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Sometimes, Spotlight - or, Psych Ologist, as known by the masses - needs some time to unwind.
And, between bickering couples, Cloud Kicker's horrible aura of train-wreckery and the Cutie Mark Crusader Lemonade Fabricators, 'unwinding' may need a little more than the typical 'Two' he gets from his friends at the Spa.
No, this time, he's getting a Four.
Oh yeah, things just got serious.

Non-canon oneshot set in the Winningverse ~ Title for Chono

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Fun little story, and the references are always appreciated.

What is this, I don't even.:rainbowhuh:

Because the big boss says so :O!

A couple of things that drew my attention while reading this piece.

Oh my Celestia you two I urblblurblgaarblduh…

Spotlight must have really turned local. For some reason, I doubt a changeling would refer to Celestia that way.

Well it’s not like there are any other stallions who let me finish a Three like I spent two Celestia-damned years

Weren't we talking about a Four?

In any case, this certainly merits a read.

Spot is quite local, and I was torn between putting 2/3/4 there - 'two's I see as basic, 'three's as complex (just enough to provoke, if one's mind is dirty enough O_o), and 'fours' as 'everything you ever... except sex'
Fear not, though, I shall see that this is simplified with a four if this is brought up many times in the near future!

I would totally read the shit out of this if you continued it as a full length story. That being said even as a one-shot this story was awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Hell yeah. This was awesome!

I must say, even for a prude such as myself that wasn't too bad, and all the other parts defiantly made up for it, granted I don't think I will give this a fav but you get a thumb.

Also though I am afraid to ask how could he actually er... "please" two mares at once? Does your head cannon give changelings something like snakes and lizards have in terms of reproductive organs?

1927831 you and me both, keeping this as a one shot is just cruel. :raritydespair:

Alright, I have to ask this (because it's killing me): What is the deal with all these 'Incredibly *blank* *blank* of (a) *blank*' stories? What's their appeal?

*Shudders* No, no, neverrrrr! (Unless, of course, the changeling wanted something like that...)
Also, I gave absolutely no thought to it :D ~ I just wrote the words 'and then they banged' and let you readers imply everything else! (Spoiler: Spotlight made an excellent bottom leg of the not-metaphorical triangle, winkwinknudge)

They all tie into a crazy thing invented by Chengar Qordath called the Winningverse, an alternate universe of the show that follows the crazy, hilarious, heavy, and banging-laden adventures of a few ponies. 'The Incredibly blankblank of a blank' is the format created by some random user named Chono for oneshots set in this universe, and despite mine being non-canon (:v) I used it anyway! :pinkiehappy:

1928310 Oh... eh, I'm not a fan.

Not a bad little story. Canon or not, it's always nice to see more people contributing to the Winningverse!

Upvoted for starting with Vinyl and Tavi doing relationship therapy. Faved as soon as you started shipping him with Aloe. Yeah, it didn't take long for me to like this.

Fucking brilliant, mate. I think this is the awesomest Changeling I've read about thus far. And obscure ships are best ships. Roll in some classy humor and sexual overtones and you've got one hell of a fic. Damn, I want a Four now...

Well-written to boot, but I did notice this:

trying to cleanse the compassionate from her face

This doesn't make sense. Did you mean passion? Compassion?

Short, cute, and entertaining. Everypony loves twins! :rainbowwild::heart:

I lost it at the purring thing.

It should be 'compassion'
But I wrote it 'compassionate' because I thought it sounded sillier :) ~ I'm pretty sure I do this on multiple occasions between stories :derpytongue2:

I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I'm glad that this story is non-canon in regards to the Winningverse - considering the story I'm currently working on, my heart skipped a beat when I read that Vinyl and Octavia appeared in this story and were already in a relationship. Would've had to throw a month or two of plotting out the window...

Also, "stupid purring noise" for changelings has been added to my headcanon. :scootangel:


I second this sentiment.

Whatever universe you're writing this in... I fail to see how it's not canon. I think it slips into canon just fine. You might as well call every fic non-canon.

