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The hours between midnight and sunup belong to me. I've a stretch of road, a sense of duty, and ponies to fill the idle hours. Life doesn't get much better.


It's on my hat! · 7:20am Mar 7th, 2015

I know no one reads this.

But goddamn it. I'm ending another shift with the backseat of my patrol car, my uniform, hands, and favorite hat, all covered in human feces. Again.

Didn't even arrest her, I gave her a ride to the hotel after I worked her crash. But she was too big to really fit in the back, and she claimed to be disabled, so I had to help drag her shit covered ass out of my damn vehicle after she somehow got herself wedged in there.

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:fluttershbad:Do I have to, Rarity?
:duck:It's good if you get used to it. This darling person over here did the honors of watching our author, after all. The least we can do is give a friendly greeting.
:fluttershyouch:Oh, okay. Um . . .
:fluttershysad:Thank you for watching our author. He's really glad that some people find him interesting enough to follow. Um . . . Rarity, what else should I say?
:raritywink:Anything you want, darling!
:fluttershyouch:Uh . . . Rarity, I want to go home . . .
:raritycry:But you are home!
:fluttershbad:Um . . . Thank-you-so-much-I-have-to-go-bye!
:duck:She ran off. Better than before, I suppose. She did say everything she needed to. Last time, she couldn't utter a word.
:raritywink:In any case, thanks for the follow! If you have things to say, comments are nice too!
:duck:. . . . I suppose I have to go find Fluttershy now. Excuse me.

Thanks for the fave!

Thank you for the follow.


It's a good story. Your Spike sounds really good, like something an older Spike would sound like. The fact that it hits home and rings true for my family is a bonus on top of that.

Thanks for adding Worried and Awaiting to your favorites. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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