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The year is 2557 AD. Four years, seven months and ten days have passed since the activation of Installation 04B and the annihilation of the Flood. While humanity and the Covenant have struck a truce for the time being, and started to rebuild their civilizations, Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan John-117 has been in cryo-sleep, adrift, while his ancillary AI, Cortana, has been trapped in her own thoughts. She had been looking for a reason -- any reason -- to wake the SPARTAN up. Now she had one.

They were crashing.

{Description Edited 4/25/2014: Clarified Installation 04B}
{Edit 05/02/2014: Trimmed character list pending future change}

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Write moar! I can't wait!

Great story! Just one thing, UNSC = United Nations Security Council

4282931 I thought it was the United Nations Space Command


It's both, actually.

I took a gander at the chapter first since it was this account's first time writing and realized that it was NOT the first time writing. I can tell you have experience writing and I very much enjoyed how well done this chapter was! Any idea on how often one can expect new updates?

Can we get some Marathon?
Also wort wort

BTW I think it's spelled Equis not Equus

Looking forward to Chiefs reaction XD


Equus has precedence, and Equis tends to nowadays be more associated with The Most Interesting Man in the World (c/o Dos Equis beer), but both have been used in reference to various horse related things.

sigh? You don't have lungs.

I believe that question mark was meant to be something else.

An actual decent Halo crossover? Stop the presses!

good I like halo and I think this is going to be great!

Love Chief and Cortanas characterization, which is very important to me can't wait for more

That story description hurt my brain. Firstly, is this post Halo CE, or Halo 3? Also, this story needs one of two things. Either one, a new description, or two the Alternate Universe tag. Because one, Halo destroys the flood's food and two, S-117 destroyed Instillation-04.

I noticed that too.
As the forerunners have been the only ones to activate the rings for their intended purpose; wiping out the flood by starvation, I first thought this would be somehow in the past a bit but not really because, the chief's here, and...:rainbowderp:

Oh hell yah! I'm gonna read this for sure.

Interesting start. I can't wait to see more of Chief interacting with the ponies and how Cortana will deal with Magic since she's a product of science and magic largely ignores that.

if we are going to name equistria equus, then i'm going to call earth homo.

Bro, this is after Halo 3. The Foward Unto Dawn is the ship The Chief was on at the campaing end of Halo when the slip space drive malfunctioned, sending the Arbiter back to Earth, an The Cheif to Reqium, where the story of Halo 4 takes place. Though since he ended up in Equestria and not Reqium, the story is an alternate universe

4287292 Equestria is the country, not the planet.
Equis is just a popular fan created name to attach to the world the ponies live in, because the show has neglected to give us one. :twilightblush:

4287781 yes, if I recall installation 04 was the one destroyed in the first Halo

4287623 I've got to be honest, I didn't read this story. Why? Because when you pull a Halo Reach and screw over canon that horribly in the description, it's a serious detractor to the legitimacy of any fan-fiction you may be attempting to create.

Let me reiterate, Halo Installations kill Sapients - the Flood's food, not the flood. S-117 destroyed Instillation 04, not activate it. And if (the author) was referring to Instillation 04b at the Ark, it should be written as such, or mention the Ark. Also, I'm pretty sure that didn't kill all the Flood, because they appear in Halo 4.

4287824 I was referring to Installation 04B.

Additionally, I've played through Halo 4 quite a few times, on Legendary, and haven't seen a hint of Flood. :unsuresweetie:

I respect your opinion, but I don't know if it's fair to judge my story when you openly admit you haven't read it! Regardless, thanks for the review.

I'm liking this! Please continue. :rainbowkiss:

More!! continue writing the story this is a grate begining

The comment section is the aftermath of Nagasaki. But blam! if I'm not one of the Biggest halo nerds of all time. Having all the books in paper form and all the comics in ebook form. And absorbing information from the wiki. I was and still am a massive fanboy. Possibly even buying the Xboned for No. 5 even though I know I won't like it as much unless they call all their favours.

Cheif," she shouted

D:< Many Native Americans are twisting in their graves.

4290350 Oh my.

I shall have to remedy that! Butterfingers on the keyboard.

I really like your first chapter and general intro, even though you cheated with the Halo 4 prologue even though there was a little confusion with the timing of the fic. So far it's looking like a good story.

