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This is a story about Rarity's hips.

(All good stories are.)

An entry for the Appledash Contest #5: Second Chances. Edited by MrNumbers.

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I don't understand why you'd want more description to read this story, everything you need to know is right there.

I'm going to regret this when I finally get to it, aren't I.

Actually, Rarity's outfit to the first Gala did in fact have heels.

Not very high ones, but they were there.

...come to think of it, I think a couple of the other girls have had heels too?

I don't know what I expected form you other than oddly in character insanity.

This was a lovely read.
Though... I'm not sure where the 'Second Chances' prompt came into it; unless it was the multiple opportunities Rarity gave Twilight to show her that there was no Appledash.

Mioko #6 · Sep 4th, 2017 · · 1 ·

Rara, you sly dog. You didn't tell me that the lesbian pony shenanigans would be this entertaining.

this is the perfect story and no one can tell me otherwise

8405472 Did someone have the foolish gall to complain?

Probably the same whiner who went through and systematically down-voted each and every comment on the thread.

8405853 I did notice that...

Why does almost every comment have one like and one dislike?

Some people just like wasting seconds of their lives that could be used for something productive on trolling. :duck:

...amazing. This story is amazing.

I just read a sixteen thousand word story about Rarity's patootie. What has my life become.

So, to sum up:
Rarity is sexy, petty, and probably a martial arts master, who also has some dangerous and confusing ideas about romance,
Applejack is stubbornly, legalistically honest, has abandonment issues, thinks apples are romantic, and knows enough about law to argue it in battle,
Fluttershy is terrified of Rarity, determinedly kind at the stupidest moments, attracted to Rarity's hips (like everyone else), and knows how to acquire snooping clouds,
Princess Luna is tactless, but knows how to use her rank to get what she wants,
Pinkie Pie is dangerous--very, very dangerous,
Twilight is more concerned with the relationship status of AJ and RD than the end of the world,
Rainbow Dash is violent, ignorant, and usually wrong,
And we still don't know for sure what saved the princesses.
Eh, sounds right to me!

I just got the pun in the title. OH MY GOSH

I Just...wow. I don't even know what I just read, except that it was AMAZING!! O.O

I now find myself wanting a story about Pinkies closet, and another for the snooping cloud.

Nah, go for it. It's awesome.

I don't even particularly like romantic kinds of fics in the first place. But this is great on a different level.

Is it bad that I kinda hated Rarity in this? She came off as kind of a know-it-all bitch. Then again, that might just be me projecting as past experience has led me to have a slight revulsion to people like this. This is a comedy, however, so I guess I should stop reading too much into it. Other than that, good story. You get a follow.

This was wonderful, just like Rarity's hips!

Perfection, darling!

Clearly, Rarity's anaconda does.

I'm surprised Twilight didn't murder everyone

So, this was weird. The good kind of weird. The kind of weird that will probably go places.

Not college, though. Just... You know. Places.

Snerk. Okay, this was good - laughed out loud several times. I have no idea who was right at the end, or even entirely what happened... but dangit, this was glorious.


Probably the best comedy romance I've seen in a while. Great job on this!

Proving somebody else wrong is the best reason to start a relationship. A solid foundation that will be the perpetual fuel of a happy life.

That and nice flanks.

Meanwhile, Spike is back home, looking through a private album of pictures he’s taken of Rarity’s hips. He’s just looking. Innocently. Nothing else.

I loved the train of logic in this one. Some parts had me laughing hard enough to force my head on my desk. Congratulations, you achieved a Headdesk. It’s like Facepalm but I forgot how to use my arms.

Seriously, keep bein’ awesome.

“Rarity.” Twilight grabbed Rarity’s shoulders and looked her eye to eye. “Listen to me. You’re a petty mare. You know how this works.” She frowned harder. “What is more likely? Us being in love without realizing it, or Rainbow Dash actually being right for once?

I lost it many, many times in this story. But from this one I could not recover :rainbowlaugh:

The best god damn train wreck I've ever seen.

-no don't do that that's illegal-

I'm screaming. I love this story.

This was a delightful thing to read first thing in the morning. Day's getting off to a good start!

I knew I sensed Rarilight. I loved this horribly amazing thing. It was hilarious.


They were glass, at that. Heeled slipper.

I am so full of wat.

But really, I think that's what I came here for.

I could read a never ending stream of this banter.

“I mean,” Twilight said, “say whatever you want, but I’ve seen you kick ponies in the face, and you never explained where you learned to do that.” She shrugged, but there was a hint of a smile in her face. “Also, I think we can rule out the romance for now? They haven’t said anything remotely sappy so far.”

This is a very fair question.

Oh my gosh, Luna.

And Luna nodded, happy again. “I see!” she said. “I will order my own drink, then.” She sat down at the table, and rested her chin on her hoof, staring at Applejack. “Now tell me more about that fighting fashion school theory of yours. It is relevant to our interests.”

It does seem like something to consider.

I feel sorry for both Equinox and each of the princesses. Good thing AJ and Dash are pretty durable.

This ending is Monochromatic approved.

Wow. Just, wow. This is insane, man.

Well done! Absolutely loved this story!

I got to say, this entire story boils down to one thing. Raritys plot is amazing.

The number said 17. I pressed it. It now says 161. Sounds legit.

Comment posted by Titanium Dragon deleted Sep 6th, 2017

Canterlot is to parties what Ponyville is to screaming—they are good at it, and they do it often because Pinkie Pie is there, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy it.


“So… A stallion, huh? That’s—I mean, I’m gonna do it, but it’s a little bit…”

“Please, Dash.” Rarity smiled at her, tapped her hoof. “If you’re secure enough on your sexuality, there’s nothing weird about this. It’s just a game.”

Usually this is the opposite.

I felt like I read a box of cocaine or equivalent, and even i'm not sure how that works. Was definitely one of the more interesting stories I've read in a while though

This pleases Rarity.
A great deal
So great a deal, have a like.
And a fave
And a follow.:duck:


Was gonna favorite this and give it at least a slightest bit of a troublesome gander, but you made one mistake and that's punishable by ignorance.

Unsubbed and uncool. Aragon more like Air-uh-gonna-be-dumb.

This is the best thing pony-related I've read in years.

Now we need a story about Celestia's hips. Like thisone, but two chapters. Because it is that big.


You forgot one.

Princess Celestia is always right.

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