• Published 14th Sep 2014
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Organized Chaos - oakleafninja

Twilight Sparkle is a brilliant student at Canterlot University, but is extremely antisocial and doesn't want to make friends. When Professer Celestia offers her an A in chemistry for the year just to tutor a chaotic student, how can she say no?

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Three o' clock. Twilight Sparkle paced around her room. She planned to get there a half hour early so she could slowly ease into the fact that she was expected to make a friend and tutor someone who was apparently as brilliant as herself.

That fact alone scared her. She didn't want another manipulative 'friend' trying to use her for her wings. If he was that brilliant, he would easily find a way to crack her fragile ego and get her to break down. That's what everypony else had done to her, and she expected the same thing from him.

Inhaling and exhaling, almost to the point of hyperventilating, Twilight Sparkle slowly calmed herself down. Everything was going to be alright. She would just have to put her guard up and not succumb to this brilliant student's ways.


Two thirty came, and Twilight Sparkle had already settled into a table in the back corner. The librarian have given her a friendly nod when she came in, she was a regular at this place. If books were coffee, Twilight would have been constantly buzzing with knowledge that she drank up each morning. Twilight sighed and organized her books in alphabetical order. Just to be professional, of course. She used her magic to sharpen her pencil, and then waited patiently for her student to arrive. To not succumb to boredom, she took out her chemistry book and delved into the pages.

Only fifteen minutes later there was an interruption that caused Twilight to cease her reading and look up. It took a lot to stop her from reading. She was very involved in her books, and it was almost like the books swallowed her into her own little world. But this was an interruption that caused everypony to look up.

The library doors had swung right open, and a small male draconequus had entered the library. He donned a pair of nerdy glasses, a blue sweater with Canterlot University written on it, and a pencil tucked behind his ear. Twilight was well aware there was several species attending Canterlot University, such as griffins and draconequus, so that wasn't a surprise to her.

What surprised her was how obnoxiously loud he was being in such a quiet studious enviroment. He greeted the librarian with a loud, "Helloooo! It's such a nice day, isn't it?" and then promptly snapped his fingers. The librarian's books suddenly turned into dancing and singing books. Glaring, the librarian demanded that he turn the books back right that instant. Rolling his eyes and muttering under his breath how librarians didn't know how to have fun, he reluctantly turned the books back to normal. Twilight watched closely at the draconequus. It was unusual for a student who didn't want to study be in the library, because the librarian was extremely strict about keeping the environment quiet so students could concentrate on actually studying and not goofing off.

"May I ask what you are doing in here, since you clearly have no intentions of studying?" demanded the ticked off librarian. The male grinned and scanned the room.

"Au contraire, Miss Books, I was just looking for my tutor, Twilight Sparkle. Have you seen her?"

Twilight's eyes widened in absolute horror. No, there had to be some sort of mistake! He was practically screaming trouble, why would Celestia make her tutor such a delinquent that obviously didn't have respect for conventional study methods?

Ms.Book's jaw dropped.

"The Twilight Sparkle? The valedictorian candidate for this year? I have no idea how the hay you got her to tutor you, but she's over there in the back corner."

Twilight wished that a black hole would suddenly swallow her whole or that everypony would stop staring at her. She shrunk down behind her book and prayed silently that he made a mistake, that he was referring to maybe another Twilight Sparkle or-

She saw him snap his fingers again and then suddenly appear right in front of her. He floated in the air above the table and took away the chemistry book hiding her face.

"H-hey!" she stammered, a bit ticked off at her new student already. He began to thumb through the pages, stopping every so often to nod.

"Hm, so you're the Twilight Sparkle, huh? Genetic mutation to your own body for the good of science?" he stated with a mischievous grin. "You seem way too uptight, don't know how to have any fun either. Hay, I doubt you've never even been to your own birthday party. You wouldn't know how to enjoy yourself, now would you?"

Her blood began to boil.

"First off, Discord," she spat in a low growl, "Let me get this through your thick skull. I am your tutor, and you are my student. I will not tolerate any ignorant comments about myself, and if you are just here to screw around, then my time has been wasted when I could be using it for better purposes. If you actually want to learn, then sit down and start doing your chemistry homework. If you don't understand something, then ask a question and I'll try my best to explain it to you. Do I make myself clear?"

Her voice had raised considerably during her rant, and everpony's eyes had fallen to her. The librarian shushed her, and her cheeks became flushed as she shrunk down in horror.

Discord's face had broke into a very broad smile during her little spiel and let out a low chuckle.

"Oh my, looks like Princess of supposedly "no fun and games" here does know how to have a bit of fun~" he teased, and snapped his fingers. A crown appeared on her head, and she frowned before taking it off.

"I'm not a princess or anyone special, I'm your ticked off tutor. Do I make myself clear Discord? Now get to work before I completely regret taking you in as my student." she said gritting her teeth.

Discord just winked at her with a large grin spreading further across his face.

"Alright Princess, I'll get to work," he said, snapping his fingers and having his textbook appear before him, along with dancing mechanical pencils and paper. Twilight heaved a sigh and glared at him.

"I'm not your princess," she muttered angrily under her breath. She attempted to delve back into her chemistry book, but it was hard when she was so frustrated.

If he intended to be an annoying student who didn't care about his education, then she intended to be a harsh teacher. But, she thought with another heaving sigh, she would actually have to attempt to be his friend.

She was going to have to go through an entire year of dealing with him, wasn't she?

Her ears flattened, and she groaned as she tried not to facedesk in frustration.

This was going to be a very long year.

Author's Note:

Oh my goodness, you guys are just wonderful. Thanks for all the favorites and watches! <3 I hope you guys will enjoy reading this is as much as I enjoy writing it!

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