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Why do ponies fear the princesses of Equestria? Is it because they have the ability to have them punished at will, or perhaps that they've defeated all those who challenge them?

Despite this, Celestia can't help but think to herself during the tedium of the day courts, "What is Power?"

< Inspired by this movie clip. >

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Comment posted by Ponysopher deleted Dec 3rd, 2013

I liked reading this story, because it was told from Celestia's point of view. And while it made her out to be the mighty and feared ruler is, she has personal characteristics, making her a character worthy of study. That said, I believe this story as a whole is question beginning, and I do not believe, therefore, that it offers a satisfying conclusion. The idea seems to be that because Celestia did not want this stallion to suffer the same fate Luna did, she decided to pardon him and offer him a position in the palace.

It's a pleasing story, in some regards because it answers the question of power. But it does not offer a satisfying answer to the questions that the reader might ask. Is feeling bad about what happened with her sister and her a sufficient reason to absolve a pony for his crimes? Why would it be? Ultimately, her solution to give him a position in the palace seems to offer a possible answer, but such an answer is not explicit.

I think the most pressing question here is not, "What is power?" but instead, "What is the purpose of judgement?" I find it unsatisfying to say that punishing a bad person for his crimes serves "justice" as though this abstract concept were a material entity that deserved to be served. To explain this, I think that the reader of this story, in his heart of hearts, knows that Celestia made the right decision, but we have to ask "why?" Reading this, we have this nagging feeling in our spirit that makes us want to see the stallion forgiven, first because he seems repentant and later because he pleads that he had no choice in the matter. We value life over justice, it seems, but if we are pressed about it, we would answer with our minds and not our hearts that he still deserves a proper sentence because it is just, because we cannot logically explain the truth in our hearts.

I believe this moral law was written upon Celestia's heart when she made this decision to forgive him, but I also believe that Celestia also understood with her mind why she was doing what she was doing, and I do not believe that it had so much to do with her experience with Luna, so much as what lessons that experience taught her, which I do not believe this story discusses.

My conclusion: the story is a nice read, but it needs further explanation.

Woah. This was deep. Very well written, my friend.

This is a decent story, but WHY IS THE ENTIRE THING IN ITALICS?!

Use italics for emphasis or to separate a section. If the entire story is italics, you've done something wrong.

The story's premise is a very good one, and that movie clip you linked to seems disturbingly appropriate. However, I don't think you actually answered the question of "what is power" in the context of the story, and instead relied on the quote to answer the question for you. If Celestia is going to muse on the question of "What is power," you really need to delve into the question instead of just having her relive a memory.

3575059 Whoops, wasn't supposed to be in all italics. Fixed that issue :twilightsheepish:

INB4Featured. Good luck friend! :yay:

3575143 I highly HIGHLY doubt something as poorly done as this will be featured.. :unsuresweetie:

3575244 Not touching on writing quality, but this story is emotionally potent. It's already at the top of page 3 "Stories with heat".

This was great, though Celestia wasn't exactly musing to herself exactly what power is as much as she was simply remembering her past.

3574876 I personally think the story's description is off and this story does exactly what it is supposed to - its making you think, and a fair deal from what I can see!

Well, this was...

Meh. I mean, it was good, but very short, and mostly a re-telling of the Premiere. I should have expected it, if I had read the word counter.

Wow. Celestia's character is really shown here.:pinkiesad2: Great job. :raritywink:

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