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I love writing and love getting feedback on it too ^^


Nursing a changeling is like nursing an animal: give it bandages, feed it, take care of it, and when it's better, let it go. Fluttershy knew that it was dangerous, knew that if she got caught, then her life was over. Off to the dungeons she would go. Yet, she couldn't help it, seeing the poor, mangled creature at her own front door. So she took him in, hid him from the watchful eyes of the other ponies. Eventually, what began as an effort to help another creature, blossoms into much, much more then simply a relationship of nurse and patient.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 175 )

awesome! formatting could definitely use some work, and maybe a few grammer nuances, but I'm diggin' this story, bro :rainbowkiss:

I can try the changeling voice, would you like a normal sounding one or one that is much more... scratchy.

Hmmm.... You forgot to capitalize and add an apostrophe to the "I'm" when Fluttershy spoke to the guards. Also, positive is spelled with one "S", not two. This idea is interesting. I'll watch it.

:trixieshiftright: this is relevant :raritystarry: TO MY INTRESTS

Interesting. But the grammar errors are like slaps to the face. Seriously.
Also, your writing is a bit sparse on details. Is that intentional? Unless you have a really good plot, I'd recommend to start being more descriptive.
Watching though. Good job.

I look forward to the animated version of this (if you actually end up going through with that)

This is a cool idea, but the formatting, grammar and spelling could be improved. I suggest that you get an editor.

Otherwise, it's a cool story. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for all the feedback everyone! If I could get an editor that could help.

I know it's completely overused, but... DIS GON BE GUD!

Looks interesting. Will be tracking. :twistnerd:



Eh... I'll keep an eye on this.

I am watching you. This is interesting to follow. I was wondering when a story similar to this would show up.

I mean, I could be an editor, but only if nobody else wants it; I'm not much for editing phrasing, but I can catch some basic grammatical errors if you really need the help.

Like everyone else: interesting and I'm watching :yay:

:rainbowkiss: Is that changeling a guy? If so I do want to try out you need to make this longer

560900 yes he's a guy. If you want to try out message me. Also, this one was short just so I could have an intro, publish it, and get voice actors. The other ones will be longer.


Hello sir,

Might I be of service as an editor?

You know...only if you want to...

560949 sure. I honestly have never had an editor before, so I guess after im one with a chapter I can send it to you and you can tell me what grammer/spelling/whatever is wrong

I am watching you. This is interesting to follow. I was wondering when a story similar to this would show up.

100 favorites?! Holy crap thank you all!!!! :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

Are u going to post a full chapter soon? still interested but don't have the software:raritydespair:

how are you people still favoriting this?! Wow!
562700 well, id say the soonest is this weekend. Im not possitive, im still figuring some stuff out.

It sounds really good! But are other people editing it or yourself? I like the idea, but the problem is, there isn't enough detail, which can be easily added by an editor, and the spacing is awkward. There were some grammar mistakes and such, although it was generally okay. The chapter was a bit short.

Love to hear the rest of it though! If you are having trouble proofreading, ask a friend to do it for you/someone you know who is on Fimfiction.

Yay? :scootangel:

559778 Seconded. This has much promise.

574946 :derpyderp1: um, well I already have an idea for the beggining of the next chapter and plan to start it soon. Have no idea when it will be published though :twilightblush:
Also have no idea how people are still finding this

its hard to form an opinion with just 1k words... but so far seems good to me. u might want to make new paragraphs more distinguishable.

I'm watching you.:raritystarry:
And Rarity too.

Fluttershy always cares for everyone that's what makes her almost better then rainbow swash :D RAINBOW FACES


fuggative --> fugitive

Yes, the chapters are short, but if that allows you to update more often then I'm all for it. :pinkiehappy:

This was short. But whatever works best for you. I cant wait for more.

Hmm... still showing a lot of promise, but it's so slow to update... then again, that's a part of life.



i cant wait for more updates:pinkiehappy:

so far, im already addicted. new chapter please!!:pinkiehappy:

Good chapter, but near the start there's a could instead of couldn't. I also felt that you didn't need to say the spark was there, because that's telling. Without it there, it would have shown instead of telling. It will leave the readers wondering.

Anyway. Good chapter!:twilightsmile:

Agree with Purple Thunder, and there are some grammar mistakes at the beginning.
Still quite interesting, hope to see the next chapter!

hooray! :rainbowkiss: im diggin this story

I'm enjoying this very much I just hope you can start updating a bit moar no rush though:yay:

1 word EPIC!!!!!!!!!

Yeah...gonna read dis update here....ooooOOoo.."the spark" hmmm..I have a vision coming on:trollestia:

581167Fuggative...Fuggative...faggotive?! Lol

584143 Yes, I am a faggotista, but that's not the point. :raritywink:

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