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The Red Parade

I wish you all the luck in the world, you need it more than I do.


Love is so much more than warm hugs and kisses. Love is a language. Love is what we dream of, what we never had. It's everything we've left behind. Above all, love is being brave.

Content Warnings: this story involves the discussion of deceased loved ones in various forms. The story itself contains no actual on-screen deaths.

An entry for the Quills and Sofas Princess Cadance Contest, where it placed second. Thank you to Snow Quill, Shaslan, Emotion Nexus, Lofty Withers, wishcometrue, AFanaticRabbit, Applezombi, Seer, Decaf, Undome Tinwe, and NovelleTale for letting me break your hearts.

Other characters in the story: Big Mac, Cherry Berry, Daring Do, Cheerilee, Luna

For Lost. I hope things get better. <3

Featured on EQD 4/29/21.

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This story is absolutely incredible, Red. The way you use each vignette to so deftly show the different forms and shapes of loves, and the various hardships of them, is fantastic. Everyone feels in character too, which is even more impressive. I feel no hesitation in considering this story a masterpiece.


<3 Thanks wish! Could never have done it without you, thanks for showing me that Cadance is in fact pretty epic

Really enjoyed this one. Cadance doesn't get enough love (hah), but you did her justice here.

Wonderful. Simply wonderful. Your skill is obvious. I salute you! raises ice tea

love; not wrong (brave)

To me, this song is a personal favorite :twilightsmile::heart:

I knew the title of this was familiar. Been a hot minute since I listened to EDEN.

Have a look back and get a hit of nostalgia! :pinkiehappy:

Stop writing such brilliant stories. I'm gobsmacked.

Brilliant, just brilliant. Always love to see Cadance get some love. Nice work

Wonderfully done story. I knew I recognized the title from somewhere, and the AN confirmed it for me.

This was a really nice story, and it was neat seeing Cadance help various ponies, each representing a different aspect of love. I will say that I found Daring's story odd, though. A miscarriage being a female character's motivation for everything after is a bit of a trope, and I was surprised to see it in an MLP fic.

That was wonderful. Thank you for it.

Ouch, this story was a series of gut-punches. But it really shows just how strong Cadance is, dealing with all that pain of others, and with far more than just romantic love.

Hello, a review to your story has been posted. I hope you find it helpful. :raritywink:

Nicely done!

Greetings. Your reading has been completed and can be found here. I hope you enjoy.

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