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With the Friendship Games concluding, Twilight Sparkle is excited to start her schooling at Canterlot High, and so is everyone else. But, Canterlot High isn't all sunshine and rainbows. The girls at CHS will face challenges along the way. But, they'll face them together.

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Nice start, looking forward to see where it goes.

This sounds really good so far.I can't wait to read more.

Sounding like a nice, cute story, so far. :pinkiesmile:

Looking forward to what else lies ahead!

Let the adventures and comedy begins!!!

I agree with the author. The first movie had so many problems and Sunset Shimmer was such a weak villain storywise. Rainbow Rocks was written better with Sunset in a more appealing and heroic light but I could not stomach the chaos created by the sirens (who story, designs and personalities left me utterly confused and not wanting to listen to the songs in fear of being hypnotized).

This film however was a terrific spin on the first movie, giving us human Twilight whose back story and interaction with the characters made her fall to darkness and redemption believable, Sunset being the hero of the story and the one who saves Twilight from herself, the school was in unity, the Shadowbolts while not having as much screentime as expected had a believable reformation themselves and we got a villain that nobody likes. Shame Sombra couldn't be there, though.

Anyway, this chapter is very good and would like to see more of what the author can offer.

Y'know, this chapter is okay but there are a few characterisations issues that just disrupted the experience for me.

Most importantly, I'm afraid that you've sacrificed the authentic voice of the two Twilights in favour of narrative clarity. I think that any conversation between them would be a babble-fest full of techno-jargon as they geek out about the whole situation. Even though she's older and more experienced, Princess Twilight would still be super-excited and would show it. Only when the matter turned to Midnight Sparkle could we expect the Princess of Friendship to emerge and for the tone to become more sombre and even start sounding like a ruler handing down a judgement.

Still, I'll stick around and see where this goes; the premise is certainly very interesting and is something that I want to read.

My thoughts on human!Twilight:

Glasses: From the scene where she (literally) bumps into Flash, she has extreme myopia; she can't focus clearly beyond 1-2 feet in front of her face. That's similar to mine and I can assure you that you can manage in a tight spot but don't expect to be able do anything complicated.

Shining Armour: I got the impression that he was either a senior or a recent graduate, so a minimum of 2 years older that Twilight; no older than 19 or 20, IMO. Cadence, on the other hand, is possibly approaching or past 30 years old. That doesn't in any way mean that they can't have a relationship but it would be odd or even scandalous in the eyes of some. However, the possible age difference actually makes sense because, in the only established back-story for Princess Cadence, she's over 900 years old whilst Shiny is in his late-20s at the oldest. So, her being a older woman who has fallen for a much younger man is actually plausible.

6473815 Thanks for that. Problem is I'm not good with all that techno-jargon. It's all very confusing. So, for the sake of myself, I'm going to keep her words simple, which I know, is totally unlike Twilight, but what can you do. And, thanks for your opinions, I'll definitely keep them in mind.

I'm glad to hear that Twilight is fitting in. I wonder if the 4th film will do the same?

Correction: Twilight is nearsighted, not farsighted.


Actually, Shining Armor is referred to as an alumnus, with no reference to his age. For all we know, he could be the same age as Cadence. And she could be fairly young for a Dean- after all, she became a princess at a very young age. If I had to pinpoint them, I'd say late twenties to early thirties.

Huh, I figured from the film that Sunset is only marginally less good at math than Twilight. Although, I consider myself good at math and still get so caught up in the numbers sometimes that I miss a glaring mistake and need a second pair of eyes, so it's not too much of a stretch.

I really like this story! In character and well written. I can't wait for more!

"That should be 5,297. You should've carried the four, then multiplied that answer by 14xy squared plus 28.7x. Do that, and you'll get your answer."

No. No fuck you trig! I am glad I never took that!

Glad to see Twi fitting in.

Silly Shining, doubts are for nooby brohams.

6475687 Well, I'm sure the school will understand her actions as Midnight were not her own but rather the results of the real monster Cinch. So she would have it easier than Sunset, who was already bad before she became a demon, did. Plus, Sunset understands how she feels, which is why the two would make such great friends. And the girls actually like her even though they know she's not Princess Twilight. So, it must bring them such joy and happiness, knowing they have a Twilight they can call their own.

loved the friendship games love your story! thank you so much for continuing it! it is a great read so far! thank you so much for it!

The other Twilight shrugged, "Eh, not too bad, I guess. I'm farsighted. I can see at least ten feet in front of me, but anything beyond that is a blurry mess,"

Nearsighted, not Farsighted. If she was farsighted things would be blurry near her but clear far away. Take it from someone who wears glasses.

That's very true. But I'm still curious on how Pony Twilight will react to Human Twilight.

6473815 Okay, I need to point this out. No backstory of Cadance indicates that she is over 900 years old. She is a teen in Filly Twilight's flashback, an adult current time, created alicorns (she's confirmed to previously be a pegasus) are also not immortal.

Principal Celestia gave emailed it to me Saturday."

Might wanna fix up that sentence.

You didn't catch when she was created did you? It was shortly after Sombra disappeared with the Crystal Empire, something like 1,000 years ago.

As for the flashbacks? Easy to wave away with her pretending to be a teenager for personal reasons.

Out of curiosity, where was this mentioned? AFAIK Cadance's backstory (as presented in 'Twilight Sparkle and The Crystal Spell') does not mention this particular detail.

