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Hey guys! I write sadfics and sadfic accessories! Oh, and I also do comedy things. Yeah. Feel free to check out my stuff! And I hope you enjoy whichever story of mine you happen to be on! ^^


Her skills, well renowned in the higher caste of the Canterlot upper class.
Her cello, unrivaled at private events and public showings to thousands of ponies at a time.
Her eyes, a dark violet that spoke thousands of words in a single glance.
Her name, Octavia Melody, was uttered with reverence by those who knew of her.

All of this, would soon be forgotten after fate sends her into a path unseen during a walk in the dead of night.

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Hey there, what's up? My name is Lyra Heartstrings. I know, I know, it's cute, heard it a million times. Well, your flattery is wasted because I'm a taken mare!

Bon Bon is her name, and yes, she is amazing. She's the kind of gal that you don't have to have a lot of money to take out to a fancy restaurant because she just likes to sit with you and be together, y'know? Yeah, it's nice, cuz being a musician ain't the richest job in Equestria.

Anyway, yeah, her ideal date is to just sit with me. Yep. Not even joking.
On a bench in the park too, not even cuddling up by a fireplace.

And let me tell you, the craziest things go down by that bench in the park.

Thanks to Flint Sparks for encouraging this experiment, and thanks to RainbowBob for giving it a few looks as well!

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Why do ponies fear the princesses of Equestria? Is it because they have the ability to have them punished at will, or perhaps that they've defeated all those who challenge them?

Despite this, Celestia can't help but think to herself during the tedium of the day courts, "What is Power?"

< Inspired by this movie clip. >

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Much like a fine blade, love tempered in the fires of passion and hardened by adversity will stand against all trials it may face. However, love sought through anger and violence shall not persist. Can a simple changeling drone learn the true nature of love and will the love that he never knew he could have withstand the tests set before it?

Or will it crack and shatter like brittle steel?

< Coverart done by ShrineHeart >

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Octavia Four-Strings Melody was a mare with many tastes for the finer things in life.

Fine wine, red of course.
Fine music, given that she plays it on her cello.
Fine parties, just like anypony born into a wealthy and noble family.
And like any other mare, a taste for fine stallions as well.

But when that taste goes awry, can Octavia find the stallion sent after her by Celestia herself, or will she be caught and burned alive just like the rest of her kind?

< Coverart and inspiration from this artist: Link >

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Princess Celestia considered herself something of a gardener, despite the fact that she often had nothing to do with plants besides raising the one thing they needed in their life: the sun.

You see, she didn't deal with plants, but instead she had something of a green hoof when it came to ponies.

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I'll never forget the last words I said to him, the last thing that left my mouth before I left.

"I hate you, Pa."

Inspired by this image.

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"I'm not afraid of anything!"
except failure
"I'm awesome!"
i'm hurt
"I'm there for my friends!"
i need help
"I'm always willing to lend a hoof!"
why don't they see

<Inspired by this amazing artwork>

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Shining Armor never thought that he would be standing in the jousting arena, staring down at his wife who looked back at him with eyes that were on fire with excitement. He also never thought that his wife would want to do anything together except make him carry her shopping bags or cuddle in bed.

Well, there's a first time for everything.

<Special thanks to Hyde for encouraging this madness of mine.>

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After all of the chaos that the Cutie Mark Crusaders had put them through, Big Mac and Cheerilee still managed to end the day without being hitched against their wills.

That doesn't mean they can't go out for a cup of coffee.

<Coverart done by RuneBlade>
<Prereader Credits to: DarkAura, Hyde, iOctavia and RazBro>

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