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Spike was always considered a baby Dragon. His little secret is that he always wanted to be treated like one too yet has lived with the fear of anyone of his friends finding it out.

One day though it all goes wrong in one of his private moments with his fetish then all the fear and shame he dreaded would happen comes to pass. It sends Spike into a world of shame and worries that now that he's exposed how can his life with his friends go on?

NOTE: This fic contains Diaper usage in nearly every chapter.

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180 Years after the Great Changeling War the future of Equestria is one that's not kind to the ponies. The Griffin Race rules with an Iron Talon over the nearly all the lands but in the darkness a spark of hope still exists. Can a small band of extra ordinary characters brave this harsh future of dangers and bring hope back to Equestria once again?

Chapters (2)