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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 5

Now that the time travel shenanigans are finally over... maybe. Twilight, Rahs, and Spike can get on with their day to day and break in their new roomies properly, while keeping Starlight and Tempest from killing each other.
Or keep everyone from making bets about it.

Still this years not going to be any less annoying, with newborns, changes in dragon lord leadership, cutie mark crusades, Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie, Discord, of course, Fluttershy's brother, the battle for Rahs heating up between the six, Ogres and Oubliettes games gone mad, a massive prank war, the return of Daring Doo, added on top of the prophecy not having happened yet, and the Sparkles will again find themselves in the middle of everything.

As usual the lewd warning goes here cause of some situations and Cadence. I don't want to use the sex tag cause there isn't any and people might get confused by the current cover art.

Coverart by Marking

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If you would like to borrow an OC, let me know.

Ponyville is bucked so bucked. Then again so is Canterlot.


Prank war. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to lock myself in a sparkle proof bunker and watch.

Let’s goo baby let shit hit all kitchen arsenal!🤣

Bitch looks GOOOD on the Cover :pinkiehappy:

Favorit, read later and follow updates ♡


You know this means this side of the 4th wall isnt far enough for the mayhem thats now occuring. Even when you sort of get used to She Who Pronks Behind.:pinkiecrazy:



LOL now that's a season premiere, bring it on!!!:rainbowlaugh::twilightsheepish:

:rainbowlaugh: O FUCK YEAH!

And Ponyville Insurances get another fee added.... Celestial Prank War Proximity. Canterlot already had it... but it was fairly unique to that city at that time, and accounted for like... 20% of their insurance costs.

I'm curious to see what you have in mind for the season finale since Chryssy isn't edgy evil anymore, just playfully evil.

There is no such thing as Sparkle Proof... it's been proven, across time, space, multiverse, and by the entire pantheon of gods.

Whelp, this is going to be interesting. :trollestia:

Comment posted by Clopian26 deleted Jan 26th, 2022

Now that I've actually read the chapter, all I can say is c.tenor.com/Hk8lhY_rjdEAAAAC/let-them-fight.gif

WELCOME TO SEASON SIX! Pop the popcorn, grab some drinks, sit back with your favorite blanket, and prepare for the Sparkle Shenanigans to ramp up out of 10, past 11, through the roof, and to fifteen! You best be ready my boyos! Because with the Sparkles, THE RIDE NEVER ENDS!!! NYAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha I read it twice already and I'm still laughing:twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh::ajsmug:

Well things will never be calm around twilight. At least with her brothers keeping an eye on her she got a chance of at least managing.

The image of wereJack is what keeps me going, though I am shamed to say that I am seeking clop for that art. :twilightblush:

Princess Celestia shifted in her throne letting out a sigh as she finished explaining what she had been told by Velkorn. The Zebra mare had not explained much, only informing her that the real meaning of the prophecy had not yet begun.


*looks over that pic of witchjack and can only find one thing to say to it*


You poor, sweet, summer child

this Rahs wearing a green coat rather than his usual gray one.

I thought at first that this might have been an Echo.

I was born in the fall thank you very much.

....... the Angel Twilight got me rolling on the floor.

Feel free, I'mma look for Rahs.

Nice cover art, just not up my alley.

Prank war you say? grabs popcorn and Lexan blast shield

Another flash and four Trixie's one with Twilight Sparkle's hair cut and cutie mark stood there.

Not sure if Heaven or Hell...

Welcome back!
Glad to see the shenanigans starting early :)

trollestia is in the house. this is going to be good.

This is the big one! I'm dying! You hear that, Elizabeth! I'm coming to join you, honey!”

ok Fred you can go sit in your chair and yell at Grade.

yep season six is going to be amazing.

“I've never had pains like this before! Oh, this is the worse one I've ever had, son! Oh, it's the worst one! This is the big one! I'm dying! You hear that, Elizabeth! I'm coming to join you, honey!” Rahs theatrically slapped his chest as if the shock was giving him a heart attack.

And now the theme will live in your collective heads, rent-free!

“ I don't believe that for an instant.”Celestia stated. “Pranking me? Of course you know... this means war.”

Let's hope this won't lead to one of the upcoming crisis.

A season-long epic alicorn prank war? Oh, YES PLEASE!

The cover art is the ultimate furry

An orange, buff bat-wolf-cat-pony

Potáto potató, a witch wolf is still a wolf

Princess Celestia just grinned.

We're all doomed

And this is why Celestia wants to retire. Because her daughter and student are conspiring against her

Three Twilight's one of each gender and a third female who was the only alicorn.

Umm... did you mean race/tribe? I THINK I'm reading this as there being three of twilight and a fourth, Non-Twilight Alicorn.

witchwolf in this case is a species, not a job
a witch wolf in this seting is a werewolf like subspecies of the dream world dwelling moon dogtribe, presently the only known witch wolf alive is apple jack though it has been impled there are more in hideing.
moon dogs themselves are a tailored subspecies of diamond dog created by luna just prior to her becoming nightmare moon, witch wolves were a result of her forcing said moon dogs to serve the nightmare

A new season, yay, I am really far behind.
and how the hay is the cover art that.


I had Witch Jack drawn at one point. And it's filler until i get another commission done. I have 3 ideas in mind but i've not found an artist i like whos not busy or doing commissions.

Why do I get the feeling Equestria is in more danger from the crossfire of this prank war than from the villains?

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