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Celestia leaves to deal with a foreign crisis, giving her sister a chance to rule alone and become more attached to the modern world. She calls on Twilight Sparkle to advise Luna, hoping her student will be able to draw Luna out of her shell. With two major threats to Equestria already defeated in the past year, it seems like the perfect time to let Luna gain some confidence and experience in the modern world. After all, what are the chances of a third disaster occurring?

Now comes with complimentary tropes.

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If this was a first attempt this is a great start. Your biggest weakness is the story pacing. The ride to Canterlot was far too short. I would either take it out of the fic and insert a scene break, or find a way to quadruple of the length of the chariot ride. When writing fics it's also a good idea to double space between paragraphs.

Nice job!

While it lacks a hook to come back to, I still will watch it. I'm curious to see where you take this.

Like I said. This is missing that hook that grabs you. I think if you extended this just a little more, to say Luna's first night, it would have ended better.

The pacing was pretty good in my opinion (much better than most first fics). It didn't feel rushed nor too slow.

When you break to change scenes, you should put some indicator. Something like ------ or -&- are usually pretty decent. This just solidifies to the reader that the perspective or time of day is, in fact, changing.

Also I liked your explanation of Luna's....disappearance, let's say. I want to minimalism the spoilers.

intriguing start, will track to see where this goes.

Very well written. I was especially impressed with your characterization, and am looking forward to reading more of it!

Solid storyline so far, never lost interest or started skimming. Can't wait to read more.

A healthy start to what could be a very interesting story. Just keep escalation in mind to run a story like this, otherwise it will turn repetative and mundane. I am very much looking forward to seeing the interaction between Twilight and Luna. Though Luna has been in so few episodes, she's got such a huge following its scary, haha.

Spacing between paragraphs would be good, it especially helps when people download the text. And so would break lines between scene changes, which are a single (hr) tag with no closing tag to follow it.

Liking the story so far, sounds like it will be quite good. :twilightsmile:

Spike faceclawed.
I love this!

Great story.

It can not be said enough, the horrible, awful, nickname Twily needs to go DIAF.

500127 Thanks. I'll try formatting it differently next chapter, I'm just used to writing like that.

500172 Yeah, I know it didn't end on a super exciting note. The problem was, there isn't really a good place to break it off for a while. The next chapter will most definitely end in a hook, though.

500312 Well, of course she does. Luna is best pony. Also, how come we don't have Luna emoticons? Also, don't worry, things will start to get much more exciting at the end of the next chapter.

To everyone else, thanks a lot for your kind comments :twilightblush: I've already gotten about 40 favorites for this story, so I guess I did something right. Hopefully the next chapter will be up within a week, although I do have a midterm between now and then, so no definite promises.

Tell it to her brother; it's canon. :twilightsheepish:

Although of course Shining Armor has B.B.B.F.F. privileges. If you catch anypony else using that name, feel free to flame away. :scootangel:

ur first fanfic being a twiluna shipfin? congratz to you my good sir, that was the same with me xD

anyway, so far i like the idea and the setup but i've always disliked the idea of luna wondering around on the moon for a 1000 years... it seems really silly because that would probably do some MAJOR damage to one's psychic + in the story of the series we're told that luna was imprisoned inside the moon and not on the surface of it, so it was more likely that she was just sleeping or something for all those years while the stars made their way to the moon.
but its your story and you can do with it as you want, i just don't like that idea of luna wondering around on the surface of the moon like a spaz that she could escape from at any given time because she wasn't seal inside of the moon itself...

anyway, looking forward to more and whatever problem that will arise ;)


IMO, her memories from that time are kind of clouded, like from a dream. Also, she could have spent most of her time sleeping/in stasis/whatever and still had plenty of time to make a bigass palace.

So yeah, there was actually a reason why I labeled this story dark. I hope I didn't surprise anyone too badly, since the first chapter was so much lighter. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Quite the dramatic turn, but effective... I'm eager for the next chapter. Overall, I'm really enjoying the characterizations and the ins and outs of the palace and Night Court. The rather novel take on the motions of the sun and moon are interesting as well.

Overall, a nice set up... I'm looking forward to the mystery unfolding!

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!! I like the tone you've set so far, mature but not dark for dark's sake. If that makes sense. That, and I'm a sucker for anything Twi-Luna.

I agree with MaxVive, I'm a sucker for any and ALL TwiLuna. I definitely didn't see that coming. Great, sounds like cultists or something and they ALWAYS cause trouble of some kind. Look at Oblivion and the Mythic Dawn. Look what they unleashed. This is really good so far, can't wait for more. I also thought it was really funny when Spike got the hiccups again. And a stomachache to top it off. "Twilight, I ate toooo much pie." That was funny. :twilightsmile:

I hope this development does not delay Twilight's lessons on moving celestial bodies too much...

"Luna awoke the next evening feeling excited for the day to come,"
Shouldn't this be "excited for the night to come"?

That was the only mistake I found while reading the chapter, so well done.
This story is getting quite good, and I am absolutely hooked. The pacing feels great and the way you introduced the villain was fairly original, at least from what I have read. I wonder what the cult that sacrificed the pony was/is trying to do.

Something about the story though I wanted to comment on. I am surprised and admittedly a little disappointed that Luna didn't play the "I will protect these people like a mother" card, and try to comfort Blue Blossom before sending her off with the servants. IMO it would have been nice to see that side of Luna.

Oh shit.. I like it so far.

why do I get the feeling that Twi will surprise Luna and manages to learn it:twilightsmile:

A better chapter than the first one ^__^
So... someone is summing a demon? Sure sounds like it...

Keep it up! Can't wait for the next chapter. :ajsmug:

Something very bad happened here. Let's hope it isn't related to windigoes, spirits, nightmare moon, or the changelings... or author forbid, something worse than those.

