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It is to those with an open heart and a weightless soul the moon lends its gossamer reigns.

It is to any that will listen the moon will sing its song.

And it is to the gentle ballad of those voices in harmony that the moon dances across the sky.

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Sometimes, Spotlight - or, Psych Ologist, as known by the masses - needs some time to unwind.
And, between bickering couples, Cloud Kicker's horrible aura of train-wreckery and the Cutie Mark Crusader Lemonade Fabricators, 'unwinding' may need a little more than the typical 'Two' he gets from his friends at the Spa.
No, this time, he's getting a Four.
Oh yeah, things just got serious.

Non-canon oneshot set in the Winningverse ~ Title for Chono

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Perhaps you've heard this line before. Perhaps you'll hear it again.
- Once upon the dead of night, a stranger arrives at Rarity's door.
You've likely read these very words, only worded differently.
- The strange little stranger wants nothing more than to find her place in the puzzle of life.
Delving into this story will likely evoke emotions you've felt so many times before.
- Yet this stranger, this filly, has something to hide.
But somepony'll click on it anyway. I did warn you away.
- A secret that brings nothing but hurt.

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Five ponies. A gryphon. A changeling. A dragon.
The apocolypse. The most powerful weapons known to Equestria.
A single tome that holds an unnamed spell.
These are the ingredients it takes to become a legend.

(A short conclusion to an untold tale, set in the Fallout: Equestria universe, all rights reserved. For Ben.)

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What if.

What if she had been born as nobility? As an equal? As somepony with a place in life?

Then maybe - just maybe - the rain would cease.

(An experimental piece set in Aegis Shield's "The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon". You don't have to read that to understand, but it'll make a great deal more sense.)

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So maybe you stayed up a little bit too late with your friends watching reruns of season 2.
So maybe you drank a little too much alcohol.
So maybe you took a little tumble down that cliff after flying out of the pickup truck.

Fortunately, Death looks unmistakably like a pony.
Watch out Equestria, here comes [your name]!

(Inspired by all the 'oops I died but hey cool now I'm in Equestria' stories.)
(Image courtesy of Hereticalrants on DA!)

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Roseluck hasn't had much luck finding even a single changeling to romance.

The Detector had blown up on itself on its first test run.
The Bipedal-Changeling-Tracker-Bot kept trying to smash down her neighbor's door.
The Change-Fume had the unfortunate side effect of having a quarter of Ponyville write horrible love poems to her.
And, of course, one couldn't simply forget the Occulus.

But now, the Changeling-Finder is armed with Truth Dust and the resolve to succeed - Changelings, beware: when she gets her hooves on you, the hugs will never cease.

(Inspired by their positioning in the character selection window :D)

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