"Oh, T-twilight. Uh, sorry. Again." Twilight looked up to see the same boy who had bumped into her before, who she now knew as Flash Sentry.

He helped her up, picking up her fallen books as well.

Twilight fixed her glasses and looked at him in amusement, placing her hands on her hips. "So, do you bump into everyone, or just girls named Twilight?"

Flash rubbed his head, "Oh, so, they told you, huh?"

Twilight nodded, a twinkle in her eye. "They told me all right. It definitely explains why you seemed so happy to see me."

"Well, you sound like her and look like her, minus the glasses. I just assumed you were her." Flash leaned back against a locker.

Twilight chuckled, adjusting her glasses, "In a way I am, in a way I'm not. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this, too. We're in the same boat."

Flash looked at her and smiled, "I guess you're right. Walk you to class?"

Twilight's eyes widened, "Well, if you want to."

Flash nodded and walked along with her to class.

nice to see Flash and Human twilight to getting along still I hope they could be atleast friends.

If Shining Armor and Cadence were married in Equestria then what's the status for them in this world?

Awww...! Now that was heart-warming!

Of course, that was a good day and an easy day. What about the days when Sunset is grumpy or Trixie wants to start trouble just because she fancies herself as the school's new Alpha? Or if a teacher is in a bad mood and decides to take it out on her? Or if some of the CPA kids try to cause trouble and pointedly call her out as a 'turncoat'? There will be difficult days ahead of her.

That said... Yeah, I do wonder when was the last time that Twilight came home from school feeling happiness rather than just satisfaction or contentment. Friendship is Magic!

"The Crystal Spell" is, IIRC, very vague on the times. It only establishes that she's an exile from the Crystal Empire (which is the basis of her claim to the Imperial Throne) and that she was raised by monastics after the Empire vanished.

I could be wrong, though. That 'recall' bit is very, very vague.

From what I recall, Crystal Heart Spell only mentions that she was found as a baby pegasus by some earth ponies who raised. It was never mentioned exactly where she came from.

There is a 'Princess Amore' first mentioned in 'Journal of Two Sisters' and who later appeared in the comic detailing Sombra's origin. She was the unicorn princess who ruled the Crystal Empire before the rise of King Sombra and was later stated to be a distant relative of Princess Cadance. What I gather from this is that Cadance herself did not originate from the Crystal Empire but is a descendant from the previous ruling family. How she came to be were the earth ponies found her was never mentioned in any canon material that I know of; although the 'found as a baby pegasus' bit does make the 'really 900 years old' theory problematic. Age regression magic could have been involved, but that's far into the realm of fanon theory and personal head canon.

What happen to the previous chapter. The Prologue: Two Mes. The chapter no longer there for me?

6477406 i want to know what happen to that too

6477406 Yeah, for some reason, it got unpublished. Should be back there now. Sorry about that.

You mean I'm not the only one obsessed with the new movie? I'm glad to hear it--I was becoming concerned about my mental condition!

And who doesn't love nerdy bespectacled Twilight? She's a heart-breaker! :twilightsheepish:

I look forward to all the fics showing human Twi and pony Twi becoming friends. And you've made a good start right here!

It's so gratifying to see human Twilight happy at last.

Comment posted by The Chip deleted Oct 1st, 2015

Yup. I've become obsessed with the Friendship Games. It was such a great movie. Definitely my favorite of the three. I hope to see like a special or short clips to see how Human Twilight adjusts at Canterlot High.

Are you me? Sure is awesome that us Friendship Games freaks can amuse each other like this, with fanfics and whatnot. I hope your story is the first of many here, just like we were swarmed by the various Siren-themed fanfics after RR. Of course by that I don't mean that I won't be following yours. I very much will!

If there's anything to wish for from my side, it's that you may feature Principal Cinch later on. She's a huge part of why I'm so pleased with this movie.

They call the human Twilight 'Sci-Twi' or Science Twilight...

I'm glad that Twilight's fitting in. She deserves to be happy after long years in Crystal Prep. I don't think Spike can talk, but it's your story

6483517 Did you see the movie? Spike gained the ability to talk after jumping through the magic rifts.

6484017 Yes, but in the end, the magic was sucked back to the Main six and Spike isn't able to talk anymore sadly

6484037 Spike is able to talk at the end. MLP Fangirl is correct.

"Nope, that's pretty much what happened."

Good chapter.

And I was waiting for the paradoxes to rip a hole in the fabric of reality :pinkiecrazy:

Twilight bit her lip, "Do you think we should help her?"

Rainbow shook her head, "No. This'll teach her a lesson."

Rainbow is right. Don't make promises that you can't do.

That's Rarity folks! What a great chapter!

I'm genuinely surprised that Rarity didn't Pony Up! That aside, this was a genuine little bit of Slice of Life that I could see as an episode of a hypothetical EqG TV series. You've definitely got a handle on how to write the characters and the overall atmosphere of the universe.

FWIW, my idea for Twilight's new regular costume is something that emphasises the uber-nerd whilst still being flattering. Maybe a loose blouse with a waistcoat over it all in various shades of purple and lavender.

It's sort of the opposite to the lesson of Applebuck Season though, isn't it? Yeah, AJ made a promise she couldn't keep but, when she realised that, the girls were there to help her.

Hey, you're right. It was like Applebuck season.
Only with Rarity.

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