Someone find the perpetrator of this heinous act, that we might banish them to the moon.

Damn... Satanic pony worship? Talk about interesting!

517354 I think you mean celestial bodies. Moving Celestia bodies is something else entirely ;)
517747 Yes, it should. Thanks for pointing that out.
518460 Good to hear. I'll try and keep some lighter, funnier elements the whole way through, but the story is definitely going to keep getting darker as it goes on.
Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, as before. Hopefully I'll be able to keep delivering.


Yes, on both there having been an error and on there being a big difference. Except when Celestia is her associated celestial body of course. :twilightsmile:

Please no main character deaths or anything :( I hate when those happen

Lovecraftian horrors inbound!

good story so far. And awesome chapter, not rushed at all; but it still got to the issue fast, leaving no time to getting bored with repetitiveness:pinkiehappy:. you could have created a pretty good cliffhanger in the end there if you cut right before you explained the scene exactly, small cliffhangers always make people want more; but its almost an art to make sure the cliffhanger doesn't upset anyone, just a thought...i cant believe i actually promoted creating cliffhangers there...:pinkiecrazy:.

i like how you've included shining armor and cadence so neatly in the story, first one i see that has done that!

519729 Of course not. Main character deaths make me a sad panda. I mean, pony.
519947 I thought about ending it right after you find out someone's been murdered, but I wanted to give people a little bit better of an idea where I'm going with this. Also, I actually started this story a couple of days before the royal wedding, and I had to do a fair bit of rewriting to account for it. My original plan was for Luna to already be living at the palace, but that doesn't really work after the whole "Did I miss anything?" thing. Originally Luna was supposed to be nervous and anxious at the start, rather than depressed.

Good cause Fillystata had me going never again for at least a week. No Resurrecting long since dead pony's .... right?

This is the part where both of them can say "Told ya so!" to Celestia.


I'll beat the crap out of the first boy I see to use the nickname I use for my baby sister. I MEAN IT! :pinkiecrazy:


Um yeah. Nothing to say that hasn't been said before really. Scene breaks, distancing paragraphs and etc makes things a lot easier on the reader.

That whole moon thing is...new, I think. Interested to see what you do with it.

*Celestia leaves town.*

*Meanwhile in Tartarus.* SHE'S GONE. ALL HELL, BREAK LOOSE. GOGOGOGO :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Second chapter much better than the first one, if I may say so. Boy did you catch me by surprise with that body in the attic. Dark...with a hint of romance. (or is it the other way around?) That's basically what I've been craving for these past few days. Tracking!

I think this one is the best new TwiLuna I've seen lately, and having it up to date with the canon makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :yay:
now the usual question, when do I have my next fix??? I need it! physical addiction :applejackconfused:

533103 Hopefully I'll have it up by this weekend. I had to take a short break due to IRL stuff, but I've started writing again. I've also had to do some revising for the Nazis I mean, helpful and understanding pre-readers over at EQD.

I personally don't mind if there are a couple of imperfection here and there, English is not my first language and so most of the time they pass unnoticed anyways (excluding comprehensions crippling errors of course, you need some columns and semi-columns here and there:twilightsmile:). I also think that hammering them out helps to improve the long term ability to write and so it's something that is quite welcome from any author. :pinkiehappy:
Hate the error, not the naz-pardon-editor!!:trollestia:

Woah, this is awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsheepish:

Good choice ending chapter 2 where you did, it caught me off guard and I'm itching to read more. I like the way you're writing Luna.
Keep it up.


Thanks. Speaking of which, when can we expect another chapter of Moonlit Balcony?

519947 I think cliffhangers are... both a blessing and a curse... :twilightoops:

542611 Well... in a while, that's all I can say since it's long been sent to a proof-reader :twilightsheepish: Now if you could give us more of this story as well :rainbowkiss:

If you hate grammar nazis, then you'll really hate me once my summer break starts.

I love this. Have a track, upvote, watch, etc etc. :twilightsmile:

Well, I missed my weekend deadline by a few hours, but the latest chapter is also a lot longer than I was anticipating, so I hope it works out. Let me know what you think.

Oh, also, let me know if the zalgo text gives you issues. Some browsers might not be able to handle it, so if people have problems, I'll think of something else.

Updated, excited! It's great, and well I can't read the text for one, some of it shows up in brackets but it's fine, everything's looking good! :twilightsheepish: Can't wait to see where this goes~

The thot plickens!
(my favorite chapter so far, with the subtle development of Twilight and Luna's relationship. I must say, I wasn't expecting to suddenly be derailed into the gutter upon reading "TH痰谭蜖E虝蜑蛷N 蜏T蛝HE痰蜖Y檀谈 W虥蛝廷I蜐蜖LL蜐谭 C檀台蜖O虥ME蜔台虝 台檀F蜑O蜐R 蜔M蛠蜐蛷E蜐 虝蜏廷L蛝蛠蜐I谈痰台K蜐蜐谈E虥 蛠廷蜆T蛝蜑H廷痰E汀谈Y 覊C痰覊蜆O谭痰M蜆廷E檀痰蜑 蜔FO廷台R台谈潭 H蜔潭I蜐M蜆 谭台", :rainbowlaugh: :twilightoops:)

She looked as thought she were trying to decide which question to ask fist.
Spell checkers will not avail you here! Mwahahaha.

The journal entries did not display correctly for me in Google Chrome. Just a bunch of white boxes in-between all the words indicating a lack of the proper font.

Although this was a great chapter so I did not mind. Looking forward to seeing more of Luna and Twilight interacting. Kind of surprised Luna did not say anything about the fact that she was able to get to sleep in Canterlot this time around.

Looking forward to the next update!

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