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What if Twilight did not take on the role of ruling Equestria, providing strong, valid points with the help of her friends? What if they manage to reform the four villains of Equestria and also melt their frozen hearts too?

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Discord walked aimlessly around his chaotic house pondering. "She really declined become ruler, huh? I guess I don't have to follow through with my incredibly convoluted scheme of disguising myself as an ancient evil and uniting several villains seeking to destroy Equestria, all to give Twilight a confidence boost when she defeats them."

Can we please get a link to Animation Crusader's story?

Not gonna lie, this reads exactly the same as a lot of other fics with the same premise.

It's EQUESTRIA! and it's I am such a nutcase.

''Anyways,'' said Fluttershy, changing the slide to a picture of lots of ponies. Most of them had horns. ''These ponies used to be evil but chose friendship to be the most valuable thing in their hearts. Most of them we know them as head mares. Princess Luna, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, Sunset Shimmer, Stygian, and so on.''

Don't forget Tempest Shadow/Berrypop.

The filly rolled her eyes. ''You think everyfilly have parents, don't you?''

What's that supposed to mean?! Was she abused? That makes much more sense, and also sad.

But, it probably doesn't excuse her with the draining magic part.

Yep. I added ''so on'' at the end in case if I forgot anymore

Never really thought much about her background, but yeah; she is insane to turn against her own kind tbh

Great, but when will Sombra be reformed?

I... actually never thought about this. He’s a power-hungry ex-king, but I’m sure if he reconciles with Radiant Hope then he’ll manage to melt his frozen heart? That’d be a good story idea, but perhaps people have done a story like that already.

I’ve never thought about this.

Rainbow Dash continued for her, ''we are awesome, your highnesses, but what I don't like is that, what Twilight said, why does she get all the glory? I mean I get she was your student and all, but to tell you the truth; there shouldn't be a leader in a friendship group because that will just make one pony be better than the rest of us, and let's face it, we all know who is going to get the throne: Twilight, and you are immortal, right? So when you pass on that immortality onto Twilight, we will all eventually pass away, whereas Twilight has to suffer to see us die and continue ruling Equestria on her own. Like you said before when we got Twilight's castle, and I quote, 'what is the Princess of Friendship without her friends?' unquote.''

rd makes a REALLY good point

''Why are they still not a thing?'' asked Spike, which made Rarity chuckle.

another good point

What part of no doesn't Celestia get? Twilight says no I don't want to be the ruler and the whole I'm an alicorn and immortal is is more than enough for me in fact it was too much but no let's ignore the no and try a second time.

Anyone else wants to know what will happen in this universe after Twilight refuses? Personally, I’d see Chrysalis try to make one last attempt to get her revenge before being sent to Tartarus, many of the show’s plot holes being tied up, a different cast of villains to form the Legion of Doom (or the Anti-Six), and the Windigos serving as the final bosses.

So, are we to assume that this is the prologue to Pony Life?

''This is probably another test from him to do this ourselves and boost our confidence.''
Isn't that also what Celestia was doing before?

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