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Things were normal for Ponyville, but then a glowing green ring appeared to change everything. And it is only the beginning...

Consultant: the ever-helpful ianmoone.

Teen right now, just to be safe. Please note that, while the mane six is one of the character tags, it will be a while before Applejack shows up. There will probably be a little violence in later chapters. Will add characters and tags as they are introduced/needed. Will probably only focus on red, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet lantern corps, one character in each (notice the wording).

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Nice idea for a storyline, I wish to encourage you upon such a great idea like this one. :yay:

Huh. This looks like a good idea. You chapters are a little short, but solid enough that nothing jumps out wrong right away. Keep it up!

alright let's see where this goes.

I'm amused by this. What color ring will Twilight get? I'm rooting for blue, myself, though Fluttershy might be a better fit for blue, Kindness, and all. Maybe Star Sapphire Twilight? Love for Celestia/Spike/her friends and all. Yeah, yeah, i'm a shameless Twilestia/Spike and Twilight shipper. I am, however, also a major Green Lantern fan, if a bit behind on my reading. My comments count!

I really like it so far, but I have one question..

Who is Fluttershy? Did you make her up as an OC?

love the idea, ill read this later and tell you what i think

Can't tell if normal troll or incredibly stupid troll.

I'm neither so don't be an ass... >:(

You should really learn how to take a joke.

Is it wrong that I've been awaiting a grren lantern crossover?

not at all. i was awaiting one as well, but i got frustrated when one didn't show up. so i made one myself. :twilightblush:

i'm glad others enjoy it!

Given that Equestria knows less about space as a whole than Daxam it's no wonder they are surprised that Dash is there.

It does make sense she'd challange Kilowog, I mean she did attack Nightmare Moon and a Dragon for ptiys sake. A 9 foot tall pink hippo man is not going to threaten her.

This is so going to be interesting, plus it makes me wonder how do the Guardians know of Equestria and its borders ? :rainbowhuh:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great storyline idea like this one. :rainbowlaugh:

363690 um wow, someone who actually thinks one of the mane six is an oc in a fanfiction. Ignoring that, I think this fic is awsome, its definantly going to go far ,maybey even reach 50 chapters.
Youve defiantly captured my attention, ill be wathcing you verry closely from now on

This is an exciting story:raritywink: and all, but I shudder to think who is gonna wind up with the Red, Orange, and Yellow rings.:twilightoops:

So... Will Twilight get the yellow ring?

I knew that Fluttershy would be either Indigo or Sapphire.....well it was either her or Rarity becoming Indigo.

How all I have to guess is the yellow one.

374198 I sincerely doubt it. Granted her actions have sometimes caused problems in town they are not deliberate enough to earn a ring.


I know, I know. But Twilight didn't go crazy (or violent) enough for a red ring and the other don't seem like her thing either. Blue maybe...
Oh, and I saw a picture of crazy twilight as a yellow lantern with a bunch of smartypants dolls. It seemed to work.

374331 I'm just saying I wouldn't make them all lanterns. At least permanently, like how some charecters in dc join for a while then are either rescued from it, quit it or the ring quits them. Hal Jorden for example has had a green uniform, a blue one, an orange one, a white one and lets not forget the Parallax problem.

Wow, I did not expect poor Fluttershy to be a part of theIndigo tribe/corps. :fluttershysad:

This makes things intersting...:rainbowderp:

Although I do call for Rarity to be either an orange lantern or a red lantern. :raritywink:

may i ask why you think rarity would fit into those corps?


One thing...its because Rarity can be a tad...greedy, even if she is the element of Generosity, and she can also be a bit angry when it comes to her dresses. :raritywink:

I'm still hoping for a Blue ring for Twilight. Compassion fits Fluttershy so well it can't be filled into words, but her friends will have WORDS with the Indigo tribe over it. If White is suddenly an option I will, whole heartedly vote Twilight snag that one.

Are you going to have Dash visit Earth to meet the other laterns? And I would like to suggest Trixie since it would be funny to see her bravado knocked down a few notches.

So Pinkie's gonna be blue huh? Now who oh who are the "bad rings" gonna go to?

Trixie did run in Boast Busters so nope . Can't be Trixie

Second GL? I suggest a nonpony from Equestria...specifically Appolloosa: Little Strongheart. Why her? In the single Episode she appeared in she showed great courage facing Rainbow Dash on the train.

Interesting suggestion. Little Strongheart & RD as Lanterns... that would be unique to such a crossover. I say try that out and see.

But what about Gilda? Unless you want to make her a Red or Yellow Lantern?

Little Strongheart & RD as Lanterns... that would be unique to such a crossover. I say try that out and see.

