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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.


Stacy Heartfelt has always had trouble being in crowds, or with people she might think she’s weird or socially awkward. But she manages to make some friends, and they encourage her to be more outgoing and take the chance to give new things a try. During a comic-con Stacy was dressed up as Zoe from Digimon Frontier, when she buys a life-like replica of Zoe’s digi-vice from the show Stacy is brought to a new world, one that will challenge her courage & bravery in the face of a dark evil

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This could be interesting. Far to few ongoing Digimon stories are going on currently on this site, I hope to see this one finish.

Not a bad idea, though probably would've been cooler if it was actually Zoe as opposed to another cosplayer turned into their character.

i thought about having this story feature OG Zoe, but then i would try to have to come up with a way to make OG Zoe get sent to Equestria, while she's still in the digital world. plus, we rarely get to read fanfics featuring a female human actually embracing the fantasy, where mostly its a guy. there's a whole different mind set & reaction to the character when this happens. especially if there not used to the odd & strange happening to them.

I agree with you on that dude.

Huh, I remember a story where a male security guard ends up transformed into Zoe at a convention then sent to Equestria as well. That one though had more out-there stuff happen right off the bat though.

EDIT: Found it-https://www.fimfiction.net/story/328527/kazemon-of-the-wind

I mean, there are plenty of options, since the world is digital and in some cases connected to the internet, it's possible that Zoe could've been separated from the others and was sent through a digital portal to the MLP world, either a separate dimension or one created from the TV show itself.

........hmmmmm.....actually. that sounds pleasurable.

...I'm surprised there isn't hate comments considering this story uses some Displaced elements.

I wondered why I felt like I've seen this before yet different!

i'm sure i'll get some hate comments about something

I think things will go alright for Stacy. She has some friends who will help her out and hopefully if she cannot find a way home she can find a way to tell them she is alright.

well see. one of my biggest gripes with Human in Equestria fanfics is when the human figures out they can't go back to earth they either:
A.) they just shrug their shoulders and basically say "Okay, no problem." like its no big deal, they literally leave behind x number of yrs of their life on Earth behind.....with no emotional backlash or concern.
B.) they do have a small, and i really mean SMALL emotional breakdown, but then start to try to figure out how they can live in Equestria, which usually gets skipped over. what about the stuff they learned through high school, collage or their past employment? they can't utilize jack shit of 90% of the stuff they know to pony society.

with my fics, i plan to have all my humans actually feel like they lost everything. sure, Equestria is suppose to be perfect, but it not the humans actual home. they have no connection to this world and what its like to live in Equestria. their basically being reborn, but don't have the luxury of growing up and learning by a steady natural way, they just have to figure things out and try to adopt pony culture into their pre-programmed growing up Earth culture.

sorry if i went on a tangent, whenever i talk to another brony/pegasister about this stuff i just get this way.

so the little goblin digimon is here. that earth spirit one huh. nice. but will the others come in to???

at first i did think of having the entire Evil Spirits be here, but Mercurymon wasn't interesting for me, and as for Ranamon....maybe but i'm not one-hundred percent sure if i'll add her, cause her whole character thing was just about being a beauty idol and that's it. with Duskmon & Grumblemon, they're the most active against the cast than the others, so i knew i wanted them to be part of the main story for this.

ok then. but what about the rest of the heroes?? will they come in??

you mean the good spirits?

yeah. when will they come into play?

Stacy is going to be the only human, and friendly digimon spirit. she's going to be the only one of her kind, both human & digimon hybrid.

Excited to see what happens next.

She just wasn’t ready yet for her to be able to control her beast spirit. Zoe had plenty of time to watch as the guys struggled with control to get some idea of how she needed to control her new powers. Unfortunately Stacy only had the show and she was unprepared for the power this spirit had.

that's basically the gist of it. although i think the reason Zoe was able to control her Beast was because of plot.

actually......there will be brief appearances of another Digimon hero, but i won't say who.

i don't know, i felt like i could've made the conversation between Stacy & Celestia more, heartfelt. but i just didn't know how at the time.

maybe so. but it was still sweet.

so, You'd love to have poor Zoe do the very same Dance she already did?

