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Love to write whatever comes to mind and enjoy Brony stuff.


Spike, missing when he was younger, dreams of a happy carefree time when he was a hatchling. With a little help from Luna of course.

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Absolutely. Bucking. Adorable.
I'm literally begging you for more.

So adorable. Twilight is a terrific mother. :rainbowkiss:

I love the Tumblr comic you got that picture from.

Have the defibrillator on hand to restart your heart after experiencing heart attack induced by the cuteness.

so adorable great job. I loge baby spike stories thia was certianly a delight

You get an automatic thumbs up for using MamaTwilightSparkle comic as your image.

PS: It's for anyone reading this comment it's a great little comic over on tumbler all about Twilight being Spike's mom when he was a baby in Canterlot.

Which part was your facorite?

Did you give proper credit to the creator of that image, or is it yours?

Check the source

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