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Diapered pony writing diapered stories


With pass of time Rarity looks more and more busy with her boutique and Sweetie Belle misses a lot those days when she spent time playing with her. That’s why one Saturday afternoon after finishing all her homework in Rarity’s house, Sweetie proposed to her big sister to play a little game with her, pretending Sweetie Belle was a baby again, something that simply sounded really stupid for the fashionista pony. The poor filly felt really disappointed but probably she is going to find a good way to return to those lovely moments when they played together.

Thanks to Squigges for being the editor of this story and also thanks to mrs1989 for approving the usage of his art in this story.

Warning: This story contains references to diapers and diaper usage, if you’re not into it please stop reading.

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Comments ( 7 )

I feel like I've seen this story before somewhere. :rainbowhuh:

Very cute. It reminds me of the Season 7 episode, "Forever Filly", where we got a glimpse in how Rarity has been spending so much time away that she hasn't noticed how much Sweetie Belle has been growing up. This tale puts that in reverse with Sweetie thinking on how she does miss those precious times when she and her sister were close. So, to get them back, she decides to go go back to being a foal to get Rarity's full attention. This way, I think, she knows Rarity can't just stop being with her to work. Foals need lots of attention and keeping the attention on her instead of clothes making is a great way to do that.

Really liked the way Sweetie used her tears to sell Rarity. I also enjoyed how Rarity put up the resistance she did. It opens the door for a reader to think that there may be a part of Sweetie Belle that just isn't quite ready to grow up as fast as her friends seem to be. The CMC have certainly taken on a lot of responsibilities since getting their Cutie Marks. Sweetie may just feel a need to be less responsible in lieu of someone being responsible for her.

8734634 This is probably one of the nicest comments someone has said about one of my stories. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :twilightsmile: I really loved what you said. I think you understood exactly what I was trying to tell with my story.

This is pretty good. I like some of the ideas used. I think it could just do with someone giving it a once over in editing to smooth out some of the sentences.

This is a great story, I just wish it had been longer! There were a few grammatical errors but the cuteness of the story more then made up for those tiny mistakes. Over all, this story was made well, just needed extra proofreading.

Have you ever considered making longer stories, either much longer 1-shots or multiple chapter stories? I honestly think you'd do very well if you did, considering how well this story turned out.

8735428 I have considered to write longer stories, indeed I have a interesting project I would like to do with that format. But for now, I want to write small stories with unusual or a bit different concepts to share my ideas with the world and improve my writing skills which are still in a low level, especially talking about grammar.

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