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This story is a sequel to Daring DONE!

The princesses need to take a week off to argue about important issues.

Luckily, Twilight is there to rule Equestria while they're gone!

There's absolutely no way this can go wrong.

As it's a sequel to "Daring DONE!", Twilight Velvet is the writer of the Daring Do saga and our favorite Indiana Jones homage is still a fictional character. That's what the AU tag is about!
(yay featured)

Special thanks to my prereaders and proofreaders:

Chaotic Note
Super Trampoline
Bookworm S

I hope I'm not forgetting anyone here...

Audio reading courtesy of TheArchitect
Audio reading courtesy of joehighlord

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I officially approve of this story. May the hot girls jump on you. :moustache:

Hmm, some of the newspapers aren't showing up, also sorry about reading this when I should probably be proofreading TSFS, but procrastination!
PS: First
EDIT: Nevermind that first...


Hey, take your time!

Also, the newspapers are showing in my computer D :

I guess I can tell you to believe in yourself. Have you tried believing in yourself? That usually works.

Anyway, maybe you should ask politely if everypony could stop destroying the castle and the monarchy? I’m pretty sure being nice is always the best solution.

Dammit Night Light. You're too damn chill about everything.

Anyway, stopping the riot was pretty easy, truth be told. I didn’t really know what to do, so I just did the same as when I seduced Cadance: I went to the Royal Balcony and danced until the power of Funk eventually solved everything. Those old dazzling moves you taught me worked like a charm.
Anyway, I hope Twilight is okay. I’ll try to visit you as soon as possible!
Prince Shining Armor

He really is his father's son.

You have more likes then views :pinkiegasp: probably thanks to jarkes xD

The power of funk.
THE POWER OF FUNK!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Special thanks to my prereaders and proofreaders:

• Selbi
• DaRandomPony
• Chivalry
• PheerthaniteX
• Chaotic Note
• MissingLink
• Super Trampoline
• Outcast4Ever
• Abcron
• Bookworm S

I hope I'm not forgetting anyone here...

Dazz a lotta editors, bro :moustache:


I wanted to make sure this story didn't suck too much. They had permission to punch me.

It's a shame, because I really think that Jar Jar Binks was a nice addition to the story.

Poor Spike, was worried that wine was blood for a second.

3598315 >Jar Jar Binks
Tell me more :moustache:

... that was so stupid and made no sense

twilight is the ruler so shouldnt she just arrest her parents or something like that


The Guards actually tried to arrest Twilight Velvet in the prequel.

It... didn't work.

Night Light's got the moves and the funk!

Bust a move!


still twilight is an alicorn she should have been able to have somepony remove the anti magic thing or at lease have gone through with the name threat

i think that that was my fav part

I’m afraid I won’t be able to make you a visit soon.

This feels awkward, and my suggestion is: I'm afraid I won't be able to visit anytime soon.

work on a sequel when the last book came less than

It should read: work on a sequel when the last book came out less than

I know that sliding a note under a princess’ room

It should read: I know that sliding a note under a princess' door

profusely apologize for how the Royal Guards has been acting

It should read: profusely apologize for how the Royal Guards have been acting

every group is pulling from one of your daughter’s hooves

There are a couple problems here. 1: You say every group is pulling on one of Twilight's hooves. How? There are only two groups, so does Twilight have two hooves? 2. Omit "from" and replace with "on"

Overall, I loved it just as much as the last story. Keep it up, bud!


One would think that after so many people telling me where I effed up I would have been able to fix everything.


That's how this guy rolls.

(Also they're pulling from one hoof each, so Twilight has two free hooves)

3598385 Lol. Once you make the corrections, this will be at 100%! :twilightblush: And I know what you meant about Twilight having her hooves pulled, I was just pointing out that you need to make it more clear.

I really don't know if English can encapsulate the feelings I wish to express for it. It's bizarre, surreal, almost to the point of literary Dadaist. I know you only intended for it to be hilarious, but you've also managed to describe, through these letters, just how fragile the Equestrian societal ecosystem really is. The newspaper clippings simply add to the sense of near despair that the ponies are always in.

3598427 *And then, the ponies happened upon an Earth newspaper that just happened to accidentially sort if fall through a completely random portal that was totally not put there on purpose by a cosmic troll named Alondro. After reading about... pretty much everything happening on Earth in the present... they decide to shut their mouths and thank their lucky stars they aren't those horrible 'human' creatures.*


twilight you are a pretty poor princess if you cant muster up the courage to say no to your mother.

i.i.i......you broke my brain. I honestly had no way of describing how much my brain couldn't think of a reaction to this story.

well done. no ones ever done that before. im just barely able to coherently form this comment. top job mate.

Hey thanks for letting me pre-read this btw. It was so good, I had to read it again.

This author is the kind of hero I would write about for my English class. There are no words, images, or mental projections able to sufficiently state how amazing you and your creations are.

Someone should make a "Baking Goods Faction" group.
Also, I love Twilight's father. I laughed my :yay: off at his letters.

I have to admit, I wasn't really sure what to think when you said you were writing a sequel to Daring Done. I guess I was just afraid that it would seem forced and not live up to the first one.

Boy, I'm glad I was wrong. :pinkiehappy:

This was a great little pick-me-up before finals week. Thanks a lot, man!

I KNEW IT WOULD BE FEATURED!!! :rainbowkiss: And thanks you mentioning me in the desc. :twilightsmile:

My favorite thing about these stories is about how quickly they spiral out of control. :rainbowlaugh:

That was really fun.


It's... not featured :rainbowhuh:

No wait, I have to turn the mature mode off. Then it IS featured. Hooray!

Okay, comeuppance and authority are well and good, but I'm with Twilight on this one, her parents crossed the line.


Then how are the letters getting through?

Anyway, what do you want from me? I see absolutely no way I can help you in this situation. I guess I can tell you to believe in yourself. Have you tried believing in yourself? That usually works.

Transform into Nightmare Eclipse and bring about eternal dusk?


Then how are the letters getting through?


Oh shit.



Oh my god, dodged a bullet there. Sorry.

Dragon fire is not magic now, really.


After the riot started, Riot by Three Days Grace started playing. Couldn't have been more perfect! :pinkiehappy:

You know, I'm having a hard time deciding who is dumber: the ponies of Equestria, or the villains that lost to them.

Well, my parents stole my laptop so I have to resort to using my phone... :fluttershysad:

Anyway, thanks for letting me proofread this. It turned it awesome! Great work, Aragon! :twilightsmile:

This sequel is marvelous!

This story illustrates perfectly why the griffon would never attempt to invade Equestria.

They'd be afraid the insanity is contagious. :pinkiecrazy:

3598810 Why choose? LOL :rainbowwild:


Your face is stupid, yo. :V

It's a comedic gesture. It's not something you're supposed to UNDERSTAND, you're supposed to laugh at her plight, not analyze it. Either go with the flow or get with the up-shuttin'.

Goddamn it Celestia. Why has no one dethroned her yet?


You're a mature writer. Many would just tell me to clop off for pointing out a continuity error.

Ha! Great sequel. Spike and Twilight will ever be the same again!:derpyderp1:

And I loved the "America Dad" reference.:twilightsmile: Shinning Armor will now become the most ruthless ruler to come out of the Crystal Empire!:facehoof:

Night Light FTW !

3598756 nice try some of those letters twilight was sending with her magic cause they knocked spike out

Enjoyed Daring DONE, enjoyed Twilight DONE XD

However, I saw you weren't so satisfied with the title: perhaps something similar to "Sparkle," since "Done" was similar to "Doo"? Perhaps "Spoken" would work.

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