Organized Chaos

by oakleafninja


Professor Celestia took a deep breath and exhaled, smiling to herself. It had been the end of another school day, and her classes went well. Finally done cleaning up the classroom and getting everything she needed to get done, she decided she deserved a cup of coffee before she left the university.

Trotting down to the teachers' lounge with her briefcase floating magically beside her, she passed by the library. She heard a very loud "Hello!", but didn't think anything of it. Students all the time were happy to see their friends in the library, so that wasn't a surprise. Celestia merely smiled to herself and hummed as she let herself into the teacher's lounge where the beloved coffee machine was located.

"Mmm..." she said quietly to herself as the coffee began to brew. She whiffed in the delicious scent and smiled. "Just what I needed after a hard day's-"

That beautiful sentence about to be composed was interrupted by a scroll suddenly appearing out of thin air and whomped her on her head. She picked up the scroll bemusedly with her magic to find it was from none other than Twilight Sparkle, scrawled in neat cursive.

"Dear Professor Celestia,
Since the Human population has been extinct for many eons and their ancient technology like cellular devices have disappeared with them (we should really re-invent those sometime), I'm forced to send you a scroll as means of instant communication. I contact you because this "brilliant student" you forced me to tutor is being rather rude and seems to care nothing about studying or being serious. Are you certain that he's the right student I'm supposed to tutor?

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle"

Celestia merely chuckled at her students frantic scroll. Taking the coffee and pouring it into the mug, she took a sip before walking down towards the library to pay them a little visit. Upon entering the library she noted two things.

One- Twilight Sparkle appeared to be having the worst time of her life.
Two- Discord appeared to be having the best time of his life.

Twilight was attempting to read her chemistry book like she was supposed to, and Discord had amused himself by turning the book into a dancing one, causing Twilight to clench her teeth in frustration. Celestia smirked as she trotted over to the back table.

"Hello Twilight, Discord," she said, addressing both of them. She smiled brightly at Discord. "Enjoying being tutored by the brilliant Twilight Sparkle?"

Discord beamed brightly back at her. "Oh yes, Princess and I are having a ball over here, so I wanted to make the ball even funner by making her book dance! After all, it's a ball~" he said, snickering at his own punny joke. Twilight frowned and humphed.

"Funner is not a word, Discord," she spat, and Discord just smiled even wider.

Celestia just smiled and looked at her faithful student.

"Twilight, you do realize that you need some chaos in your life, right?" she said gently. Twilight's jaw dropped open and was about to protest when Celestia gave her a motherly stern look.

"I'm willing to give you an A for this year on two conditions- One, that Discord gets at least a C in Chemistry, and two, that you two become friends, which means that you'll have to deal with a bit of chaos in your life. Understood?"

Twilight nodded and let out a sigh.


Celestia sipped her coffee before using her magic to take something out of her briefcase. She floated the flyer over to the middle of the table.

"Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are hosting a unique concert this weekend, and it's free for all Canterlot University students. You two should go and bond, in a non university setting," suggested Celestia with a sly grin. Twilight swallowed back a protest building in the back of her throat while Discord smiled in glee.

"Ooooo, this looks like so much fun Twilight~" he said in a sing song tone. Suddenly he looked down at his watch.

"Oh my heavens, I'm late for my snack time of chocolate rain and cotton candy! I'll pick you up at seven on Friday Princess~" he said, blowing her a kiss. Twilight wanted to shout at him that she didn't want to go, but it was too late. With a snap of his fingers he was gone, and she couldn't do anything about it.

Celestia snickered. "Have fun on your date this weekend, Princess. You'll appreciate this... eventually." She took another sip of coffee before walking out, leaving Twilight speechless.

Groaning, she facedesked into her book and prayed that this would all be a terrible nightmare that she had yet to wake up from.