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An author who loves to write stories with hidden and not-so-hidden references in them. Also has a friend who shares his account and loves to chat with people. "'Sup!"


Ponyville receives its fair shares of ponies moving in and out. However, while everyone has their secrets, one has one that's different than most. As he finds himself learning more and more about the town and its folk, will the saying "nothing stays secret forever" hold true? And what does it mean for those he cares about?

Familiar setups with new twists mix in with the tale of the new guy in town. He's not the cause of all changes, but can certainly bring some himself.

Co-written with my friend Rhino.

Sex tag is for implications, not for explicit scenes. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 22 )

I'm not usually one for stories that involve an OC as a main character, but I'm interested to see what happens next with Flick! :pinkiehappy:

Also, why do I get the feeling that Twilight is going to be Flick's love interest? :ajsmug:

"There's always freelancing as a different kind of escort." He playfully ruffles her mane and heads out, whistling a tune to himself.

Good comeback there, Flick. XD

As a side note, I love the interaction between Flick and Twi. Can't wait to read more! :twilightsmile:

He gently caresses her cheek, drawing close with a warm smile. "Are you sure I'm joking?"

Man, was I expecting AJ to slap or punch him. Flick really lays it on thick when it comes to flirting. :rainbowlaugh: I wonder if that's going to get him in trouble in the future with Twilight? :ajsmug:

and then she trotsback up to Flick.

"...yes actually." She slowly smiles wider.

I'd suggest a comma after the "yes."

"Not really, it's just something mah family has said Ah can be stubborn about. Ah don't see it." She shrugs.

-facehooves- Stubborn Applejack is stubborn.

"Ya'll heard nothin' but yer own head makin' stuff up." She huffs.

"Honey, we can see right through you! Girl, ya can't conceal it! We know how ya feel and who you're thinking of~" 🎼

She blushes. "I ain't... look just... hush you." She snorts, shaking herself. "It's almost grub time."

You better stop having these two interact Enigma, because I'm beginning to ship them. Hard. XD

Lyra gives a wide grin. The bestest of best friends.

"Best friends". Riiiight. :ajsmug:

and wondering if they ever have to worry about that.

Eh, not much. Just tantabus's, ursa minor/major's, bugbear's, parasprites, moving DJ platforms, etc.

Another good chapter! I'm looking forward to seeing who Flick brings to the Grill! :twilightsmile:

“Frankly, my dear,” he smirks slightly, “I thought you didn’t give a damn.”

:rainbowlaugh:In that moment, you can say that Dash was... gone with the wind. :trollestia:

I'll see myself out.

As he lays on the ground, he silently ponders what life choices led to this.

That's what I do when I work on the reaction episodes. :rainbowlaugh:

“What, is it her destiny to use ponies like bowling pins?” He finally turns his attention to her, and blinks in surprise.

Is that a callback to the Dragonshy episode where Rainbow Dash was sent flying by the dragons roar and she knocked the rest of the girls (except for Fluttershy) down like bowling pins? :rainbowhuh:

She gently lifts his out of her fur with a wing.


The mare giggles behind him. "Very interesting, indeed..."

*adjusts monocle* Yes, quite.

"Oh my..." She brings one of her wings forward, fanning her face a bit. "You have quite the way with words for mere flirting."

Pfft. No kidding. >.>

Rainbow pouts as Flick pats her on the head. “Ready to go, Dash?”

It appears as if Rainbow is asking that question, so I'd suggest editing it to this...

Rainbow pouts as Flick pats her on the head.

“Ready to go, Dash?” he asks, looking to her.

She looks back at him and nods. “Sure.”

All around a good chapter, and I'm glad to see that Silk Tease has entered the story! I'm looking forward to more scenes with her. :ajsmug:

He brightens up just the tiniest bit and hurries over to her, allowing Silk to finally realize where Rainbow’s gaze has been focused the whole trip.

Dat *ss.😎

“Hmm... how about tomorrow? I should be free, then.” He lets go to snap his talons. “Oh, how about I take you to the spa later for another massage?”

Rainbow makes a face behind his back, feathers fluffing up slightly.

There's two spaces between the paragraphs.

"Now what sort of thing's got you all hot and bothered?" The farm mare's face is clearly smug.

Yeahhh, RD. Are ya...jealous? :ajsmug:

"Latebow Dash?" She teases.

Nice one, Applejack. XD

The pegasus soon catches up with the rest, running a hoof through her mane. “See? Caught up in seven seconds.”

