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Imagine, perchance, that the one you hold dearest to your heart was nothing more than a lie - Would you still love him?
If you came to the sudden realization that the stallion you loved was naught but a mask - Would you doubt the thing behind it?
Now consider you were blinded by anger, fueled by nothing but hatred and rage - Would you remember why you married a monster - before you perform the irreversible?

Perhaps now you can sympathize with Silver Star.

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First story :yay: !

Now to see how much of a flop it'll turn out to be X_x
(Though in the case of it not being a flop, critique would be nice, especially in the last-ish part :o)

A preview of next chapter for any of ye interested:



693084 I don't see why this hasn't made it out there yet. I'll see what i can do to spread this, it's pretty buckin awesome

This. This is good.

Wow. That's good. Go on.:pinkiehappy:

I note neither a Hiatus tag, nor a Canceled tag. And yet it has been nearly 7 months since it was first posted, with no continuation in sight. :applecry:

Yeah, I really want to continue this - have 2/3rds of the next chapter done, even - but a brick just got thrown into my story-writing, and I haven't been able to overcome it yet :(
I'll try my best to get to work on this again though, I really do want to see it through!

The only thing I don't like about this so far is the mentioning of the crowd not being mentioned for for a "great many paragraphs." Completely unnecessary immersion breaking and could be handled with much more finesse.

Ah, I didn't even see that there! Curse you, 2011 me XD
Really though, I can see what you're saying; though I suppose the combination of this story being a rather haphazard, spur-of-the-moment endeavor and me trying to jarringly make the flashbacks much lighter-hearted and comedic than 'grr gonna kill mah husband with mah death ray' will do that.
I'll make a note for myself to modify that bit a little -- hopefully, sooner than later :O (Also thanks for the criticism, always nice to know that I have flaws, too :D)

OH! I knew there was something else I noticed! Are you sure you got that year right? Because the Canterlot wedding eps were aired in April 2012...

Up until right now, I was pretty sure (date on .docx was december 2011)
... And then I checked again, and now it says may 2012. X_x.
Looks like I'll be getting to those revisions sooner than I had planned :derpyderp2: ~ Thanks for pointing all this stuff out! Now future readers shall be spared from my derps :D

I don't get it. Didn't she kill him or something? What happened in the first chapter then?

Dawww! This is cute and amazing! Can't wait for more! =D

Any plans to update this?

Temple and Arch, you really nailed the extreme discomfort of betrayal confrontation. I cringed the entire read, it's like a flashback to a time long past and unfortunately remembered. Well done, sir. Well done.

Writers block?

1922294 any plans to update?

1856756 Any updates coming?

Is there any hope that you might continue this story?

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