Organized Chaos

by oakleafninja


Twilight Sparkle was a fairly busy college student at Canterlot University. Her nose was constantly buried in a book, never looking up for friends or anything besides studies. She was walking towards her chemistry thought deep in thought, like she generally did. Students often whispered about her as she passed by them.

It was because of her wings.

Now, if she were just a normal pegasus, this wouldn't be a problem. Pegasus at Canterlot University were highly thought of and frequently occupied the sports stadium Friday nights, with rumors of wild parties following afterwards fluttering through whispers. Most were extremely athletic, but rarely did you find one who didn't like sports.

Now, if she were just a normal unicorn, it wouldn't be a problem either. Unicorns were highly respected and admired for their magical abilities, and they tended to be very brilliant. They were the ones in charge of student council and study groups.

But she wasn't a pegasus, nor was she a unicorn. She was an alicorn, thanks to Professor Celestia. She had studied under her wing for a couple years and together they had conducted various experiments on the similarities of the three races of ponies, figuring out how alicorns could be created through just magic and not reproduction. Professer Starswirl had help conduct the studies, and through studying various spells found some connections that hadn't been made before. It led to the first creation of an alicorn created artificially, and it also created jealousy and dislike. It was new and ponies didn't understand it. Instead of trying to be her friend because of her personality, they tried to use her so they could get wings too. Eventually, Twilight had stopped trying to be friends at all with anyone.

She had made her way to her chemistry class, and to her alarm a few minutes late. The class had already began conducting an experiment, and while everyone else had paired up and chatted eagerly, the light purple alicorn with a tight bun in her hair trotted to the back counter, hoping nobody would notice her. She placed a stack of books was on her left, and on her right there were various beakers with chemicals in it. She was working alone, like usual, and her lips were pursed tightly together as she concentrated on combing the chemicals together.

Twilight carefully poured the last drop into the other test tube, and then looked around for a second. Professor Celestia wasn't looking, and she had just found a spell last night that could potentially make this experiment even better than the results the teacher wanted. It might even get her a better grade. So, silently, her horn glowed a powerful rosy hue as she zapped the test tube.

The glass tube shattered, and chemicals splattered all over her now messy bun. A giant cloud of smoke came from the wreckage, and she began to cough.

The other students looked over, some in surprise and others in just curiosity. Some snickered, some just shook their heads, and yet others just whispered names.

'That's the bookworm for you. Always trying to show off her magical abilities, but it blows up in her face.'

'Show off.'


Twilight heard all of those before, and she had learned to accept the fact that having any sort of relationship with pony was frivolous, whether platonic or romantic. Ponies were useless, and they were empty shallow beings who just used others to get what they wanted. Swallowing hard, she cleaned up the mess and then began to pack up her multiple books. Celestia's eyes softened as she walked over towards Twlight. The purple unicorn didn't even notice the alicorn walking towards her as she finished putting her books into her book bag.

"Twilight? Is everything alright?" she asked in a concern tone. Twilight just forced a smile.

"Define alright," she said sarcastically with a fake smile. She sounded stressed and disappointed that the experiment had failed. She hated failure. She despised it with a passion, and when it happened, it was like her whole world just shut down.

Celestia sighed and shook her head. "Twilight, don't let the other students get to you. You did great, but adding magic to things that don't require magic doesn't usually help matters," she added with a chuckle. "Now, I know you would love nothing else to pack up and head to your dorm to bury your nose in a book, but I have an extra credit opportunity for you."

Twilight's ears perked up a bit at that. Any extra credit was extremely rare at Canterlot University, and was almost unheard of. Why was Professor Celestia offering her extra credit out of everypony?

"I want you to tutor a.. unique student. He's absolutely brilliant, such as yourself, but I'm afraid that he is rather antisocial, also such as yourself. Unfortunately, he tends to cause a bit more chaos than anything else, and so his grades aren't passing. If you can befriend hi-"

Her eyes widened in horror at the word 'friend.'

"Professor, you know I don't do friends!" she protested, her eyebrows furrowing. Celestia just laughed and smiled.

"I realize this, but I'm offering an A for the rest of the year if, and only if, you can befriend him and get his grade up to at least a C. That shouldn't be too difficult for a brilliant alicorn like yourself, right?" she said seriously.

Twilight bit her lip in thought. An A for the rest of the year was extremely tempting, though why would her professer do something like that if it was just a normal student who was failing and needed a tutor? It couldn't be possibly that bad, right?

"I... I guess I can give it a shot." she said quietly. Celestia smiled.

"That's my faithful student. Now, he's going to be waiting for his tutor at three o clock in the library, and I expect you to meet him there and instruct him on how to do the lesson this week. It shouldn't be that difficult, considering you aced the quiz on it yesterday. Are you up for the challenge, Twilight Sparkle?"

Twilight nodded, and was mentally preparing herself for the task ahead. "Understood." She placed her last book in her book bag and placed it carefully over her wings. Twilight began to walk away before turning around, realizing she had forgotten something.

"Professor? What's his name?"

Celestia's smile grew a bit mischievous.