The griffon chuckles quietly as he walks into said place. “Don’t worry, Dash, I’ll make sure none of you get hurt.”

Between those two there are extra spaces between a couple of the paragraphs. *reads further down the chapter* Actually, there are more, so I'd suggest checking the whole chapter.

"Umm... can I try the potato, carrot, and hay skewer?" She gives the griffin a small smile of awaiting approval.

Hay, skewer? How would that even work? :rainbowhuh:

boots the side of his head with her about before offering

It seems like there's a word missing or something between "her" and "before".

Rainbow’s ear twitches, and she turns to find two ponies cleaning and writing on a chalkboard.

*says in robotic voice* Locked on targets. Engage.

She looks down at it with a hurt frown. “And why aren’t I on it?”

:rainbowlaugh: Oh, Rainbow.

"I can't believe I'm being shipped..." She responds a little louder.

If you only knew, Twi. If you only knew. :ajsmug:

Rainbow grins. “Much better than pineapple, right?”

...I can't! :rainbowlaugh:

She bats at him with a wing. "Cheeky bird."

Cheeky cock. :scootangel: *is shot*

“And there’s a rumor that you like mares.” He looks up at her with a raised eyebrow. “I don’t put much stock in rumors.”

*watches as the Jundash ship sinks* ...It was nice while it lasted. :pinkiesad2:

“...what is this man you keep talking about?”

Doctor Whooves? Is that you? :derpyderp1:

She pauses for a moment, almost as if considering this, and then groans, resting on Flick’s back. “Fine... but I still want to get some pie.”

It took me a few moments to realize who "she" was, so I'd suggest changing it to "Rainbow pauses for a moment"

She covers her face with a blue wing. “S-shut up.”

The cuteness! :pinkiecrazy:

“Rainbow, that’s my tail!”

“Calm down, you big baby!”

I love the interaction these two have! :rainbowkiss: ...But I also love the interaction between Flick and Silk Tease as well as AJ! Argh, stop making me ship them all with Flick, Enigma! :raritydespair:

...thus it ends up being very jarring when something comes along and changes said routine without any warning.

I could say that about my sleeping routine. Or what little routine I have. XD

He smiles warmly at her. “You know you hum when you get ready? It’s quite beautiful. Just like you.”

Oh, Flick. You and your smooth words. :ajsmug:

“You.” His claw rubs over her chest as he luxuriates over her soft yet firm form.

It's a good thing she's a pony or else this would be considered sexual assault. XD

She quickly pushes her hat into his face. "Nope, no problem, nope!"

You said nope twice, Applejack. :moustache:

His smile falls, glancing between her hat and the one on his head. With a grumble, he takes his hat off and stares forlornly at it. “...so much for being special...”

In my headcanon Applejack has only one hat because she inherited it from her dad, so I feel you, Flick. :pinkiesad2:

Her hoof places itself over his beak. "Whoa there, ya can't just pop into my room and get all smoochy before we even have a date."

Oh, yes he can. :rainbowdetermined2:

He groans, rubbing his face with a claw. “That one really came back to bite me...”

Serves him right. :rainbowlaugh:

He caresses her cheek tenderly, ignoring the giggles coming from Apple Bloom.

Something's wrong with this sentences...

He caresses her cheek tenderly, ignoring the giggles coming from Apple Bloom and Pegajen.

There we go! :scootangel:

Then, just on the edge of his awareness, he feels a soft pair of lips against his own, distinctly different from the ones that had graced his cheek earlier. Too weak to respond, though, he can’t even offer a smile, despite how his breathing slowly returns to normal.

Can it be? She's kissing him? :raritystarry:

Rainbow pulls away with a sigh, looking to Applejack with a small frown. “I don’t think that was a joke.”

Ah, HORSEAPP- Actually, I'm good with that. :rainbowwild:

“...if it comes down to it, yes.” She rolls her eyes. “I doubt every other one of our friends would decline, though.”

Everyone wants that giant turkey. xP

He nods to himself as he stands where he had slid off her back, rolling onto his side without the injured wing. “...how long until she realizes she left me out here?”

SpongeBob Narrator: 1 week later

"...how do you know about that?"

Applejack, don't you know? It's Pinkie. Don't question it. :pinkiecrazy:

"Maybe we just got a bunch of romantics in town." Applejack shrugs as well.

Or shippers. >.>

“...that’s like asking you to stop being a beautiful shade of orange.” He shakes his head. “It’d be impossible.”

His beak forms a line as flat as his stare.

"Ah can do it!" She sounds insistent.

