3ft red orange blind platypus that practice the samurai code (Best in stealth of team. Short tempered due to people mocking him of blindness, philosophical)

Slash- 7ft dark green alligator that was a retired heavy weight boxer to take care of his brother (Only heavy hitter in team. Only angered when people that he cares for are harmed, real peaceful)

Kooker- 4ft light green chameleon Slashes brother, but technically cousin but was raised like a brother(somewhat mentally challenged. Cheers entire team up whenever they are down, over eager)

Jaggor- 6ft black panther that uses many tools to destroy team such as disposable robotic clones (somewhat rhymes like Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie)

[Tags] comedy, adventure, alternative universe

*Note this not sonic related but some may sound like they are (outlook will still have regular wings same with razor)*

Has anyone ever thought of doing a cryptids idea (loch ness, jersey devil, bigfoot, chupacabra) where they occasionally come over to Fluttershy's and have I guess a tea party?


I like to see a story featuring Big Mac:eeyup: being ship with Slendermare the r63 version of Slenderpony.
(Story Concept)
The story begin with Big Mac as a young colt being chase by bullies to everfree forest.
Big Mac was scare to go in because he heard stories about a faceless pony that live in
the everfree forest but hearing the bullies closing in so Big Mac ran into the forest
the bullies ran in too. Big Mac bumps into the faceless pony all he could see that the
pony have no face then Big Mac black-out. Then he woke up outside of the forest Big Mac
went back home and the next day Big Mac hears about the bullies disappearance and since
that day he vow to ever step in the forest again. Then skip some years to the current
time with Big Mac now as a full grown stallion Applejack dare Big Mac to go in the forest
to proves what happen years ago was in his head. Big Mac went in the forest then he broke
his leg then he meet the faceless pony again before he black-out this time he notice the
faceless pony look like a mare. Big Mac woke up by Applejack with his leg bandage up then
he found out that Applejack didn't fixes his leg after that day big mac start to feel like
he being stalk.

Primarily Related Tags

romance, comedy, dark: humor, slice of life
Big Mac
The Mane 6
The Cutie Mark Crusaders
Teen, gore


a .After the second encounter with Big Mac Slendermare develop a crush on Big Mac.

b. She start to stalk Big Mac and leaving strange gifts that the farm door like a dead bird or cat
with letters that look similar to the notes from the game slender.

c. Slendermare eventually confront Big Mac and Big Mac eventually warms up to her.

D. Slendermare has the habit of breaking doors and patch them up afterward.

I want two crossovers to be done.
The Name of the Wind

Want something more original?
Season 1 finale, the royal wedding. Or was it season 2...?
Anyways, after Shining Armor tells Twilight to not show for the wedding, she disappears, doesn't go back to ponyville, she's basically dropped from the story.
Cadance isn't a changeling after all, she's just a huge bitch. Shining Armor sees that, whatever you want, maybe they argue or break up, idc.
Most of the story being about him thinking about Twilight and how he missed her.

Comment posted by read all the stories deleted Apr 12th, 2013


The skylanders and giants have defeated Kaos for the 12th time but he pulls one more trick up on them all and tries to send them to their death. Instead he sends both himself, Glumshanks, and all of the skylanders and giants to equestria and now they must help the ponies defeat Kaos once more



Teen- for violence


Main six (and when i say alt universe i mean no alicorn twilight dont get me wrong i like the concept i like regular twi better)
?(Possibly Shining Armor, and Cadence)?

Here is an idea. Gnolls don't exist in Equestria but Diamond Dogs are the closest to em. Take some wizard in another reality tries and saves one life. That life being a young Flind Gnoll.
Flind Gnolls are rarer race of Gnolls with greater stats overall and much greater intelligence Flind Gnolls get their name because of the unnatural instinct of wielding Flind Bars more lethal then Weapon Masters of various races.
Unlike their lower cousins and such Flind Gnolls come in a much greater variety of categories (just like humans being able to be Saints, Neutral, or Demons).
That said the young Flind has an immediate dislike to most of the Diamond Dogs (not because of how stupid they are or how much bigger then he is to them [even young he would be greatly larger then them] but because of the Slavery and laziness they carry around with pride [what is to be proud-full of something you didn't do on your own {His bestial pride is greatly angered by this}]).

Will here is an idea. Take the Puppet Master and certain number of the Living Puppets and say they get sucked into that reality. This Puppet Master is one of the good ones not the Evil Ones (which end up dieing to their puppets at the end of the movies).
Could say he uses the power that which created and gave life to the puppets to assist in protecting his new home (Whether that be Equestria or some other land within that reality).

Crossover - Aladdin
Genie in Equestria.
How Genie finds himself in Equestria:
1. After the 1st movie, he visits other worlds.
2. After Aladdin and the gang died (of old age?), Genie ''disappeared'' and became a legend, before becomig a myth. Aladdin and the gang were the only beings he truly connected with and could call friends. Humans came and went and a new age, with new species raised up from the ashes of the humans.
3. Aladdin never found the lamp, and humans have died out. But a pony finds the lamp.
4. With Twilight becoming an alicorn, she gets a lamp as a gift from the camels of Saddle Arabia.

An idea for an Alt. Universe idea. Might be a popular/already used idea.

Replace Mane6 with colt OCs.
Twilight Sparkle=Astral Flare (magic prodigy, pupil of Celestia)
Rainbow Dash=Night Storm (Weather pony, works nights shifts)
Fluttershy=Heart Strong (Ponyville's legit vet and regular doctor)
Applejack=Skill Shot (all around Athlete and heavy duty worker)
Rartiy=Smooth Song (Musician, Poet)

Have them go through the more signifcant episodes' plots in the series. Feel free to change names for AJ and Rarity, they were rushed names.

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