• Published 14th Sep 2014
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Organized Chaos - oakleafninja

Twilight Sparkle is a brilliant student at Canterlot University, but is extremely antisocial and doesn't want to make friends. When Professer Celestia offers her an A in chemistry for the year just to tutor a chaotic student, how can she say no?

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Twilight Sparkle had to admit, Discord was being a perfect gentlemen. Too perfect, she thought silently to herself, but she had agreed to give him a chance. They had arrived at the concert fifteen minutes prior to before the show was going to start. People gave both of them weird looks and began to whisper amongst themselves. Twilight's cheeks burned as she realized how much she stood out with dressing up semi casually, and resisted the urge to cover her face with her wings.

"Twilight, ignore them. They're just jealous because they don't have such a beautiful date as you," he said quietly. Glancing at him, she let out a sarcastic snort.

"Right, and I'm the mayor of Manehatten," she said shaking her head. Discord opened his mouth to protest, but a loud voice interrupted them.

"Hey, look at that, it's the two freaks," came a snarky voice. Twilight and Discord looked over to a blue unicorn with a smirk across her face. She trotted up to them,

"Twilight Sparkle," she said with a scoff in her voice,"It's sad to see how Professor Celestia wasted such potential on you when she could've done it on someone more powerful, like the great and powerful Trixie." Trixie then laughed at Discord, glancing at him. "And Discord, why in all of Equestria would you go out with her? I understand that you're a freak as well, but did you really have to go that low?"

Twilight swallowed back the tears and glared at Trixie, her eyes almost beginning to shimmer. She opened her mouth to try to protest, but Discord just put a paw on top her head, rustled her mane a bit and then faced Trixie.

"Excuse me, what was your name again?" he asked politely with a grin on his face. She blinked a few times and laughed.

"Didn't you hear me the first time, simpleton? I'm the great and powerful Trixie!" she boasted. Discord nodded, and then held out the flyer Celestia had given them for the concert.

"Miss 'great and powerful' Trixie," he said, using air quotations, "Why do you think we're freaks?"

Trixie appeared almost taken aback a moment before clearing her throat.

"You two are freaks," she said, jabbing a hoof at them, "because you're different, unnatural and quite frankly don't belong here." Discord merely smiled and looked down at the flyer.

"Then what are you doing at this concert? Don't you know by what you just said, you described the performers for tonight?" he said seriously. Trixie's eyes widened, and she shook her head.

"No, I didn't describe them! Trixie loves Octavia and Vinyl's concerts, they're masterpieces and deserved to be honored by Canterlot University!" she protested. "How is that different or unnatural?"

Discord looked at Twilight momentarily, smiled softly, and then looked back at Trixie.

"Two mares dating is considered unnatural and different, but yet people still accept and love them. Did you know Octavia and Vinyl are dating?"

Trixie's jaw dropped a tad. "N-no, Trixie had no idea that they were so dif-"

He interrupted her. "Then you take back what you said before? That they don't deserved to be honored just because they are different?"

Trixie was at a loss for words. Discord continued, and placed an arm around Twilight. Twilight almost jumped at the sudden touch, and her face turned red as cherry blossoms.

"So if they're different, and yet you still respect them and honor them, then why can't a draqoneous and a mare have a good time enjoying some quality music without being judged?" he said frowning. "Have a good night, Miss Trixie. I'll be escorting my beautiful date inside where we can enjoy ourselves without the judgment of bullies." He walked off with Twilight, leaving a slack jawed Trixie in the dust.

While they were trotting along, Twilight looked up at Discord in shock. Her cheeks felt like they were on fire, and she hesitantly cleared her throat.

"D-Discord? Why did you stand up for me back there?" she asked in confusion. Discord merely just smiled and ruffled her mane, causing her face to heat up even more.

"Because, Twilight, I wanted to prove a point that I have the choice to hang out with anypony I want, or date anypony for that matter. And I want to personally enjoy the beautiful serenade performed by spectacular ponies that belong here, that aren't so different and that aren't so unnatural. Just like you and me," he said quietly. Twilight swallowed.

"T-thank you.." she thanked in a whisper. They walked over to their seats and sat down, just in time for the concert to start.

The concert was beautiful, and Twilight was nearly choked up at the gorgeous duets full of love and sorrow the two mares played. It was mixes of classical and dubstep, and Discord particularly loved the dubstep as he tapped his fingers along to the beat. It was a wonderful night of music, and when the last note was played the crowd roared in applause. The applause grew even louder as Vinyl suddenly dipped Octavia in a kiss onstage, and the audience went wild.

After the concert, Discord was walking Twilight back to her dorm room.

"Now wasn't that a wonderful concert?" he asked Twilight with a grin. Twilight nodded.

"It was wonderful!" she gushed. "The beautiful melodies intertwining to create such a luscious and sorrowful environment was just.. oh, it was just delightful!" Twilight said, a smile appearing on her face for the first time that night. Discord smiled softly as they stood in front of her dorm room.

"I wasn't lying when I said you were beautiful, and you look even more beautiful when you smile," he admitted softly, a light blush grazing his cheeks. Twilight blushed and adverted her eyes, but gasped when she felt a soft kiss planted on top of her mane.

"Goodnight, princess. Perhaps we can do this again sometime."

With that he was off into the night, flying up in the night sky leaving behind a very flustered alicorn.

Perhaps.. perhaps he wasn't so bad after all.

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