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AK Yearling

I'm a cat. I write things; those things are about ponies. I'm a very friendly kitty, but if you make comments about my rear end I will claw your eyes out. That's really all you need to know.

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Guess who's turning 21? · 5:50am May 4th, 2014

That's right. This kitty. 05/04.

In commemoration, here's an artistic rendition of me.

I think you'll understand why the next few chapters might take a bit *hic* longer than expected.

AK Yearling

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Hello? Anyone? AK's been away for almost 2 years, and I'm getting worried...

1152209 Oooooooooh. :rainbowderp:

My Head

I have, of course, seen Airplane! :yay:

You've never seen Airplane! have you?

1151878 Hmm? :rainbowhuh:

Good luck with what? :rainbowderp:

At any rate, thank you! I'm happy to see that my writing is well-received.

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