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Spike was always considered a baby Dragon. His little secret is that he always wanted to be treated like one too yet has lived with the fear of anyone of his friends finding it out.

One day though it all goes wrong in one of his private moments with his fetish then all the fear and shame he dreaded would happen comes to pass. It sends Spike into a world of shame and worries that now that he's exposed how can his life with his friends go on?

NOTE: This fic contains Diaper usage in nearly every chapter.

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Great first chapter! I love spike as a character and him liking diapers is just adorable. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Thanks for the comments and like on the new story.

I am happy to say I will be going right to work on Chapter 2 tomorrow where Spike gets more daring to try new things but in the end take a turn for the worse! (That was a spoiler! lol) :trollestia:

Good to see you back and writing, buddy! Great first chapter!

thank you very much for the comment and taking the time to go over my fic.

I am eager see how spike's journey goes. I hope will enjoy it with me.

I always loved Spike, and whenever he’s the one in diapers, I always end up loving it. Glad to see you back and doing this fic. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your kind words and I am happy you got to enjoy the fic.

Stay toned for more to come soon.

You’re welcome, and I will.

When will you get back to doing Dolly Dash?

Soon. I am trying some new stuff to stir my thoughts. I want assure you I didn't abandon Dolly Dash. There's a lot done on it already. Just small things here and there are holding be up over it. So I plan to work on a few other fics on the side to get my thoughts rolling along again.

Thanks for the comment and Looking over my story.

I see one of the trolls just dislike bombed the comment section. Whoever it was, thanks for proving how desperate you are.

So, good story so far, TC! Been hoping you would be ready to write again soon. A change of pace from Dolly Dash seemed to be just the break you needed.

I picked up a few spelling and grammar errors, but nothing major. I could go ever a few of them with you sometime to help a buddy out. As for the story itself, like I was saying, it's off to a good start. I could practically feel exactly what Spike was going through. Spike seems like the kind of guy that would have a lot of insecurities from childhood. He grew up without knowing his birth family, and wasn't noticed a lot. Even today, a lot of the work he does goes unnoticed or unappreciated. That's why I love it so much when things go his way, like in "Sparkle's Seven".

I'll have to see more than just the setup to really have a definitive opinion on the story, though. How the the main conflict in the middle of a story is handled is the biggest spot I look for storytelling quality. Any premise can be made into a good story if you try hard enough. It's the execution that matters most. The ending is also important, but the middle decides how we get there.

Good start. Definitely a solid opening for illustrating that first time in participating in an activity you had wanted to do but felt immensely shameful for wanting to do it.

For how fast Spike has had to grow up, I wouldn't ever be surprised if he had this particular desire. Most of his memories are likely being educated and working alongside Twilight. Having no real memory of a childhood and seeing what foals are able to do and get would definitely ignite something.

I'll follow and see where this goes. :)

Ah, this is a cute start. How long until little Spikey Wikey gets discovered? :rainbowkiss:

More recent episodes have sorta fixed that problem, to where it is believable he had a good childhood, but this is still a good read and pretty accurate for how someone would feel when they first start getting into infantilism.

Sooner then he would like. Just wait and see there's more to come.

Excatly. I wanted this to feel very real as anyone with a fetish like this can feel.

Thank you for your kind comment.

Thanks for your kind words.

I really am happy you found this enjoyable a read and I hope the following chapters will be to your liking as well.

Well said words my good friend.

Thanks for the kind comment. I am eager to see what you think of the following chapters in the series.

The picture works for what the conflict may be but it, may be a turn away for some. Your choice so take this with a grain of salt but this may work better, maybe when the story is complete. https://derpibooru.org/1355656?q=my%3Afaves%2C+spike%2C+diaper%2C+twilight+sparkle

I want to thank you for the link & your advice. However you seem to miss reading the title post message. This story is not one of happyness for spike its one where he is force to keep his fetish hidden out of fear others would find out. Later they do & poor spike will suffer the depression & shame that follows. My tale is ment to focus on what so many of us feel having to keep secrts like this from family & friends cause of that same fear.

So no, the cover art i use is perfect for this story

As night starts to set in Spike sits on the couch with both Pound and Pumpkin watching an episode their favorite foal cartoon, Freckles the Magical Singing Manticore. It made Spike want to set fire to the house to just make that crazy beast just stop singing for 5 minutes.

:rainbowlaugh: Having grown up with Barney, I can relate to this oh so much!

The freshly open bag of Silly Filly Diapers. The best brand of diapers in Equestria.

I've noticed in a lot of stories of this sort that this is usually the diaper brand of choice. Why is that? :rainbowhuh:

Spike never knew his real parents. He was born from an egg that was found by Celestia. Twilight did her best to raise Spike, as did Twilight’s family to treat him as one of their own. Yet he still never felt the unconditional love that Shining Armor and Candace gave to Flurry Heart on that day.

I'm sorry, but based on everything that we've seen in the sbow, this is just straight up false, especially if "Sparkle's Seven" is anything to go by. Spike is every bit as much as a son to Night Light and Twilight Velvet as Shining Armor is, just like how Pinkie Pie is every bit as much a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Cake as Pumpkin Cake is.. Spike was always involved with the family, including activities. They never excluded him. It's clear that they love him unconditionally just like how they love Twilight and Shiny unconditionally. It's just a shame we never got to see that at any point in the show. Sure, Shining and Twilight see him as a little brother, but an episode focusing on the relationship Spike has with Night Light and Twilight Velvet would've been nice. I also would've loved had we gotten an episode focusing on the relationship between Pinkie Pie and Mr. and Mrs. Cake. But, hey, I guess that's what fanfiction is for. :twilightsmile:


I've noticed in a lot of stories of this sort that this is usually the diaper brand of choice. Why is that? :rainbowhuh:

I think it has to do with Ask Crinkleloo which popularized the brand for a lot of authors.

When is the next chapter?

Wait, completed?! This is completed?! :applecry:

after much thinking on the matter I can't really come up with a proper 2nd chapter to this.

Now that's not set In stone. I might make a 2nd chapter some day.

Maybe some day?

10310986 Maybe you could put the story up for adoption?

I don’t get it? 😕

10311674 You could transfer it to someone else and they could continue it. You could make a blog post to see if there would be any possible takers.

If your interested you can make a sequel to it with my blessing.

I would love to see what you come up with.

10313460 I guess I could do an unofficial continuation eventually.

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