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It's Twilight's birthday! Everypony is excited. Except Discord. It's not that he's not excited. He just...forgot. Can he make it up to Twilight before she returns?

Takes place in the I Found Love universe.

Chapters (5)
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It was awesome :pinkiegasp::twilightsmile:
I noticed one new message - okay, let's check it. Then I couldn't believe my own eyes, you updated this story! And picture added to it - I can't stop laughing!:rainbowlaugh:
And story itself? Nah, it was good. Chaotic, here's Discord from IFL, but nah, there's nothing too bad about it. Definitiely it's your style of writing - calm, no bloody stuff, no French kisses, lack of descriptions, sweet Dissy, small cute TwiCord scenes. Yeah. Your work in a nutshell.
I thought you will surprise me with a present. Socks for example. Just kiddning, but it would be... amusing at least.:rainbowkiss:
Oh, my. You finally decided! Are you going to use some of my advice? Can I ask about few things? I wanna know, wanna help!

7176153 Glad you liked it. If you want to help, then by all means, do so. I'm open to it.:pinkiesmile:

So awesome!!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

7176162 but what was the presnt discord got for Twilight?

Discord stared at the purple present in his hands.

"Well, Twi, if this doesn't make up for forgetting your birthday, I don't know what will."

7185139 I'm probably going to be doing an epilogue, seeing as how the last chapter is already pretty lengthy.

7185961 if you're gonna do an epilogue, i suggest marking it as incomplete then. Marking it completed makes people think its finished

7185991 Well, it's up now. I work fast. :rainbowdetermined2:

Aren't you going to introduce him as her something-friend to her parents, Celestia, and her... brother first?

7201180 I may consider doing a one-shot about that.

Discord chuckled, "No. Although, I wouldn't mind another mind."

Mind mind? Or I didn't understand something well?

Writing on phone is difficult :twilightangry2:

May 14 also happens to be Buddha's Birthday in some cultural traditions. :twilightoops:

7266873 ...huh. That's interesting. Oh, well. I'm not Buddhist, so May 14 is just another day for me.

Twilight and Discord, sittin in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
First comes love, and then comes marriage, and then comes Discord with a baby carriage!:rainbowlaugh:

So... The super party planning couple are fighting over who gets to plan their best friend's wedding. They really need to kiss, realize that they are in love, and then plan it together! 'Cause ya gotta share!

I just it into this Twi-Cord shipping.... and this story just made me love them even more!:twilightsmile:

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