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This story is a sequel to Do...You?

Ever since Pinkie met Doomie on that fateful day in Canterlot, they've never been happier together.
Unfortunately, on that same day, the changelings managed to take over Equestria and force everypony to surrender.
But, despite this, they both find ways to talk.
Whether it's during a battle, late night patrols, or sneaking behind their enemy's lines, they always find a way to be together.
That is, until they finally get caught.

Author's other diary. "DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR Diary, there is not enough DoomiePie fanfics that take place in The Chrysalis Resistance timeline...that is all.
P.S. Same goes with art...

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 52 )

:pinkiehappy: little fly....
:flutterrage: It's RAID!
:moustache: What's that bugs name?
:duck: Dommie
:moustache: thought you'd never ask

Chrysalis resistance?

6722794 Season 5 ending spoiler: it's an alternate timeline thanks to Starlight Glimmer.

6723410 Oh that's what it's called?

Reading through, the one mistake that stood out to me was the excessive apostrophe-S's.
The most common (proper) use for that ending is an abbreviation: either the shortening of the words "is" or "has". The other use is plurals following letters meant to be read individually, like CD's, though typically the apostrophe is optional.

The easiest fix is to go through, when writing, and try replacing any time you use that ending and try the sentence with the full forms: if they work, you can leave the apostrophe; otherwise, take it out.

6723423 well, not officially, but I mean...it's what it was.

What about that other sequel? You gonna abandon it?

Wait I thought Do... Me was the sequel?

Yeah Doomie!:pinkiehappy: our favorite bug!

Welp, Godspeed, Doomie.

I suspect that with suspicion as large as it is, he may end up just end up breaking in and freeing the other elements and making a run for it before he gets discovered.

We hope he's got a good exit strategy! It might come into play earlier than anticipated....
Keep going! ;)

Hmm... I got this Doomie sidestory marked for a time but... a bug... IN THE RESISTANCE!?


frrrrreeeeeedoooommm with doomie as william wallace

“The D’s silent.” Really, really? Cmon xD

I like that he's keeping up hope for the other element bearers, though I have to questions why they would actually trust that he loves Pinkie and would help them. With everything that is happening, I can't really see them trusting him regardless of how nice he is to them.

Fifteen minutes for a shift? Unless it's more like the regular guard's break...
Keep going! ;)

:pinkiegasp: Doomie said something attacked hive outpost 386 near the Crystal Empire!
:rainbowhuh: Dude you sure they saw green fire as it ripped apart the buildings?
:applejackconfused: It was roaring someponies names?
:twilightsmile: You're going to get it and get it bad! surrender while you have a chance!
:raritystarry: My Spikey wikey?
:facehoof: Yes you too Rarity...

Oh no, this is bad!


6728328 This is a sidequel, a What-IF that's too long to be an omake.

Encampment status: infiltrated.
Sucks, because now we're in prime position for fecal matter to engage in battle with the air circulation device.
Keep going! ;)

Pinkie, you Einstein! :facehoof: Don't the Bushponies have protocols for that!? Like hide the found survivors and return to them with the detection paint later, so if they gonna move them towards the camp to be sure they're changeling.

And this guy is gonna end up in a cage once Zecora gets him.

Doomie faced her, eyes filled with determination.

- Undertale.

I knew it, that filly was a changeling. Thanks a lot Twilight! This is getting intense!

nuuuuuuuuuuuu Dooomiiiieeee

Carson smiled. “You’re right, I’m not.” Reeling his hooves back, he socked Doomie right in his eye, knocking him out instantly.


Silly Doomie, if it seems too good to be true...
So... "brainwaves" huh? You think Doomie will think of that on his own, or might the Lunar Princess be able to help?
Keep going! ;)

The maretrix interlude awaits!


Don't know how you managed to worm your way outta that one Steve, but I'm watching youuuuuu...

:ajbemused: Of course she'd want ma hat!

Everyone wants to be Applejack :ajsmug:

So he's going to amass an army of drained ponies to surround the rest of the hive and do... Plot things? That's going to be interesting for sure.
Keep going! ;)

ponies hear e my name is Doomie and i want you to fight with me to overthrow queenmeanie pants:facehoof:

It's the scene from the apocalypse, but Doomie is gonna be the Gandalf who arrives with the army to save the day.

Let's hope he arrives before dawn.

Clost to the end I got outlast: whistleblower flashbacks of the conversation between cryssalies and doomie

Nice Story hope you update/finish it soon :twilightsmile:

there is 1 traitor among us (chrysalis saying that kinda sus tough)



Doomie stood straight, trying to calm down. “Y-Yeah, I’m fine...i-it’s just that...uh, h-hearing about a traitor gets me kinda...tense...l-like any moment a brother's gonna stab one of us in the back, right?”

there IS 1 impostor among us he talked about stabing
dunno but doomie kinda sus (orange is my color in among us even if it doesnt matter and i know it)

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