It... honestly sounds boring and even dangerous, remember Zoey is a GIRL, who had around of 1 year of life and death situations to mature... I say she won her return to her new normalcy.

So far this story is way better than the other zoe/kazemon story I've seen. Its also readable with much better grammar which is always a plus.

i'm glad you like my fic. i've heard there's another Zoe/Kazemon fic, but when i try searching for it, i can't find it.


Its called Kazemon of the Wind. I couldn't get my phone to paste the link but if you just search for Digimon itd the first one that pops up. It even uses the same pic as a cover.
Question that may be spoilers, will you give Zoe access to any of the other sports. Like say she beats Duskmon, will she then be able to use the dark spirits to a female version of lowleemon? No idea if i spelled it right and am too tired to look it up now.


Question that may be spoilers, will you give Zoe access to any of the other sports. Like say she beats Duskmon, will she then be able to use the dark spirits to a female version of lowleemon? No idea if i spelled it right and am too tired to look it up now.

no she won't get anything from defeating Duskmon, at least not any additional transformation, she'll get something else but i won't spoil what it is until it happened. but i will spoil this.....Stacy will get something more when she masters her Beast Spirit, and the Tirek eventually shows up.

I read something like that a while back. It was so drawn out that after five depressing chapters of emotional turmoil, I lost intrest and came back to fics focused more on story rather than endless introspection.

Ranamon was a bit conceited but both her forms would be a huge power boost to Stacey. Just finding the water egg and water spirit before Dark Cerubimon would be a good arc to add to the plot.

well this fic is still in development, so who knows, i might make changes along the way.

I had an idea of doing a similar story but using a lighthearted approach (and a different location).

uh oh. here's the bolder brain.

I feel sorry for Chrysalis she is not in a position she is use to and is acting some what prudent. Hopefully the Aesop of the scorpion will not happen and she can change for the better.

this situation is what i honestly think what forced Chrysalis to attack Canterlot in the actual show.....that is until we learn she's just crazy.

i hope another friend with digimon powers can come and help out cleaning up the problem.

Her reasons could have been both she was a tyrant and had a need to feed her subjects.

well that's what i liked about Chrysalis before Hasbro decided to make a her a crazy tyrant. in the early season after the invasion, you could come up with so many possibilities of what her motive of invading Canterlot.

It took me forever to binge read, but I finally did it! Normally I hate these stories were a human goes to Convention, dressed up as a character from a show or movie, and suddenly gaining the powers from that character.

I always find them boring and unentertaining, but since this is from my favorite season of Digimon that's so underrated and that I enjoy to watch and with one of my favorite characters is being used, I found myself very enjoyed and happy to see the Zoe Persona being used properly. Can't wait for more

thank you for you positive review. hones i also hate the trope of human goes to con, party or whatever and becomes a media character, but for one of my first quote 'Isekai' HiE i figured i start with this trope, so that why i can figure out how to change it, or figure out a proper way how human gains power.

but all in all: thank you for liking what i got so far.

I hope Stacey knows what she is doing. Chrysalis reminds me too much about the parable about the scorpion.

Will Stacy throw any punches in this story?

A new alliance has been born, let's just hope it's enough for Stacy the finally control her Beast form, so she could keep up her end of the deal.

Nice chapter. It shows that Stacey still has a ways to go in controlling her powers. I wonder if Luna could dreamwalk To talk to Stacey while she is sleeping as help her as well?

I think Luna's dream walking and talking to people in their dreams, isn't really a form of mental fortitude, more like she helps with ponies who are just having troubles in real life and tries to help them. Stacy needs to bolster her mental strength in order to reign in the wild instincts and power of Zyphermon.

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