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Son of Twilight Velvet and Night Light.
Little brother of Shining Armor.
Older brother of Twilight Sparkle.
Unknown creature of Canterlot, battling against society and his very being.

His life is an adventure. These are his first years.
-Celestia and Cadence are in it, but I can only pick 5 characters.
This is a story that is all about Time Skips until season 1 begins.

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The Idea is good. But it could be a little bit longer. Let's see what this other chapter has to say^^

Good, good. It's a bit Chaotic and it seems a lot of events in this chapter could have been longer. But I still like it. Please keep going^^

Does Night Shine even wear clothes? Because Humans don't have sheathes so they swing...... so what does he use?

He wears underwear and shorts. No shirt though.
(His parents was bothered by his deformation at that area, so they had to.)

You solved it! :pinkiegasp:
Yes, I'll be honest. That's all it takes.

Ahh so sweet that tia willing to help him out can't wait to see what happens next.

great to see this story is getting a new chapter

"How about, Dawn?" Night Light suggested.


I like this story and hope to read a lot more soon.

I'm not too worried about delays, Ive waited longer for some stories. I'm happy to see another chapter, and still enjoy this story as much as when I started.

The two looked at each other before turning to the princess. “He was in a basket.” Night Light told her. “We took him in when we passed by the casket on the way home.”

“Hmm… I wonder who were the original parents of this boy…” The princess wondered. “And why they left him in the middle of nowhere.”

If I had to guess, i'd say the parents were dead, and in the casket :raritydespair:

Whoops! I made a big blunder there.

Thanks for picking that up. As for the parents, let's just leave it to mystery for now. :twilightblush:

I know it only affects the US (for now), but trying such a thing as taking down net neutrality is something that should get you fired on the spot (or get your company taken down if you are a boss).

Yes, I agree.

Some people who have been commenting have given me ideas to how I can still post stories without bothering my Landlord too much. So whatever happens in the FCC, it seems there won't be any changes to my posting habits. (That's what it seems like, as long as I keep using my school wifi)

This is so much like Wonder, but the PG-13 verion

Funny mistake, I wish I had seen it before it was corrected

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What's there to elaborate on? Obama was an idiot and he brought net neutrality into existence. Nuff said

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This story had so much potential... How sad truly

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