But what about Gilda? Unless yo want to make her a Red or Yellow Lantern?

I say either Gilda, Applejack, or Little Strongheart should be the second Green Lantern. :pinkiehappy:

It will be someone we know has great willpower but not one we clearly expect.

I also feel that Kilowog wasn't as much a drill sergeant nasty as the comics portray him as. I've seen him in trade hardbacks and he is the straight up scream in your face, cant say one nice thing to you, your all maggots kind of trainer.

Though I did like his silence at the end, that was all him. Well done.

Also Kyle Rayner. Excellent choice, not the first lantern that pops into your head like Hal and not as likely to start a fight with a small horse as Guy.

Nice update and great cameo by Kyle Rayner, the most straight ace/tragic of the four Earth Green Lanterns. :rainbowkiss:

Rainbow Dash is going to be having and interesting time if she is to listen to the Guardians of the Universe, I wonder how you're going to portray them in this tale of yours, given their current attitude in the comics ? :rainbowhuh:

Still, nice overall update as this seems like the start of something fun for RD. So please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one.

Man, What would the odds be if Gilda was either a Green Lantern or a Red Lantern in this storyline of yours ? :rainbowlaugh:

Also I could vote for a second GL I would have it be little Applebloom, given her own unique willpower for a filly.

Great story!

TS as red lantern & AJ as green lantern FTW!:pinkiehappy:

397728 I suggest Gilda as a Red Lantern: Basically, her anger at what she thinks of as RD abandoning her as a friend would fuel her rage. :twilightangry2::flutterrage: It also creates the possibility of a RD/Gilda ring fight.

...FOUR Earth Lanterns? You;ve miscounted, sir or madam. Applejack would be a good Ringslinger, got the will and personality for it. But Little Strongheart in HER ep seems like she'd be a good choice too, and a surprise out of left field for everyone.

Author? If Alan Scott gets sent to Equestria to train Dash and whoever the second Ringslinger turns out to be? You. Will. Be. AWESOME!:pinkiehappy::yay::heart::moustache:

As for why Alan should be the Trainer for Equestria? Most power, most experience, most knowledge, can deal with and teach the gang ho to deal with Lantern threats, yellow's a weakness, but it can be conquered, yellow represents fear, fear saps willpower....

Yeah, Yeah, Kyle could do it too, but Alan is about a billion times more awesome and at least 120% cooler. Also, his ring is, due to various reasons, magic based instead of essentially, emotion/will/tech turned into one of the universe's ultimate weapons. Yeah, we'll, eventually, want Kyle in, but, come on. SO many reasons to have Alan in this thing. Depnding on how much comic readers know about continuity, there are, small, argumnts for Alan not being chosen, and I understand if you, oh writer, are among them, but.....Come on. Alan Scott getting introduced to Princess Celestia. Can anyone state that wouldn't be awesome?

i said four green lanterns from earth, by which i meant lanterns chosen by the rings from Oa, as opposed to someone with the magical powers of the Starheart (that is also why his weakness is wood instead of yellow).
it's not that i forgot about the golden-age green lantern known as Alan Scott. it's just that he "willingly relinquished that title" along with his ring, opting to go with Sentinel instead.
and who said Kyle was going to be training Rainbow, or that Sentinel wouldn't be in the story? i never explicitly said that he was her new trainer, and i did mention that there was a tie in the votes, didn't i?~ :trollestia:
forgive the little emoticon above. :twilightblush:
i'm sorry if i'm being vague, but i'm trying not to reveal everything at once. :derpytongue2:

thanks! i'm slightly confused, though...by "TS", do you mean "Twilight Sparkle" or some other character? (because Twilight is the only one i can think of with those initials)

Interesting so far. I know next to nothing about the Green Lanterns; I mean I've seen the film but never read a comic in my life. Still, having Twilight do that brief overview from her book, as well as what we learned from the characters means it's accessible so far. I'd like to see where you take this in the future. Favourited and liked.

This is awesome! I'm glad you thought of this. :yay:

Are you going to be making other ponies into lanterns? Zecora could be a yellow lantern, since she inspires great fear, Any of the Cutie Mark Crusaders would be good Blue Lanterns. I can't think of who would be a good Red or Sapphire Lantern... maybe Gilda, or Rarity, respectively? Either way, there's only one equestrian fit to be Dash's partner, and I'm surprised he wasn't the first to get the lantern ring.


Anyway, this is a fun and creative story, and I look forward to reading more.