Let me tell you something now, though. There are a few things that you'll want to avoid to make sure this isn't a "stoic badass warrior becomes a crying wuss after he transitions from crapsack war to Equestria." story.

Please, for the love of god, don't make Chief change his personality from "badass" to "traumatized". A lot of stories have awesome, kickass warriors get sucked into Equestria through death, portals, etc, and now that they're in a peaceful, idyllic world that has no conflict, they lose their badassness, suddenly are traumatized by the conflict they fought in, and go all "I'm suffering from PTSD solely for plot purposes! All Equestrian characters, shower me with pity and turn me into an anti-war hippy!" Then the characters settle down, become best friends with everyone, and live happily ever after.
Let's not have it come to that, please. Chief went through training from hell, went through the war from hell, saw almost every person he ever gave a damn about die while he was helpless to go to them, and yet he never broke. He kept fighting, kept inspiring people to strike against the Covenant, and did all of it because it was his duty. If the death of all of his comrades didn't make him forsake war, then landing on Equestria shouldn't come close.

Also, if you're going to have Chief and Cortana go "ZOMG MAGIC???" and the ponies go "ZOMG TECHNOLOGY???", then please make it more subtle than that. A lot of stories have paragraph upon paragraph of each group crying rainbows about how amazing the other system is. Pls no.

I'll probably rant about more warnings later, such is my obsession desire to make this a good Halo crossover. But don't take the stuff above as a preemptive attack on your story. I'm just trying to give you an early warning to keep this story from turning into a hugfest.

Good job. And I mean that.

4282931 Your comment is horrifying to me on so many levels... :raritydespair:

How so?
I googled UNSC halo and the halo wiki page said it was security council

4291675 I'm not sure how the Halo wiki could have made that mistake, and I would urge you to check again when you get the chance. But just so you know from now on, in the context of Halo, the acronym UNSC always means United Nations Space Command and not the current-day United Nations Security Council. Knowing the difference could save your life (but I highly doubt that). :twilightblush: I hope this makes things clearer for you.

There have been others, but those are rare to find. A good number of Halo crossovers have way too many grammar and spelling errors, destroy lore, OOC, etc.

Ok thanks, I also thought it was space command until I read the wiki but I guess wiki can also be wrong

YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND SPARKLE, you can never understand.

Here's a number of rules that you should follow when encountering a Spartan (no matter if the ancient or the futuristic ones):
1.Don't try to stop them. failed to comply
2.Don't piss them off. undeterminable at the moment
3.Don't do anything that will most likely seen as hostility failed to comply

Result: If Twilight doesn't come up with a good reason, they are all going to die;
and even if Chief wasn't there to confront the Covenant on Equus
the ONI would have noticed the Covenant Remnant's new
slaves and would take a great interest in the swift neutralization of their home.:twilightsmile:

4294260 Yeah, it seems odd for the wiki to make such a large typo like that... :applejackunsure: I might look into that later.

Sometimes the naivety of the ponies erk the shit out of me. Its like they have NEVER EVER experienced crime. Much less war. With species like the griffons, minotaurs, and dragons you'd think they could at least have observed warfare between different species at some point in their history. Don't even get me started on them almost being eaten by a hydra. Did they not understand what it was trying to do? : *RANT COMPLETE *

4295700 I like to think, personally, that it's more like they're in a state of shock right now. The warfare between the Gryphons, Minotaurs, etc may have been a precedent for knowing what war IS, but the pure brutality of a Spartan-Covenant battle -- not to mention how swiftly Chief ends it -- would stun and horrify them.

At least, that's what I was going for.

On an unrelated note, is anyone for a Chief / Dash OTP?
(Just kidding. Nobody is going to CIRD.)

If john chooses to explain himself, he could say that the genocide attempt by the covenant has resulted in about 23 billion deaths because, according to http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Human-Covenant_war which says

Casualties Belligerent 1 Army Approximately 23 billion civilian and military casualties.

I am interested to see how Twilight reacts to that justification.



Never joke about shipping online. It's like lighting a match next to a leaky gas main, only bad things can happen.
Besides, ChiefxCortana OTP

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4295890 IWTCIRD

Link may be slightly NSFW

It's a 4chan thing.

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