• Published 14th Sep 2014
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Organized Chaos - oakleafninja

Twilight Sparkle is a brilliant student at Canterlot University, but is extremely antisocial and doesn't want to make friends. When Professer Celestia offers her an A in chemistry for the year just to tutor a chaotic student, how can she say no?

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Twilight Sparkle soon realized she had never been on a single date before. Not once in her life had she even considered the silly notion that she would spend an evening, not studying or doing important things, but doing frivolous things like going to a concert. She really didn't want to go on a date with Discord either. He seemed rude and not caring, and most importantly of all-

She shuddered outwardly as she thought about the thing she disliked most about her new student. She didn't like the fact that he was so chaotic. Dancing books, messy notes scrawled in chicken scratch, she hated that. She hated the way he was so carefree and most importantly she hated how he flirted with her!

Her cheeks heated up a bit at that, and she bit her lip. Twilight had encountered flirting stallions and a few mares before, but yet again it was for her wings and more out of mockery than anything. Discord, however, already sported a set of wings and his teasing seemed genuine, which bothered her. What did he want?

Twilight's thoughts were interrupted as she heard a knock at her dorm door.

"Come in!" she called, using her magic to fix her messy bun. The door opened and Discord walked in with a bouquet of roses. Twilight's mouth nearly dropped open. It was just an extracurricular activity, what in the hay did he need roses for?

"I hope you like these," he said with a wide grin as he snapped and put them in a vase, which then hovered over to her counter. "Beautiful flowers for the beautiful mare I have the pleasure of escorting tonight, no?"

Twilight frowned and tried to ignore the heat rising to her cheeks.
"I'm not beautiful," she mumbled under her breath, but then spoke up as she said, "Are you just trying to butter me up?"

Discord flashed her a grin. "Why Twilight, you're being a little uptight tonight. I think it's time you have some fun, don't you think?" He examined her, his eyes traveling towards her messy bun and then down to her regular attire. Her face burned and she glared at him.

"I don't need a perv in this dorm room, thank you very much!" she said hotly as she avoided his gaze. Discord chuckled and shook his head.

"Contrary to what you might think, Miss Sparkle, I'm just noticing that you didn't dress up. This is a semi formal event, don't you have any sort of dress you could wear?"

Twilight looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Well, I have my funeral dress, my best mare's dress I wore at my brother's wedding, and that's about it. I could just wear the funeral dres-"

Discord's eyes comically widened, dramatically putting his paws in mock horror.
"Oh no no no, I can't have my Princess go in such a dreary dress!" He snapped his fingers, and suddenly Twilight had on a beautiful dress. It was simple, black, with a black bow on the back. Her hair had turned from an uptight bun to a messy, cute bun. Twilight ran over to her mirror and was surprised to see such a beautiful mare in front of her.

Discord flew over to stand behind her, and smiled as she stared at herself.

"Hmmm... It's missing something.." he said thoughtfully. He gazed into the mirror and noticed a lack of silver on her. Snapping his fingers, he produced a silver necklace with a heart locket. "Miss Sparkle, may I have the honor of putting this on?"

Twilight swallowed as she shook her head. "T-thank you for the beautiful outfit, but I can just put on that with my magic. I don't know what your plan is, b-but I'm determined to find out what it is!" she said, her face now completely cherry red and determined. She took the necklace and clasped it around her neck. Discord smirked.

"Why Princess, I only have one plan for tonight," he said with a wink. She felt like she was about ready to slap him with his suggestiveness but he just smiled and held out the tickets. "And that plan is to go to Octavia and Vinyl Scratch's concert tonight in style." With another magical snap of his fingers he had a bow tie and a top hat. "Professor Celestia requested this, and I'm determined to have a good time right along side you. I understand that you don't like me very much, if at all, but unlike you I might actually want a friend. Twilight, why don't you like me?"

Twilight froze, her mind racing. Why would he want a friend like her? She was cold, usually intolerant and..

She was about to think about how she wasn't beautiful, but she glanced at the mirror and saw a beautiful mare glancing back at her.

She swallowed, and met his eyes.

"I- I don't like you because you seem too much unlike me," she admitted quietly. "I'm going to be blunt and honest. You're disorganized, messy, too carefree and too- too..."

"Too what?" he asked in a whisper, his gaze softening. She swallowed again and kept her eyes on his.

"Too chaotic," she said firmly. "Too dang chaotic, and you're talking to a mare who freaks out if a single piece of my mane is out of place."

Discord gave her a half smirk, and carefully lifted his paw towards her face. Taking a strand of hair from her bun, he released it and it flowed gently on the side of her face. Twilight resisted the urge to twitch in horror, it was out of place and she didn't like it and-

"Twilight Sparkle, even organization needs chaos sometimes. Can you at least give me a chance to be your friend? You're shutting me out before even doing that, and I think it's fair that I get a chance to try to be your friend, no?"

Twilight sighed. He did have a point, not about the chaos, but the fact that she judged a book by his cover and never did give him a chance.

"Fine," she said with a sigh. "I'll give you a chance. But if you try to manipulate me or hurt me in any way, I'm warning you I could easily send you to Tartarus with my magic! Understood?" she growled. Discord's face broke into a broad smile.

"Crystal. Now, let's go to that concert, friend!"

Author's Note:

Sorry for the bit of delay! I completely forgot about typing this up yesterday, anyways, here you guys go! Thanks for all the views, hope you guys enjoy!