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For Luna and Twilight, life had always been rather simple – eating treats, sleeping in the sunshine, and wandering the streets at night.

But all is not well on Equestria Avenue. A mysterious fox creeps through the shadows, Luna's past threatens to drive a wedge through her budding relationship with Twilight, and Twilight has to face the possibility of her normal life slipping away between her paws. Will their friendship be enough to save the neighbourhood from certain disaster?

Set in the Catverse (yes this is a thing now)

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YOU MADMAN! CATS! WHY CATS! also, love the picture.

So... yeah. I have to read this just for the :trollestia: factor.


Why, I am of a sane and composed nature, good sir! Is there anything that points you astray? I am merely writing a story, one focused on our beloved equines, simply in a feline form. Think of it as a creative device, as a motif, if you will.

On your secondary note, I must agree wholeheartedly. The felinisation of Princess Luna is most agreeable and adorable.


Ah, but of course! Please, please, do enjoy my humble text.


Where is the curiosity, where is the wonder, son? Please, do not let the uniqueness of the circumstances dissuade you, it was all crafted with a specific idea and uniform goal in mind.

Huh, this reminds me of Warriors, doubly so at the mention of twolegs. Was this perchance inspired by it or does it in someway draw from the series?


Really? What does the fox say?

I really expected you to hyperlink a particular song there...

Anyway, you have my attention enough to keep reading. Seriously, what the hell, why cats? :trollestia:


Was the story inspired by Erin Hunter's works? Nay, it was not. Was one word of diction, well, helped by her work? Perhaps.


All will be revealed, my good man.

If Celestia is Ragamuffin, what kind of cats are Luna and Twilight?

4231264 Will you be borrowing any other words, phrases or ideas? I really loved those books.

Catverse? :rainbowhuh:
This will either be great or one of the weirdest things I've read in a while.

This is going on top of my Read Later list, which I will take care of over a lunch hour. After all, it has TwiLuna and cats. This can only end well.

4231176 4231264
Luna as (Earthly) deputy of StarClan? At least the cover art fits.

Wonderful stuff! Engagingly written, very cat-like throughout, while keeping the characters recognizable. Worth the thumbs up and gold star. Definitely need to see more!

Only corrections that jumped out at me:

Mr. Rocky always called his treats popsicles to entertain me as a kitten. The old puss was full of wisdom - if you want to call it that - and he would related everything back to his ‘two favorite’ things; popsicles and chicken sammiches.

Either "he related" or "he would relate" but not "he would related".

And between "things" and "popsicles" should be a colon, not a semicolon.

I'm making a catverse group

There's a nine year old girl running a Kitty Luna tumblr. I'm going to link this.

You, gentlemen, are catty! Catty I say!

you're just abusing my love for ponies and cats now, come on! :ajbemused:

Love it !!! I love Erin hunter work !! :heart:

Lulz. I'll read it because cats.


This is what I've always dreamed of :raritystarry: I love cats and Luna! :pinkiehappy:

Habanc #25 · Apr 15th, 2014 · · 11 ·

Wow, this story is pointless. Be even less creative, god.

Do you even know where you're going with this story? Sheesh. Such amateur work.

I could've done better.

What does the fox say?

. I.... I hate you a bit now. :trixieshiftright: The story more than makes up for it though. I haven't seen a story quite like this. Romance and cats, why the hell not? I'll stick with it.

Read it now. That was rather nice.

I like cats.

What the heck did I just read


The product of a shattered and diseased mind, I do believe.

Also, cats.

Such critique.
Much complaint.

You're laying it a bit too thick, Habby!


which one of you was shattered

Catverse... I will gladly help make this a thing!

Set in the Catverse (yes this is a thing now)

Oh Jesus Christ why :raritydespair:

Face it. You only wrote this so you could maximize the amount of cat puns.

And it's glorious :pinkiecrazy:

Have a fav, a thumb, and a feature recommendation.

Now give me more cats.

Set in the Catverse

Lol wut?

honestly though? looks intriguing.

I'll be waiting for this universe to expand (Be it from this story or others') before I contribute :twilightblush:

Catverse is Bestverse

Took wrong turn at the Cookieverse and wound up in the catverse and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!:yay::heart::heart::heart:
Can't wait for more.

Found this when I finally looked at that group for Cat stories that previously only had mine. Read it, and so far it appeals to me. I would truly like to read more.



I love cats and Luna! :heart:

“What does the fox say?”
:trixieshiftleft:What you did there - I see it.:trixieshiftright:

This alternate universe seems to have a few tales to tell. As long is the Fox doesn't ask:
"Manx sense? Oh, but what's the FUN in Manxing sense?"

It still gave me a good feline, and I had to paws and make sure everything was purrfectly fine.

Almost four years since the story was last updated. Almost four years since the user was here, and almost four years since the user joined.

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