Good shit though. I saw sex tag and almost didn't read. Glad you didn't disappoint :pinkiehappy:

1929079 1929323
Arr, this is non-canon for a reason I could probably tell you but won't! (Also because Chengar told me so :O)
Also, glad I didn't mess up any fics or ruin any minds! Also, happy to see that the 'sex' in here wasn't as bad as I had feared on tagging it XD

Okay, so, now that I have actually read the darn thing, I kinda understand why it can't be canon to the Winningverse. BUT, I really like Spotlight, and the idea of a changeling psychiatrist is kind of interesting. Especially one who some of Ponyville actually know is a changeling. Maybe there might be some way to work him into the verse for realz sometime in the future? Or maybe just some stand alone stories featuring him. :twilightsmile:

While I'm still not certain on how changelings as a species work in the winningverse (to my knowledge, none have shown up yet, save Spot here :v), I have absolutely no objection to having him (or any of my characters, really O_o) show up in anyone else's stories :3 ~ Heck, I'd be honored if anyone even did do as such :twilightblush:

If all spa fours are like that I would gladly pay no matter what they cost.
'stache off to you :moustache:

1929585 I wouldn't have put the tag myself. Twas all off page. But fearing the wrath of the mods, I would maybe have just put in a note in caps that said


Cuz like I said, I almost didn't read. Scares off potential readers sometimes... :twilightsheepish:

The name of the changeling totally reminded me of this:

Nice job on the story!

...Another "universe"....The Winningverse, huh?
Well, there goes even more originality and creativity involved in creating your own story based on your own imagination and not building off of someone else's. Is this universe really necessary though? A universe where side ponies go off on crazy adventures and such? How the hell does that warrant being in a universe at all? It's just writing adventure, it's not tied to ANYTHING.

1927874 He has a mouth too, you know :twilightblush:

Nice short oneshot story thingo. Was entertaining to read.
Having sais that, I foudn a small error.
Humbly, Dr. Psch Ology, Relationship Counseling."
Ya seem to have dropped a "Y" :twilightsmile:

This was good. I'd like more, please.

Can't wait to give this a read; and yay! Someone used the templates!

Nice, but a little lacking in plot. :coolphoto:
(Both literally and figuratively. :pinkiehappy:)

Name seems awkward, anyway.

Stupid purring nosie.

Either he is trying to be cute, or you meant to type noise. I'm guessing the latter?

Comment posted by Myrandall deleted Jan 9th, 2013

"These thoughts are all in hindsight, though. What I thought at the time was something along the lines of this:

I'm sorry, but that just nearly got me to burst out laughing. Thumbs up and a fave for you! :twilightsmile:

This story, it was fun. Now I'll have to read more of your stuff. :twilightsmile:

(Thanks, guys!) Curse you typos! *stabs typos* ~ Well, at least based on reception, I didn't make too many non-typo mistakes :D

Oh, Mr. Pones... :pinkiecrazy:
Really though, quite a valid complaint. I can see how annoying a trend like this can be (identical-plotline-HiE's >:c), yet even if most of my other stories (A Mote of Dust, notably) are pretty much original in their own regard, you could still argue we're all limiting ourselves by writing stories based on a television program. As it stands though, I set this one in the Winningverse because I felt that Cloud Kicker's relationship issues were the strongest widely-known ones on the site, and wanted a reliable way to convey Spotlight's stress at dealing with them. Plus I felt wrong using the phrase 'and then they banged' without setting it in that universe :D
... Also make your text biggar, it was hard to read :twilightangry2:

Nnnnyes, I would like four of your best - what was that word... ah! - Coogis! I shall prepare one hundred and twenty bits immediately.
(Rly though, s' an honor to be worthy of the spambots' attention :D)

This is a oneshot?:fluttershysad: Come on, that's cruel.

Damnit, that's cruel. You put a changeling psychologist. You ship with the spa twins with steamy banging. You insert the threesome of Winning. And then you end!:pinkiesad2:

This is a very good story. I am merely disappointed. You produced the opening of a badass and then ended it there, and now we can only dream.
Them at a psychologist's would be amazing in itself, let alone a Psych Ologist who is a changeling and banging the spa twins.

Ah, well. Nice story, mate.

"I just paraded through four couples and a trio as a winged Psych Ology, world-famous unicorn relationship councilor."
Technically, that should be "counselor"; "councilor" refers to someone who is part of a council.

The more you know.

Perhaps you could make a sequel? Or heck flesh it out as a story, this is a great premise for a story. Either way it was awesome.

Argghh I knew something was wrong with that word, but had no internet to check it on X_x - I'll make sure to correct myself if I happen to have counselors/cilors in a future story O_o

Out of all the weird love stories I've read this one is the best because it doesn't spend 10,000 words to say " x loves y" Short and sweat!

Truly, the other name for heaven was 'Four'.

I burst out laughing at this line.
The story? Well.... It was good. It just didn't feel quite right with me but it was still good. You get a like.

So this is the story Chen was talking about. I rather like it.

Oh gods, this is just great! xP

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