In Brightest day, in blackest night
no evil shall escape my sight
let those who worship evil's might
beware my power, green lantern light!! Rainbow Dash

In blackest day, in brightest night
beware your fears made into light
let those who try to stop whats right
burn like his power, Sinestro's might!! Twilight Sparkle

With the blood and rage of crimsion red
ripped from a corpse so freshly dead
together with our hellish hate
we'll burn you all--this is our fate Cutie Mark Crusaders

In fearful day, in raging night
With strong hearts full our souls ignite
When all seems lost in the war of light
Look to the stars for hope burns bright Applejack

Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur,
Natromo faan tornek wot ur.
Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur,
Taan lek lek nok--Formorrow Sur!
"Through peace alone our corps takes flight
To show each world compassions light
We shan't spill blood apon the floor
We protect through peace
The indigo corps!" Fluttershy

For hearts long lost and full of fright,
For those alone in blackest night,
Accept our ring and join our fight,
Love conquers all-- with violet light! Rarity

The blackest night falls from the sky's,
The darkness rules as all light dies,
We crave your hearts as all demise,
By my black hand the dead shall rise Pinkie Pie

Hope and fright, Compassion, greed or will to fight,
let the stagnate cower at this light,
of pure imagination:WHITE LANTERN'S LIGHT! Derpy

This power is mine, this is my light,
Be it in bright of day or black of night,
I lay claim to all that falls within my sight,
To take what i want... THAT IS MY RIGHT!! Spike (HELL YEAH!!!!)

I would imagine that Discord would get a yellow ring and Gilda a red one.

...i'm honestly confused as to why you put these on here. :unsuresweetie:
are these the characters you want for each of those corps, or something else entirely?

...huh. i hadn't even considered discord for a ring...
interesting thought, though.

Well he can already inspire fear so why not amplify it? I also think that Trixie should get an orange ring, either her or the Film Flam Brothers.

there is one problem with trying to give discord a ring, though...
and while i agree that any of those three would fit the orange ring, only one being can wield the ring of avarice at a time. it's the nature of the orange light, you see.
in order for someone to gain the orange power ring, larfleeze would have to be dead (or at least incapacitated).

Naw, give the orange ring or the pink ring to the Queen of the Changelings, whose name escapes me at the moment. :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Still, nice update and interesting development into the storyline, I can see that the "new" Fluttershy felt a bit....distant for a moment when she got her new ring. :fluttershysad:

Also, if I can tell from within the storyline somepony's going to be a Star Sapphire. :pinkiehappy:

Interesting ending to the chapter, as I do wonder what is Celestia's deal with the Guardians of the Universe ? :unsuresweetie:

What about giving Gilda a red ring? Or give Queen Chrystalis a violet ring.

thank you for the complement.
you might want to see my comment above regarding the orange ring, btw. :twilightblush:
you'll find out next chapter.~ :ajsmug:

red rings are given to those afflicted by "true anger" - anger that comes from personal loss and isn't brought under control.
star sapphires were born from those with heartbreak, and the corp that came afterwards was made up of those with strong love.
...i should stop before i give something important away. :scootangel:

Yeah, that's pretty much how we see Indigo's act. Poor Fluttershy. And, dude, if, or when, whichever, you put Sentinel in, I will give you......A bunny! (dramatic fanfare) I got bored and started making my own Blue Lantern corps. It's comprised mostly of bunnies. Oddly enough perhaps, i've gotten no complaints from anyone so far about the issue. So that's nice.

Looking forward to the next chapter, and some answered questions. Sweetie Belle possibly getting a Ring now? Interesting. Celestia striking up a deal with the Guardians of the Universe? DEFINITELY possible. ....And on looking back a bit, I see the answer to my OTHER burning question. So that saves me on speculation. And it fits so nicely too!

For those wondering, the burning questions still unanswered are, what will Twilight have for a ring, quick bunny survey leans to, since Blue and Green are likely out, White as an interesting third pick. So there's that. Second question is, as anyone who knows me well has already predicted, where's Alan/Sentinel?

This is gonna be an awesome fic.

Great as expected.

GOOD GRIEF, Sweetie Belle as a Star Sapphire and not Rarity....well as Rarity would say in a way... This is ...the ...worst possible thing...:raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:

I can see Rarity becoming a tad envious of her little sisters new powers.

However, what truly surprise me was the hints you dropped of Pinkie Pie being a possible Blue Lantern....I mean seriously ?!? :twilightoops:

I mean I can see Twilight being a Blue Lantern, but the chaotic Pinkie Pie with the power of unpredictability, I can see that not ending well.

I mean I would be Shock, truly shocked to see you try to pull that off and have Pinkie remain in character. :pinkiegasp:

Interesting developments with Rainbow Dash and the Guardians and how they connect to Princess Celestia, something tells me that there's more going on in Equestria than even Rainbow Dash realizes. :rainbowhuh:

Nice update overall on the storyline chapter, please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one.

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