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Creating stories is the only thing I have left where I feel like I add value to the world.

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I'm loving where this is going. Who would have thought that I could get so invested in a story that was supposed to just be a one-shot.

Well, I am right there with you. I just thought it would be two stories tops, but now it's something more.

I'm definitely glad it's more, this is a very cool concept.

Well now, at first you had my attention with a nice changeling one-off. But now you've got my attention with a very interesting and promising storyline. I am quite curious as to where you take this fic. Also, very nicely done on showing us the back-and-forth on Mute and Zarathon's friendship. Little hints of wholesomeness that shows that these two are damn good friends, the kind that go through thick and thin together and have each others back. AND while not having them break character, it just naturally feels like they are the Best Of Friends. Brav-fucking-o.

For something that I found by chance and thought was funny has now gone to some interesting places now. Can't wait to see how this turn out.

Thank you for the praise! I am working on the next chapter.

I’m assuming that the first bit involving the guard was Mute, if this is true then I’m looking forward to learning what happened from here to there.
P.S. I just noticed that “sex” was one of the tags. Seems you haven’t strayed too far away from some of your previous content.

Aye, in a way. So far it is more due to lewd jokes than actual implicit scenes, but that could always change. And thank you for the feedback, now I wonder what you think of the next chapter.

2nd Chapter:
-Up until now I was expecting the princesses to laugh at Zarathon and Mute, then pull a 180 to seriousnessville and start asking how they’re in danger, then finally give them the role of protecting ponyville albeit reluctantly.
-Holy Vow seems to be pretty highlighted and detailed through the early half, I’m assuming he’ll make a comeback?
-Didn’t expect there to be history between the two parties, kinda caught me off guard. In a good way of course.
-I think I can sum up Mute in a single sentence, “your free trial of speaking has ended, please purchase the premium package to continue.”
-It was interesting to see that Zarathon was a, “means to an end,” kinda guy. It helped to illustrate who he was and is.
-Mostly lore and worldbuilding but that’s one of the reasons I came here.
-23/10, top notch. Keep it up.

You see, the comedy may suffer but now I want to know more: who is Zarathon's supposed rival who sealed shades? How many shades are there? What's Mute's story? Where did Flim and Flam get that much mayonnaise?

So... more please?:heart:

This series is amazing and I can't wait for more!

Wait a minute
wait a minute
wait a minute
wait a minute
wait a minute
wait a minute
wait a minute…
Zarathon's opponent dropped out of contact and the red-eye at the bottom of the pit remember's Zarathon, but Zarathon has never been to the pit, so...did the opponent switch sides and join with the shades? Is that where we're going here…

this feels too much like a retcon. and not particularly for the better.

Perhaps it's a good thing Mute is currently Spokesperson. Zarathon has a rather grating method of diplomacy...

I am confused about what you're referencing. The shade that appeared in Ponyville came from the pit.

Ouch. Well I knew expanding on the 'why' of some things might turn a few people off from the story. Thank you for your opinion regardless of that.

Oh wait now I get what you're saying. You'll see eventually.

I came here for the silly first story.. man, now I'm hooked. The lore so far is great. Can't wait to read updates.

Thank you, it makes me happy that people like my worldbuilding.

Is he named 1077 because it's the cost of a cheese pizza and a large soda from Panucci's Pizza?

I— No, he is named that because he is the one-thousandth seventy-seventh broodling of the new army.

Awesome. This makes me more and more curious as to what brought Mute to his current situation.

"Oh come now, Mute, you know what I mean. I will present the information to the Celestial soldiers and you will handle the diagrams. You will also show them one of the incantations. I suggest the blitz-flare spell since the non-casters would be able to use it as well," Zarathon said. "Also because it would be very funny if they accidentally cast that one on themselves."

I do love Zarathon's wit

"What? No! We would never be able to hide the body! Obviously, you must seduce her instead!"

Was not expecting that

I do try to keep his dialogue witty, funny and/or snarky, but let me tell you it isn't easy when he needs to expound a lot of information.


These ponies are so short sited that it's maddening.

Mute knew they'd regret it, but it was too late. Off to war they go, just like he had so long ago.

Ominous. I like it.

Good... Good, Witchery. Enjoy the coming suffering.

Story status is still set to "on hiatus".

I really can't see this ending well with the injuries and extreme apathy mute shows in the present.....

I'm happy I'm managing to make him sympathetic.

Whatever do you mean? My stories only have fairytale happy endings and no such thing as sadness.

What's a Zarathon?
Was this story really originally supposed to just be a one-shot?

You are confused. If you haven't you can go back and read the stories in order to get a better understanding of what is going on.

Meanwhile, Zarathon cackled with pure excitement and it downright sounded maniacal. “Oh, I am getting my ballista now! I am getting my ballista!!!”

One can only hope

“...Can I change my bet? Those three pegasi seem like much more likely candidates now,” Zarathon whispered to Mute.

Yeah, those flight suits don't offer much in the way of protection

They really don't. I still don't understand what exactly the Wonderbolts are even after the show dove deeper into how they worked. I came away with "akin to sports stars but in the army?".

What an amazing first chapter. I like the characterization of Mute. He speaks without words in such a well written way and I like Holy. Firefly’s introduction was great too, she's so silly.

Can't wait to read more!

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