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Hey guys! I write sadfics and sadfic accessories! Oh, and I also do comedy things. Yeah. Feel free to check out my stuff! And I hope you enjoy whichever story of mine you happen to be on! ^^


"I'm not afraid of anything!"
except failure
"I'm awesome!"
i'm hurt
"I'm there for my friends!"
i need help
"I'm always willing to lend a hoof!"
why don't they see

<Inspired by this amazing artwork>

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Another job well done! Keep it up, my good friend! Really love the way this one ends. Gave me heart-warming chills... :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Hey man, it's 'red Sage from FOBEQ.
A couple of things:

-It certainly held my attention all the way through, I was really curious to know if the 'water' was metaphorical.
-It certainly seems in character for Rainbow Dash
-I'd consider taking out the smaller lines from the description, but leaving them in the story. It would give it a feel of building up the story.
-I'd consider also finding a different title than the art title. Something along the lines of 'Head Above Water' or 'Stopped Treading', though that's very much up to you.

Hope that helps! Thanks for the read.

2404025 Thanks for reading!
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

However, I like the smaller lines in the description, because it is a bigger eye catcher, y'know?
Also, I like this title :rainbowwild:

I hope you understand!

(Also, I hope you did well on your test thingie)

Nice story.

And I personnaly think than RD will never be able to become a Wonderbolt just for the fact that she is an Element. She have to be disponible and close to the other Elements if the need arise, and I don't think it's compatible with a crew of stunt-pony who travel Equestria for shows.

Great work CH. Dash's character is a lot deeper than many people give her credit for. Thanks for addressing that darker side.
Thumbs, fave, and 'stache. :moustache:

Absolutely great! I really enjoyed this fic, you did a great job of showing that darker side of her that she doesn't show very often.

Great job with this. I wish that I could have been here sooner to say so.

Really well-done. I got chills from reading the description alone.:heart:

I'm still amazed my art was able to inspire a story. I had a stupid grin on my face while I read it :P It definitely held my attention, and it's an interesting side of her character to explore (though for obvious reasons, I suspect being biased for that :P)

Thanks for the read, and the honour of having inspired anything creative :3


Hah, I did a story for that art piece with the fox squirrel, the artist never came by to look at it though and I got sad. :fluttercry:

Oh also, coo' story bra

2407145 It was a piece of art that I saw and was like "Omg.... I know what I'm going to write... whenever I get the time."

Well, I had the time, so here we are :rainbowwild:

2407158 That's a shame... I know that if someone actually made fanart of one of my stories it'd be all over my blog :raritywink:


The story was awesome. I loved the metaphorical parts of it. Only, there were several places where you missed some commas, but nothing too noticeable to ruin the awesome story. Good work, my friend.:rainbowkiss:

Wow i just got done reading a story that was kinda like this. It was also misleading but I am glad that RD wasn't actually dying. But it was still very interesting and an awsome read.:rainbowdetermined2:

Dear bananas, you blindsided me with that one. And I usually have a decent record with predictions (unless I actually put the predictions in the comments... just ignore those. :applejackunsure:) Faved with gusto!

You know, let's just forget what I've said about using exclamation marks in italics. That was rubbish.

It's always nice to see artwork transformed into a story. Everfree clouds, ha! Who could come up with something like that? Definitely not only good, but also just my taste for fictions.

2506699 Are you just going through all of my fics to read them now? :rainbowwild:

Nah. If I wanted to read them all at once I would have started at the very beginning, working upwards the list. I've just got finally some time to read, since tomorrow is Labour Day. And somewhere I have to start to get my read later down! Going to set a break after Wheels of Fire, to save your notifications. Speaking of a break, I've completely forgot the news! Thanks for the reminder. :facehoof:

Finally, I got the chance to read this, darn busy schedule...

Great work, well written. :twilightsmile:

Amazing work! They way you manage to put all those feelings in the story is (can't think on an adjective that describes how good your art is right now, for every one I can think of seems to be not good enough)!!!

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