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An author who loves to write stories with hidden and not-so-hidden references in them. Also has a friend who shares his account and loves to chat with people. "'Sup!"


Celestia awakens from a nightmare, a vision of a future that no one in her nation wants to see. So what's she to do?

She sends Twilight to fix it. Of course.

That's not to say she isn't unprepared; she gave her a notebook with a couple spells. She doesn't expect what they'll do when she casts them, though... nor does she expect both her and her opponent to be taken for a ride.

A cross between Groundhog Day and every crossover ever. The time loops are never the same!
Also may contain elements of Fall of Equestria.

This story is more of a pet project than anything. If you can help make it better, then please let me know what I can do to facilitate that.

Also open to suggestions for upcoming chapters from readers. Every one will prove to be interesting in one way or another!

Cover art by Silverwolflaguz.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 174 )

...Can we get the Queen of Blades in on this? Dead Pool perhaps?

Hell, bring in Overwatch, or X-Com!

Show them the meaning of war.

Dark souls. Doom. Team fortress. Left 4 Dead prototype. COD or Battlefield. FNAF assassins creed. Friday the 13th. Other scary shit. Nyan Cat Tom Clancy. Make them work.

E! You're alive! Feels like ages since I last heard of you. How are you and V?

My suggestion. Lynx/FATE and Harle from Chrono Cross.

If you're actually going to take all these suggestions, you're a madman and put in the entirety of the Earth Defense Force, AKA the EDF! EDF!! EDF!! EDF!! EDF!!! EDF! EDF! EDF! EDF!! EDF! EDF!! EDF!! EDF! EDF! EDF!!! EDF!!!

Aaaand anthropomorphic ponies, sorry but there went my interest...

Fall of Equestria, the thing this story was based on, is strictly anthropomorphic. Sorry that it doesn't suit your tastes.

Tom Clancy? Do you mean the creator of Splinter Cell, or do you mean Sam Fisher?

Goku, Deadpool, and Queen of Blades are now all considered.
So are these two.

I feel I should mention it's called the Hero spell. Singular. So... only one person at a time, unless they can summon the rest of their brethren across multiverses.

Harry Copperfield Blackstone Dresden


Eyup, Harry Dresden is the hero of a series of books by Jim Butcher called "The Dresden Files." Wizard, Warden of the White Council, Knight of Winter under the aegis of Queen Mab. He has an automatic reflex to help females in distress, is a furious battlemage and is known for well, here is the quote:

“They say you can know a man by his enemies, Dresden." He smiled, and laughter lurked beneath his next words, never quite surfacing. "You defy beings that should cow you into silence. You resist forces that are inevitable for no more reason than that you believe they should be resisted. You bow your head to neither demons nor angels, and you put yourself in harm's way to defend those who cannot defend themselves." He nodded slowly. "I think I like you.”

The speaker, by the way, is Odin.

When I said Tom Clancy I meant any of his games like the rainbow 6 series or hawx or yes splinter cell


Thank you. If you need a quick overview of Harry's abilities, here is a good link:


“He's Gandalf on crack and an IV of Red Bull, with a big leather coat and a .44 revolver in his pocket.”

You know I actually feel like deadpool would be offended by the caribou because while he may like women a lot he also respects them (death) in his own way. And I imagine Dainn would think that deadpool agreeded with his ideals, therefore the look of shock when deadpool gets up from a large amount of damge no worse for wear and proceeds to kick his ass.

I English well

Can we see The Emperor of Mankind in action?

Here's the info on Big E if don't know about him.

And to give you an idea...
Ignore the horn and wings, that suppose to be Dainn as a Alicaribou but it was retconned.

send in BFME2 halder from the mlg mod. If you google it your find what i'm talking about.

Interesting story idea. I would like to recommend Jedi Grandmaster Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars Legands timeline, think god mode Jedi. Duke Nukem hail to the king baby. Captain America becuase why not. Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy. Finally Captain James T. Kirk (Prime) becuase he is simple the best Star Trek captain there is.


So we're just gonna watch King Dainn get slaughtered horribly by OP beings from around the verse, then?

I'm just going to say this.

Bringing Death Note into this...

