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''...I'll wear this moustache.'' Pinkie grinned mischievously, rubbing her hooves together.



What if Twilight and her friends don't rule Equestria in the future? Do you think the princesses will agree to their points and continue on being princesses? What if they manage to reform the four villains of Equestria and also melt their frozen hearts too?

Also, credits to Animation Crusader. I only made this story so I could add more valid points to their story. Hope you enjoyed though!

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Nice work on ths.

Discord walked aimlessly around his chaotic house pondering. "She really declined become ruler, huh? I guess I don't have to follow through with my incredibly convoluted scheme of disguising myself as an ancient evil and uniting several villains seeking to destroy Equestria, all to give Twilight a confidence boost when she defeats them."

Can we please get a link to Animation Crusader's story?

Not gonna lie, this reads exactly the same as a lot of other fics with the same premise.

It's EQUESTRIA! and it's I am such a nutcase.

''Anyways,'' said Fluttershy, changing the slide to a picture of lots of ponies. Most of them had horns. ''These ponies used to be evil but chose friendship to be the most valuable thing in their hearts. Most of them we know them as head mares. Princess Luna, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, Sunset Shimmer, Stygian, and so on.''

Don't forget Tempest Shadow/Berrypop.

The filly rolled her eyes. ''You think everyfilly have parents, don't you?''

What's that supposed to mean?! Was she abused? That makes much more sense, and also sad.

But, it probably doesn't excuse her with the draining magic part.

Yep. I added ''so on'' at the end in case if I forgot anymore

Never really thought much about her background, but yeah; she is insane to turn against her own kind tbh

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