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Changelings are mighty hunters, capable of imitating anything they choose to perfection. Naturally stealthy, soft on their hooves, and cunning to a fault, there is no doubt that they sit on top of the food chain. Incognito is a proud changeling and looks down on his friends prey from his lofty spot above them all, confident that his spot at the pinnacle of the food chain is secure. After all, his race is without equal, their strength unquestionable ...

With the exception of a small, little nerve cluster at the tip of their snouts. It doesn't help that everypony in Ponyville knows about it, too.

'Nito really wishes they didn't.

Preread by Timaeus and Cynewulf. Thanks, guys.
Cover art by the one and only Rossby Waves.

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Yay! More changelings!
It's like a double dose of Respite!

Yeah... haven't even read it yet, but the fact that you made "their only weakness!" a boop on the nose is worth a like or ten.

Headcanon accepted :rainbowdetermined2:

This story though, 10/10 beautiful. Sickeningly cute, I absolutely love it. I feel like I've jus been force fed pure sugar and fluff, and I'm okay with that.
Now I hunger for more. Sequel? Continuation? Different perspective story?


Yes, good, join me in my quest for more 'Nito!

Together we can make this happen. >:D

7499743 Heh, I know right?

7499803 <3

7499808 Tim and I were very tired.

7499886 We'll see.

7499909 Quiet, you!

7500010 Given what I've seen of you around the site, I take this as a ringing endorsement.

This story was great, and super cute!

So flippin' cute, I can't stand it :rainbowkiss: Great story.

:unsuresweetie: I Spiked him...
:applecry: and now he's your slave
:scootangel: poor Nito didn't have a chance

:moustache: tell me about it
:duck: Just like her big sister

:facehoof: just one boop


Cute. I did think there was something more with Sweetie Belle. Imagine the consequences when Nito's revelation is discovered (after much testing of course). The booping shall be endless.

I think I found a rival for SweetieMash...
So cute!!!

Very cute! :twilightsmile:

I have found the next Zomgfluff story to read in the stream. ;)

Oh man this is super cute and I needed something really cute after the weekend I had. Before I red this story I was angry enough to rip out a bloodthirsters throat with my bare hands.

It's so adorable! :pinkiegasp:

7500362 7500356
I think I just died a little. It's so adorable... Why can't cute bug love ponies be real? QQ
ZOMG, why are Changelings not real?

7501071 who says that they aren't, they can imitate any living being

This is one of the most adorable stories I've read on this site in SOME TIME! Frankly, I wish you'ld not mentioned the boops until a little later, I enjoyed that you held it off for quite a while. The young love for the changeling was a bit predictable but very well wrought. It pierced the haze of my memories and reminded me of one of my childhood romances. You have a small problem with errors though. Have an up vote and I look forward to your next story!

For example: "Or any other day, for that matter!” instead of "Or any other day, for that matter1”"

can we has sequel?

Noooooooo not the boops! Pinkie Pie, you monster! :pinkiegasp:

Haha, this was so cute it was almost painful. But a nice painful. :rainbowlaugh:

The only thing more adorable than this story is the author himself!

Why u do dis to us, Zomg?

Late replies! Late replies for everyone!

7500372 Eh, to each his own. I didn't really feel like having 'Nito call it "that" over and over again until it happened made much sense, so I just let him call it what it was. Thanks for reading!

7500538 Heh, I dunno about that, but I appreciate the sentiment. Thank you :D

7500320 Maybe it's me being tired, but this is going way over my head ^^;

7500287 Thanks!

7500311 Have you considered sitting down? :P

7500698 Oboi.

7500708 I know that feeling quite intimately. Glad that it helped ^^

7501047 I'm glad you think so! Thanks for reading! :D

7501071 Who's to say they don't? *creepy music*

7501245 Dammit, someone beat me to that joke ...

7501285 Fixed. Prereader and I missed a couple. We were tired after a long week. Glad you enjoyed the fic all the same tho!

7501512 Only if you eat your vegetables, young ... er ... internet dweller.


7501639 Because:

Hail Hydra 'n stuff.

7501744 damn. no sequel then

7501744 ...I'm not quite sure what you're saying in regard to my comment. Perhaps I was a little unclear.
I found suspected that there was something more than just friendship on Sweetie Belle's part in regards to 'Nito. It's kind of funny that he was oblivious about it, making his comment about Scootaloo and Rumble ironic.
The discovery that nose boops give a direct burst of love to changelings is going to be shocking, that is once it has been well and thoroughly tested. Then there shall be even more boops.

7501818 Oh, I may have misread. I thought you wanted me to wait longer to reveal what his big weakness was.

I'm very tired >.>

This time,, Sweetie simply laughed.

Too much comma.

Also, nice shipping.

*literally cannot stop snickering* Nice story! =3

7501905 Would you believe one of them was lonely and brought a friend? ^^;

Thank you for reading, glad you enjoyed it ^^

7501922 thanks! ^^

7502158 glad you think so!

.... You've been running lines of scratch-n-sniff pony pictures haven't you?

7502584 I can quit anytime I want.

Much like with sugar, there is a point where too much cuteness makes me want to barf.
You have achieved that point and surpassed it.

Excellent work. :rainbowlaugh:

It's not a bad premise, but it's just cuteness on top of fluff on top of metaphorical baby talk. I'm getting the impression it was made to be as diabetes-inducing as possible instead of actually telling a story.

7502827 Eh, it was written to be as silly as possible because I needed a break from a few longer things that had a bit more serious tone, as well as having a few rough weeks with family stuff. So, yes, it's fluff and cuteness and silliness for the sake of fluff and silliness. It still tells a story on its own, it's just not treating the subject of changelings being weak to boops on the nose, of all things as particularly serious. Still, with all that said, thanks for taking the time to read it, even though it wasn't necessarily to your liking.

Amazing!! Simply Amazing! And hilarious and So cute Adorable it has to be criminal!!

Thanks for this wonderful piece. I really needed this after the day and weekend I just had.


oh my celestia that was so cwute!!! ☺️☺️☺️

I normally can't read fluff, but I'm a sucker for cute. Go figure.

Nicely executed, and very enjoyable to read. I kinda wish there was more, but I'm also kinda glad there isn't, if you catch my drift. Also, ironically the main reason I clicked on the story was because of the Gen3/4 (?) style artwork, which for whatever reason piqued my curiosity. Didn't even notice your (the author's) name, but I seem to do that a lot.

Have an upvote, and a fav. I don't do that very often.

sometimes, you need a good fluffy fic to read to clear up all the dark/angsty feels from the majority of fics out there :'>
this was perfect <3

If I could feed on cute then this would probably keep me full for a long time. Good job :twilightsmile:

This was hilarious. Have a like!

Real funny and cute :rainbowkiss:

An adorable example of the best case scenario that might come of changeling-pony reconciliation. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

Your comments cannot be hidden from me...

Should I make a Pokemon go reference? I'm gonna make a Pokemon go reference.

I feel if changelings begun playing Pokemon go, they would be quite annoyed with the whole 'My nose feels wierd every time I run into things' part of it. :derpytongue2:

Wait, this kind of story is considered 'fluff'? Good to know. MORE.

He's learned to use protection during boops. Very adult. :pinkiehappy:


Sire. I have bad new.

What is it doc? I can take it!

You have fluff.

What's that?

To be more precise, you need fluff.

What's going to happen?

You'll begin to feel listless and lifeless.

Oh noes! Is there a cure!?


7507552 It is.... ZOMGFLUFF! :P

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