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This story is a sequel to Do...You?

Doomie finds it very odd to see his siblings impersonate his marefriend's friends.
and, more importantly, why she's not around.

Author's (sad) Diary: Deeear diary...[Number sign here]Don'tForgetDoomie
Fic might contain season 6 final spoilerzzez too.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 17 )

Like the idea behind this story!

Well, I remember Doomie.

What exactly, "went down"? Was it the thing... in the finale when they did the thing... and they all became colorful fruitloops?

Interesting! so is this your take on season 6 finale?

Should I mention what is going on to the other readers or should you?


Oh hey there. This is good. Plz have a thumbs up. I like Doomie. I do believe the appropriate term is moar?

does this take place before or after the finale?

7632306 It start before, now goes at the same time, and probably end after finale.

Wait, has it really been four weeks since the finale? Holy moly!

It's fun to see it from a different perspective.
Keep going! ;)

I really hate to do this, but you've left me with no choice.

By the power invested in me, myself and I (since this story hasn't updated for over six months) I declare this story to be dead.

May it forever rest in peace.

P.S. Welcome to the Graveyard.

Oh my gosh there's a sequel! Yes!!!!

dear god please revive this story

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