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A natural-sensuous beauty the likes of which this pegasus had never seen. Smoldering teal eyes and an inviting smile full of sharp, pearly white teeth and gleaming fangs, a picture quite fetching for any pony drawn to such feminine wiles. Too bad he's not sure if he should trust the accused, changeling or not.

Fortunately, she's more interested in winding him up each and every time he brings her lunch while she awaits trial.

Preread by Rossby Waves.
Written for SPark's Twilight SParkle's Secret Shipfic Folder contest.

Chapters (1)
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Guh! I need to know how the trial goes! It was so fun and happy and now I'm like super nervous and now it's over. It's also marked as complete so I'm fearing I'm never gonna find out what happens unless they turn up in another one shot/next respite series at some point.

Also out of curiosity, I see you tend to pair pegasi primarily with the changelings in your stories. Just coincidental, or is it just more fun writing out pegasi reactions to being teased due to them being able to emote with their wings fluffing up and such?

This was terribly sweet. Always nice to see a little changeling love that doesn’t involve Chrysalis or Thorax.

8639943 It's not deliberate, actually, but that's a good thing to pick up on. I think it's typically that my main characters are usually unicorns or pegasi, so I rarely touch on earth ponies. My Angel was really an exception with that, and bringing Toola Roola into the fold with Respite was also me trying to branch out a little bit.

8639968 Haha, thanks. I do adore Thorax, but the cards for me came up with changeling OC x guard OC, so I went with this. I might be doing a Chrysalis thing in the future though~

A small village in the forest by a lake? Hmm, this wouldn't be a village we know, would it ;3?

Awesome story, as always, Cara!

Dang it, Carapace, you’re channeling Enchanters again...or are you really an Enchanter and not a Caretaker like I thought?

Blessed stars this was good! I so want to see more of Céilí and Slipstream.

And nice use of her name! My region is set to UK, so Céilí was already in here. Please tell me she takes after her name, I’ve a feeling she and Slipstream would be wonderful at it.

Mooooooooore. I wanna see these two at dinner.

Nice little bit of fluff. But now I'm curious what the verdict will be.

I neeeed more! Gah!


I saw this, and my thought was, "Respite? But this can't be the same author, this is way better written..." Now I'm thinking I should go back and give it another look.

8641964 I just came out here to have a good time, but, honestly, I feel so attacked right now.

Mono is rubbing off on you. :trollestia:

8642084 Joking is the best way to deal with a comment like that. I mean, I can't say he's wrong because I probably changed a lot in the two and a half years since I wrote the first chapters of Respite, but I like to think it was some decent writing at least.

Meh. Whatevs. Personal tastes and all.

Cara, I am very well aware that humor is the best way to deal with it ;3 I was joking along with you.

And I have no doubt your writing has changed since Respite. That's simply the nature of being a writer, we're constantly evolving. And FYI I thought Respite was amazing from open to close.

So I'm assuming Ceili was a mistress (may or may not have known), the guy got caught, and he outed her and claimed mind control to avoid getting in trouble with his wife.

Of course, also possible she's an Enchanter and went a bit too far.

Very nicely written, leaving the reader wanting more.

There's one thing that you might want to change though:

with a tray of hot foot

Not as palatable as salmon. :rainbowlaugh:

Fffffffffff there's always one. Thanks. And glad you enjoyed it ^^


THEY'RE SO CUTE oh god i hope she got off so they can have a date and can continue being adorable

Bold move, ending the story before the trial. I admire your willingness to deny the reader!

My favourite part was how Céilí seemed sort of like a bland seductive trope at the beginning, and eventually became more vulnerable and real as the story went on. But then there's this bit here:

“Captain Armor put in the request. He has a young changeling charge in his palace.”
“Does he? And your Princess of Love allows it?”
I shrugged. “I’m told that they care for him and allow him to watch over their daughter. So I would say so.”
Céilí went quiet for a moment, her smile faded away into a pensive frown. “Interesting,” she murmured to herself. “Very interesting.”

Hmm. Was her gradual development into a vulnerable, sympathetic character all just a deeper level to her act? Has she had some diabolical plan all along? Indeed, it's very interesting.

Considering the culture of changelings presented, there may have been a bit of both involved, but that specifically was probably more related to the up coming trial. If there's a changeling living openly and trusted in the inner circle of the princess with arguably the best reason to hate changelings then maybe she has a chance after all for a fair trial.

Awwww, darn it, I figured you were going to leave us hanging like that. But that's okay...I probably would've done the same thing myself. :trollestia:

Good story. :pinkiehappy:

I think he's saying that maybe he needs to go revisit Respite, because it might be better than he first thought.

8657903 Maybe. I was sorta half-asleep/grumpy when I was reading it at first. GrumblyCarapace was in full effect

Heh, so they're still hidden? Good for them!
This was sweet. Mistakes were made, but not all of them bad.
Keep going! ;)

This is Respite AU confirmed.

It was a good story. Would be great if there was more though...

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