I think there's a paragraph missing? o.o

He scratches his cheek, blushing slightly. “...I must have a dirty mind, because that made me think of something other than harvesting...”

You're not the only one who must have a dirty mind, Flick. :twilightsheepish:

He chuckles, shrugging quietly. “What can I say? I like you.” The griffon looks off to the side, continuing to rub her back. “Dunno what I’m going to do while you’re working, though.”

Flirt with Rainbow or Twilight? ;D

She squeaks, adjusting her mane. "Yes! I mean, yes, that would be nice."

Oh, Twi. You're so adorkable. :3

"True... oh well." She shrugs, putting the book on her back. "Science for another time."

Aw, no science? :fluttercry:

She giggles, kicking her hooves excitedly. "Oh, we can add it to our schedules to have some reading time!"

Stop being so cute Twi, darn it! >3<

His claw draws still. “...so... does that mean you aren’t looking for love? Or maybe just someone to share special moments with?”


"Well, I'm not looking, but I wouldn't say no." She shrugs.


As the two of them get lost in a fun fantasy story, neither of them take notice of the eyes peering in through the window...

There's two jokes I could do. Decisions...decisions.. Eh, I'll go with both!

Stranger danger! :twilightoops:

Somebody's watching me~🎶

She gasps. "Where?" Suddenly there is only a dust cloud where she once stood.

Meep meep!

Then she realizes that his eyes are closed, his body, limp.

It's time for the kiss of life!

Reaching out a hoof, she presses the flat of it against his cheek, making him drift away. “...did he replace himself with a cloud?”

Kawarimi no Jutsu! Ninja Flick confirmed!

"Weee!" Pinkie cries out in laughter, holding onto Rainbow.

Of course Pinkie would find it fun. XD

"I have a few ideas..." She grins at the other mare.

Why do I get the feeling one of them is going to be Applejack? ._.

He chuckles and gives her a little hug, whispering in her ear. “I think your sister wants us to do something. She’s watching from the bushes.”

She's not the only one who wants you two to do something. >B)

"Look, even friends aren't going to agree on everything." She smiles at him, patting his wing. "What's important is you recognize this and still get along."

Boy ain't that the truth!

"I'm sure they'll stop..." She pauses when the snickering doesn't. "...eventually."

They'll never stop! Not until they prank you, my princess, and your little bird friend too! >8D

She grins up at him in excitement. “‘Cause she said she wanted to wait until she got t’ know ya better before she-”

What? o_o Before she what?! Me wants to know! DX

She turns to see Flick enduring Granny, looking at her pleadingly.

I feel your pain, Flick. *rubs cheeks* =~=

“Yes ya do!” She huffs, crossing her forelegs in front of her chest. “Ya do it a few times each night, and the last one’s all high an’ breathy.”

Oh, my~ What kind of dreams are you having there, Applejack? :raritywink:

Applejack nods. "See? Mac's on it."

Food solves everything. XD

She snorts, trying to wiggle out of his grip. "Shoulda warned me he was a sleepwalker…"

She reacted way calmer than I would. I would've shoved him off the bed. Or rolled off of it, taking him with me. XD

A claw pats her on the cutie mark. "I would, but then you'd be the only barrier hiding certain things."

Gee, I wonder what that certain thing could be. :ajsmug:

"Anythin' else?" She starts binding the ends of her mane and tail, muscle memory allowing her to do so without taking her eyes off the filly.

*tries to picture how a pony would be able to tie their mane and tail up* ...I'd actually like to see how that'd work. >.>

Apple Bloom sighs, her body drooping slightly. "...Ah really want him t' join our family… he's nice, an' doesn't get mad at me for stuff, like some other adults…"

Aw, Applebloom. :pinkiesad2:

"Huh... nah, probably has to answer nature's call."

Which one of nature's calls? That is the question. :rainbowwild:

"Seems she bounced back." She comments simply.

Literally. :rainbowlaugh:

The ones on his head and forelegs leap onto the table, picking up some food for himself


I think that the rotating cloud trick deserves more mention in the comments. That was pretty funny.

try and dot hat

do that.

Wow. Even Granny's in on it.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like? Do the Spa ponies have voice actresses?

Ahh... Is it safe to be reading this? :rainbowderp:


quickly strippign the lingerie off.


I think that it's still teen until things get explicit. I'm not sure.

Probably, but it did start getting a bit steamy at one point. Reminds me of that one scene in Legacy where the one main character has similar issues understanding what type of massage to use...

I never heard of Legacy. I will do my best not to cross that line in the future, though.

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