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  • TDiapers & Powders
    Sugar Pad has been the store manager of the Diapers & Powders store in Ponyville for about two years. Is that what the town used to fill its need for specialized diapers?
    DiaperedPony · 5k words  ·  58  9 · 3.5k views
  • TSweet Sweetie Belle
    Sweetie Belle is passing the weekend with her big sister and she wants to play she is a baby during a stormy Saturday night.
    DiaperedPony · 3k words  ·  26  8 · 2.8k views
  • TDiapers, Please
    The Padded Empire had been converted in a tourism and business attractive for tons of ponies, that's why the border guards must protect their precious land, their society and most important, their diapers.
    DiaperedPony · 3k words  ·  26  15 · 3.1k views
  • TIce cream fixes all friendships
    Celestia is tired of having to endure the hard life of being the big sister. Always having to choose second, being forced to leave all the good things to her sister and being scolded every time she cries. Would she have a chance to take revenge?
    DiaperedPony · 1.9k words  ·  18  14 · 968 views