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Diapered pony writing diapered stories


This story was inspired by the videogame Papers, please launched in 2013 and the story Padded Empire written by Soft ColorWaltz, where was taken the main location of the story. This story doesn't contain communists or war elements or references like the videogame, and the story adds its our elements about the location which weren't mentioned in the original Padded Empire story. The story is also pretty afar from the events of the original one. Nevertheless, the story contains strong references to diapers and diaper usage and it is not suggested for people who doesn't like this topic.

With the pass of time the Padded Empire has been converted in an important tourism and business attractive for tons of ponies, including those ones who want to live their fantasies. That's why the border guards must protect their land from any kind of evil creature who would like to disrupt their society and violate the law, but maybe the most important, try to introduce fakes of the most famous diaper brands to make the economy crash. Would they be able to do that?

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Comments ( 15 )

This wonderful and adorable I cant wait for more. Keep it up!

In the synopsis alone there's a minimum of nine outright spelling or word choice mistakes. This is the very first thing the reader will see when they look at your story, are you sure this is best effort you can muster?

Also, is English your native language or a secondary one?

this could be a cool game for us mlp padded lover

It back up yay your welcome my friend!

8703638 It's awesome to be back. I hope I have the chance to write other interesting stories.

It would be just the best game ever!

Thank you so much! My objective was of course make it as adorable as possible, so I think I did it! I will try to write more. Thanks for the support!

Really enjoyed this story. Imagining the different situations that Radiant and Marshmallow got into was really fun. Knowing how Marshmallow was so skilled at spotting 'fakes' as Radiant gradually picked up on how to ensure the safety of The Padded Empire was certainly fun.

Each tale of the accepted and rejected ponies was definitely well written and enjoyable to take in. Great work!

Wow! I can't believe you think that about my story. I mean... I have read your stories and I find them really awesome, adorable, even relaxing and inspiring so, reading an opinion like that from someone like you... is... is just amazing even if it sounds silly. Thank you so much. I really tried to be as creative and adorable as possible with each situation of the story.

Missed opportunity to name it "Pampers, Please"

8719418 Haha you're right. I never thought that. But I prefer Diapers, Please because it is more common and matches better with the original name.

Nice, gave plenty of smiles and lols.

9557609 Uh... No what exactly? :rainbowhuh:

I need a brain bleach for this story

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