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An author who loves to write stories with hidden and not-so-hidden references in them. Also has a friend who shares his account and loves to chat with people. "'Sup!"


Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past. However, just as even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, a small warp can affect the lives of many.

Such is the case when a small pony ends up in the world of Remnant.

Inspired by Tatsurou's PWNYverse.
Co-written by Rhino.
Fact Checker: position open.

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This shows promise. I will be eagerly following it.

Warning: Diabetes has been caused by things this sweet

8046655* Sits down with a book as thick as the dictionary.* here, let me educate you.
Grimm are the enemy of man.
Types of Grimm
Beowolf - Wolf.
Ursa - Bear.
King Taijitu - Snakes.
Death Stalker - Scorpion.
Nevermore - Bird.
Boarbatusk - Boar.
Goliath - Elephant.
Creep - Lizard.

8046655 a place filled with human-killer monsters, magical crystals and weapons that are also GUNS!

Most authors skip over testing what a baby will eat. Even Tatsurou doesn't go that much into detail about them. I'm impressed.

Keep up the good work, and I hope your doing good.

Look before you leap, Ruby." Her father chides her.

The filly's ears fold back against her head, and she nuzzles his cheek

I think you meant Daring there. Also, the chapter seems to repeat. Other than that, good chapter.

He gives her a hug in return, kissing her cheek after. "I'm making pancakes, you want some?"

Suddenly, Nora barges in breaking all laws of logic, physics and continuity and yells "I DO!"

Always nice to see this update

She nods, then looks at the bacon beside her. One sniff and her muzzle scrunches up in disgust.

This sort of thing always breaks immersion for me, as it is well documented that RL equines can and will eat meat. It doesn't smell or taste bad to them, though they usually won't eat very much. But they're known to take things like baloney and hotdogs when their owners' backs are turned.

No, Nora and Pinkie Pie appear, saying, "I do!" Along with Ren and Rainbow Dash saying "not again." Everything else you said still stands.

Yeah, that sounds about right, but wouldn't it be Twilight instead of RD? She's more like Ren than Rainbow is.

If you want to, it might be fun.

"It's important!" Daring clears her throat, causing the girl to blush as she continues. "Or... so I've been told..."

The golden pony nods in agreement

What golden pony?


sexual intercourse between people not married to each other.

Why does she know that word?

The one speaking before that was supposed to be Ruby, not Daring. :twilightblush:

I'd say Qrow. It was mostly meant to be a joke, though, and she doesn't know the meaning.

Ah, that makes sense.

You forgot:
Nuckelavee: a mutated centaur...thing.
(Comes from an Irish legend anf folk tale)

Sea dragons/serpents (I think thats what they're called): self explanatory

Ah, thank you Igor.

The difference here is that Daring presumably has some memories locked in her subconcious being accessed as needed without conscious thought. I can't swear to the accuracy of whether equines can eat meat, Equestrian or otherwise. However, even if they can, that doesn't necessarily take into account Daring's own preferences. Even should ponies be capable of eating it, she herself could simply be averse to it. For example, humans can eat spinache, but it makes me queasy, and not from any allergy.

Extremely curious what Daring's semblance will be, assuming she can make use of aura, and what her weapon will end up as. This also brings to mind what her appearance will mean for the Hunter teams.

Interesting names aren't necessary, but would help remembering chapter events between updates, or in the case of delays.
As for the story itself, I very much enjoy it so far, and hope the time between updates won't be too awful long. I enjoy the RWBY series, and your description of Ruby and Yang's early life feels believable and so very adorable. Keep up the good work.

Don't forget a race of people that are part animal, weather real or on occasion mythological. And one random raptor.

"Pancakes!" She beams happily at him.

Welp, Nora is going to like her.

"Bend her legs like that." He raises an eyebrow. "Don't be ridiculous."

He shrugs, laughing a bit. "It's just how she is."

"Yeah, sure." He looks down at her, thoughtful. "...you know what? I can buy that. So, she has skills?"

Ponies are much more flexible than Earth Horses

The girl shrugs while the boy chimes in. "The alpha is generally like the leader of the group. It's just how I was taught to see things."

A wolf faunus I assume.

And no one questions the pony in the school?

...you know, that's literally the first thing that's going to happen in the next chapter. It was already written out and everything.

i imagine so... wait does that mean he is the wolf to ruby's little red?

it seem's that way to me...

we'll* (sorry it bugs me when that happens. been spending a lot of time on fanfiction.net)

to weild something

i before e

I wonder what his reaction will be to moving clouds, if a bit of unnatural agility is already surprising. :D

"So, interested in flavored next time?"

Sorry, but that sounds too funny out of context.

Ready ot get out

Have I nto given you girls this talk yet

As the boy back off.

That's a sentence fragment, and you may want to make that fit better. It should also say

I hope this is only on an unannounced hiatus and not left to fall to the wayside. I enjoyed this story immensely and want to see where it would go.

one thing you might want to do is not play the pronoun game as much, with characters who aren't going to be important in the long run, eh c'est la vie, but with your main characters you really don't want to do that i feel, as it gets hard to read like there were some portions where i thought it was only daring and ruby, while other parts it felt like yang was with them as well

Oh, yeah... that makes sense. Thanks!

Oh, yay! It is still alive! And it's adorable! :pinkiehappy:

"Alright class, my name is Miss River Song"

Can we expect the guy with the blue box to show up soon around there?^_^

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