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Hey guys! I write sadfics and sadfic accessories! Oh, and I also do comedy things. Yeah. Feel free to check out my stuff! And I hope you enjoy whichever story of mine you happen to be on! ^^


Needle Wings and Cherish have been married for a decade now, and the urges of life took hold of them. About 7 years ago Cherish achieved the greatest feat of life: childbirth. What awaits this pony-changeling hybrid in his life?

WARNING: This story is a sequel to "A Change of Heart". If you haven't read A Change of Heart yet, you will not understand this story fully, but I will try to make things clear.

Here's the link to "A Change of Heart": Link (Keep in mind Change of Heart is nowhere NEAR as well written as this one)

Thanks AGAIN to F4celess for the cover art!
http://f4celessshopps.deviantart.com/  <---Link to his DA

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oh boy. its not 1000 words.
the mods aren't gonna be happy.

well at least it reads really good.

734392 it isn't submitted yet >.>'. I will be writing chapter one today/tomorrow and will release it to the public then

Not submitted. Already favorited. :rainbowkiss:

darnit, it's good. instafav. :pinkiehappy:

734403what? not submitted yet?
FUCK! i ruined the first chapter for myself. :facehoof:

Already Fav'd.:yay:

Yes. It has begun. Oh yea. Faved.

For such a short read it was really well written. you get a stash :moustache:

734591 It is just the first chapter dude. This will be another entire long-Fiction!

well patience is always a good thing. now to wate fr the chapters to start rolling in.:twilightsmile:

total awesomesauce:yay::yay: i loved the first story, cant wait to read more of this one


Phoenix Flight will become Equestria's best defense attorney.

735200 I see what you did thar:rainbowlaugh:. Next chapter is already written and will be published when I submit the story :ajsmug:


735214 Recently saw your youtube interview. Please make a flip a table reference in your story somewhere.

735256 Oh god.... Why....? XD. I might just do it soon. Never know.....:rainbowlaugh:


735265 That whole table thing along with your radio bookreading thing is really confusing me on whether or not you are famous.

735285 I LIKE to think of myself as "famous". I might become so later once Reading Rainboom starts up (the radio thingy) :eeyup:

Yeees, I'm so happy you decided to make a sequal, liked and tracked :twilightsmile:

735344 Yes, I am happy that you are haooy that I decided to make a sequel! Next chapter is done and will be published tomorrow, as well as me submiting the story


735318 Does the radio have a website you can link me to?

735362 Sure does! http://everfreeradio.com/ Go to "Chat and Media streams" ans then to combined veiwer, hope to chat with you soon!

I like where this is going

On a quick path to a feature, nice job CH.

Call the fuzz jack has been mugged! :twilightoops:

Only a few more days before you get this on Featured again.

I see that he is getting a beating.

You know, you can turn auto-correct on for the iPad? Go to settings, then general, then keyboard. Auto-correct should be there.

736772 yes, but I find it really brings more grief than anything

I swear that time itself is out to get me...

Ok, tiny little prologue to whet the appetite. Looks like it should be a good story. :moustache:

Well, that was short and intense. I was hoping for a bit more, but this is a good base to work from. It sounds like Needle still has to deal with a lot of prejudice from the town, so I'm guessing that overall changelings are still a problem plaguing Equestria at large. That would explain why we get to see the new Phoenix Flight looking like he's been the victim of a beatdown. Although, I suppose that given his age, it's also possible that he's around the time where cutie marks start showing up, and if his talent happens to relate to a changeling's abilities in any way, he could have ended up on the wrong side of anyone in school who lost a loved one to them. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter to see where things go from here.:moustache:

i really hope needle gets revenge for that cruelty to his son:twilightangry2:. and that his son Phoenix survives :fluttercry:

740537 Maybe, maybe not..... *puts pinkie to his mouth* Mwhahahahahah

Hey i just met you:yay: and this is crazy :pinkiecrazy: so update soon :twilightblush: maybe?:twilightsmile:

740903 Chapter 2 is ready for release right now. I am just waiting for the 24 hour limit to be up before I update so I can get this thing on the front page. After all I want more people :eeyup:

740917 You have no idea how much i love you right now:scootangel:

740982 While you wait, go read my other story "Of Blades and Brothers". It is an adventure/romance fiction like this one, though lacking changelings :)

Sure, I just love love LOVE cliff-hangers :trixieshiftleft:

Cliffhanger why must you exist?!:raritycry:

I really like your... cliff-hangers?

I just hate it when I get to a cliffhanger.

I love hanging from a cliff whats the problem with that?:rainbowhuh:

Looking goooood :pinkiehappy:
How that show of yours going?

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