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180 Years after the Great Changeling War the future of Equestria is one that's not kind to the ponies. The Griffin Race rules with an Iron Talon over the nearly all the lands but in the darkness a spark of hope still exists. Can a small band of extra ordinary characters brave this harsh future of dangers and bring hope back to Equestria once again?

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So...can we assume this isn’t set in Fallout Equestria? Because I’m hoping that we’ll see at least one mutated pony by the end of this.

I Love it! Great backstory drama fights the lot!

~to DrakeSlayer~

I do have a idea for some mutated Bat Ponies later on down the series run. But to answer you first question no this is not part of the fallout Equestria series.

~to Silent echo~

Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you will enjoy future installments as well :heart:

So, Adventure Quest crossover? If so, count me the fuck up.

~to Armyidiot~

Its not a crossover, I just wanted to have pony's/other races that have strange or super type powers to come together, yes kind of like a comic book style I can see that now, but it was never ment as true crossover.

Yes it is an adventure quest.

Thank you very much for your comment and I hope you will enjoy the future chapters.

So, the concept of the Guardians and Adventurers come to Equestria, but the actual stuff in Adventure Quest doesn't come over, essentially?

well I never really played Adventure quest. This is all really coming from just my own idea's. But for all I know it could be like Adventure quest?

We'll just have to see. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next parts. That is, if I can ever get around to reading this.

Already started on chapter 3 and have Chapter 4's theme all laid out. Thank you for your support.

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