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The DM

Dungeon Master (DM) - the organizer and participant in charge of creating the details and challenges of a given adventure, while maintaining a realistic continuity of events.


It has been 30 years since Tirek was defeated. Now, after having traveled the world to regain his power, he is ready to conquer Equestria once and for all. However, the arrival of strange new outsiders threatens to bring Tirek’s plans to a halt. The fate of the world now lies with these strangers.

Now if only they could stop trying to kill each other…

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Keep up the good work:pinkiesmile:

I totally agree with qazse. I will be keeping a close eye on this story.

Looking good, I've been waiting for a decent Titanfall fic!

You have my attention.

hmm, interesting, Looks good, Keep going

At least once you put "gunn" instead of "gun" other than that... wonderful story... KEEP IT UP!!!

Well, this is getting interesting. I like the mercenary guy, because he has a point about the whole 'two-perks only' thing.

Anyway keep it up!

nice job so far and happy 4th

4631594 thanks for the tip! thanks~

Well done, I eagerly await more.

Dillemuth and Villarreal interactions remind me alot of the arguments in the hilarious web series Red vs Blue (in that they constantly and hilariously insult, swear, and threaten each other). In other words, me likely ALOT :rainbowlaugh:

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4643994 Trust me, it's only gunna get better

That's definitely the plan

your story interest me.

Conflict makes us hate
We wish our enemies dead
Because we hate them
A soldier lies dying
His flesh is rent by bullets
Another man dead
We are all now dead
Last thing we saw was fire
From the massive bomb
Smoke rises over there
A village is torn apart
From the explosive fire
Bitter cold battleground
Soldiers cling to cold rifles
But blood runs hot
A makeshift grave here
Just a crude memorial
To a casualty
Planes fly overhead
Strafing with their machine guns
Ripping both men and ground
Marching rank and file
We walk in step with others
We fight together

Hay, I already imagine Church as the voice of Dillemuth:

and Grif as the voice of Villarreal:

Ahem "My Shadow and I"

This has awoken my interesst (allthough I have no clue what Titanfall is.^^° A game? A movie? Please don´t quarter me). I like D´s way of thinking.


Could be "My Shadow and Me". Depends on the context.

Sammy Davis Jr./Sinatra's version is a bit tighter in terms of sticking to the original orchestration, but I find Robbie William's version (the one that was featured int he titanfall commercial where I'm sure you got the title reference from) is more fun to listen to. They're swinging with it, man!

Well its simple, its like COD only way damn better, you have giant mech, you can jump around the building, rather than stabbing, you falcon-kick the enemy. And you also can escape through the dropship (provided it wasn't shoot down first)

Uuuuuuuhhhh! :pinkiehappy:
Thank you kindly, now I need to get my paws on it. :3

I needed the laughs provided by your wonderous writing skills, I SO needed them today. So thank you.

I sense future misanthropy from stupid misanthropic shits...

you my good sir, have perfectly immitated xbox live chat:pinkiehappy:

4655262 Well considering we're on a website entirely dedicated to talking equines, I'm not sure that calling someone a furry really carries much weight here.
I have to admit though, using the term 'paws' instead of 'hands' is questionable (and yeah, it's kind of weird), and more suited to roleplay sites.

4655729 There are furries then bronys then people who watch the show


“Because if we hadn’t eliminated the Diamond Dogs, then they would have gone back to Tirek with who knows what kind of information, endangering the lives of everyone. Buildings can be replaced, lives can’t.”

Celestia sighed in frustration as she looked at the ruined building behind Sugar Cube Corner. “You’re right, I apologize for my outburst. It’s been a rather stressful day.”

Apparently so, apparently so

haiku poetry

Death and destruction.
Titans, guns, and also shit-face.
I shall await more.

You see, I am a ripoff of zer0.

A stressful day? If I get a giant mech, and get to blow shit up searching for basically unarmed targets, that is the polar opposite of stressful.

4674747 im with this guy, he knows whats up.:twilightsmile:

na celly these two yahoos saved your life you can foot the bill here.

4674747 Exactly, they even plays "Catch The Bastard" in the middle of the situation. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm surprised that Celestia isn't shocked/disgusted/horrified at the excessive amounts of brutal violence the Titan pilots inflicted on the (unarmed and fleeing) Diamond Dogs

Can't wait to see the look on lyra's - I mean the ponies' faces

uh oh I fear for Twys sanity, anyways great chapter:pinkiehappy:

Im surprise Luna hasn't figure out that dillimuth is a merc by now.

Oh, she has. But remember WHY he's a merc. He doesn't want the money for himself. It's for someone else.

Villarreal looked at the now former IMC pilot with disgust. “Here he goes. Changing sides to the ones who pay him the most.”
Dillemuth shrugged. “So what? The Militia doesn’t pay enough, the IMC doesn’t pay in solid gold, but these wonderful ponies sure know how to show gratitude.”
Luna raised an eyebrow at the human to her left. “Yes, my sister mentioned your... situation. My condolences.”

Oh Luna, you evil, evil pony.^^

could also be cultural. we use paws like that in my country. similar to saying someone has grubby little paws. don't really know where. it comes from.

oh Luna Luna Luna

also "drill them " hen hey heh

Well here we are again. It's always such a pleasure.

remember when you tried to kill me twice. Sorry couldn't help it good chapter, I like Dillemuth but I always like the mercs in storys. Thanks for the update.

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