One why does Keira kill both of them? He has no fucking reason to. Secondly, Keira should have died. Given even a split moment's notice, and Dainn or any reasonable spell caster can kill him. He is an unmodified human, and even then not a particularly skilled one. His intellect and planning is his power, but frankly in this sort of fight he should have died.

Why the hell would a hero summoning spell even bring in this guy? That's...he's about as far from heroes as freaking possible.

The spell says one being at random. So it's literally a toss up who will be summoned. King Dainn didn't kill him because he looked so unassuming. As for why he killed them both... well, he made it look like Dainn killed Twilight, and there would be no witnesses to what he could do with his book, or the fact that he was even there.

...that's how I was thinking of it when writing, at least. :twilightsheepish: I'll make sure things are a bit more clear, next time.

7918043 Well, I don't think his actions make any fundamental sense. His first reaction on encountering strange new beings-nonhumans at that-is to kill them? Maybe at his most insane he would, but at pretty much any point I imagine he would get more info first.

I mean, this is so far outside his purview that it's just freaking bizarre. He has dealt solely with shinigami and humans. Never anthromorphs, nevertheless ones with magic.

Given his personality, I think the first thing he would do, barring something with clear hostility attacking him immediately, is get information on where he's at, why is he there, what's going on, etc. Maybe he would kill after some time, but frankly? If the spell hadn't been set in a time loop, I would assume that he would just go outside, start asking pony names, and then killing them right then and there. Why? I don't know, he was killing people for no reason right off the bat beforehand and was already out of character, so why would him murdering everyone he encounters be unexpected?

I know I'm over analyzing this, but I've been endeavoring to try and make my Fall of Equestria stories logical and actually make sense, and I don't like seeing other antiFall stories fall into similar pits from which logic can never escape.

...huh. Maybe you could help me make sure they make sense, then? :applejackunsure: I mean, I'm trying to make sure everything makes sense, that guests are in character, but I'm only one person, and I'm not perfect. :fluttershyouch: I honestly thought Dainn speaking the way he did would've been enough to have Light see him as a criminal...

7918111 Um, I think the worse problem is that Keira doesn't question or react to magic, and once more just kills immediately the first two inhabitants of Equestria he'd met.

Frankly, if I were writing this, Keira would have hauled ass out of their as Dainn attacked Twilight and she fought back against him.

Yes, Keira has the death note, but it would not help him in a warzone.

But, feel free to pm me or ling gdocs or something along those lines. I'd be happy to do logic checks and the like.

Do you think I should've gone with my first choice of Ryuk, then? :rainbowhuh:


If we have to have The Emperor of Mankind, can we please have him with the Ultimate and Glorious Text To Speech Device?

Ya know, I don't know what I was expecting.

All of a sudden I'm imagining Beerus showing up. Like I'm imagining he doesn't care much about the whole Dainn trying to conquer Equestria thing, but after Dainn acts like a pompus douche to him Beerus THEN decides to kick his ass.

DBZ Abridged 18 is the best. That word was only said once and 18 went off. Dainn got lucky he blacked out.

Heh. A good caribou castration is better than morning coffee.

I'm probably late for suggestions but there is one suggestion no one gives and I think it's a shame. Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS. Seeing him mad at Dainn would be oppression joy.

Oh do Abridged sears from tfs Hellsing

Oh have him fight against Jack of blades from fable. That would be fun to see.


Batman still wouldn't kill him. I get the feeling that Dainn needs far worse, like Deadpool.

Hi, enigmaMystere,

Schorl Tourmaline and I would like to know if you would be okay with having your story added to "The Real Fall of Equestria Fan Group".

I could do Batman... or I could do someone with his skills and who doesn't mind some blood on his hands. :scootangel:

I'm liking this idea.

...who? I mean, I may be able to, but I haven't met him when I was playing that game.


I take it that is someone who believes in Punishment?

...I'll honestly say that certain someone wasn't who I meant, but I'll see about putting him on the list, too. Mostly because I kinda forgot about him.

7942838 He's from the first fable game. I know him very well. Fable is what got me into video games in the first place.
I think you can find some more info if your wiki him then if you ask me. I said him couse everyone in those games with magic is called "heros".

Anytime you're up for some Code Geass, please...?

Thank You, just honestly thank you so much for making this a thing.

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